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Evaluation 2


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Evaluation 2

  1. 1. How Effective Is The Combination Of Our Main Product And Ancillary Task?
  2. 2. Bands need to retain a uniform house style to create brand identity, and for continuity recognition. Brand achieve this through the images used, the colours used, the fonts used, the layouts and lighting. In all three promotional objects there is the continuity of the desaturated black and white image with a hint of pinks somewhere on the page This is the signature font used for ‘The Killers’. This is also the font we used in our digipack and magazine advert The posture of this particular band member remains the same in every promotional package
  3. 3. Below, is a magazine advertisement, album cover, and music video promoting Chase and status. The main and obvious consistency is the choice of fonts which is consistent through all three promotional packages This is the signature font for the band ‘Chase and Status’. This was something which was shown in the killers promotional packs as well This is another font which is consistently associated with chase and status. However it is not usually used for the name of the band, it is just a promotional font. We have incorporated this in our own digipack and magazine front cover Even though the colours used are not consistent, there are always 4 main colours used; two of which are black and white. The magazine advert used pink and green, whereas the music video uses blue and red.
  4. 4. We attempted to continue the house style, by ensuring that the fonts used was the same throughout the digipack and magazine cover. From my research, this seemed to be a consistent thing which links the current magazine adverts and digipacks. This is the signature Killers font. The name of the font is called ‘Balls On The Rampage’. We used this same font in the digipack front cover and the magazine advert to create a unified look. It is also something, which we found the Killers do themselves, so we felt that in order to continue their iconography, we had to use the same font I found from my research into Chase and Status, that it is common for bands to have another signature font which is used for promotional purposes, not for the artist name. We tried to copy this by using this font ‘Rage Italic’, for the album name and the single name.. This makes it obvious that the products are linked. The font used for the word ‘the’ from ‘the Killers’ is called ‘Birth of a hero’. This font is used for the song listings at the back of the digipack, as well as in the signature killers font. We also chose this font because after asking our target audience, which fonts they preferred, this was one of the most popular. This font is not used anywhere else, however, it is slightly disjointed from the whole indie rock theme because it is important terms and conditions information. Also it is a very small sized font, so it has to be clear to read.
  5. 5. We had to ensure that the images used obliged to the genre of the Indie Rock Theme, by using the appropriate images. In indie rock videos, the lighting and hue is usually quite low, which is why most of the images used are dimly lit. Throughout the music video, we had to use bleak, and nearly desaturated colours to convey Harrys isolation and frustration. The low key lighting also allowed us to comply to the Indie Rock Genre we complied to. This lighting was also a necessity specifically for our video, in order to be able to see the use of the shadows. The dull colouring effectively conveys the idea of ‘Shadowplay’. The clown was a repetitive image which was displayed throughout our video. This is because the clown is one of the main features of the music video. In order to incorporate this into the digipack front cover and the magazine advert, we made sure there was some sort of image of the clown present. This helped to cross-promote the single, even on the album cover. The lighting, however, remains dim We also tried to incorporate the dim lighting in our digipack, by desaturation images and using black backgrounds. The colours used are either very low key or are desaturated
  6. 6. The environment and mise en scène incorporated in the music video, also has to be incorporated in the digipack, providing a seamless visual which merges all three promotional packages into one visual interpretation. Not only the mise en scène , but the lighting of the images need to be consistent. These look like the same image, however, the image used for the digipack(bottom) was actually taken while filming the video clip (top image). Harry is wearing the same outfit in both images, because they were taken at the same time, which is evident of continuity. The image used for the digipack (the bottom image) was taken in the woods as well, it is simply lit differently, and is taken in a different part of the woods, but the mise en scène is the same as the mise en scène used in the actual video. There is a consistent use of mise en scène between the music video and the digipack, even though it may not be as obvious as the evident misé en scène used fro the magazine advert and the digipack front cover.
  7. 7. The slight desaturation of Harry, contrasts with the colour extracted from the clown, providing dominance. This helps to represent the dominant role of the clown, whom is clearly in control of Harry. The predominant feature of our music video, is about Harrys nightmare involving being controlled by the clown. The same image used for the magazine front cover, was the image used for the digipack front cover.. This is because the magazine front cover is designed to promote the album, so using the same image creates a band identity, in which the consumer can recognise. Use of the same image provides a strong uniform look amongst the two separate products This image (the top right) is from the music video, and displays similar poses shown through the digipack and magazine cover The blank expression from Harry suggests that he is emotionless. His eyes engage with the consumer, almost as though he is relying on their help The taunting emotion, which Harry is feeling is effectively portrayed through the use of overlays. We wanted to display this same feature through the magazine and digipack front cover. Harrys expressionless face, in comparison to the clown, who remains grinning, also conveys the clowns dominance.