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AIS - Enabling a future that sees more


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Asahi India Glass Ltd. (AIS) is India's leading integrated glass solutions company and a dominant player both in the car and building glass segment. It commands a 77% share in the Indian car glass market. Established in 1984, AIS' footprint today spans the entire spectrum of the automotive and architectural glass value chains.

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AIS - Enabling a future that sees more

  1. 1. AIS An Introduction AIS Enabling wonders. Inspiring awe.
  2. 2. Asahi India Glass Ltd. (AIS) is India's leading integrated glass solutions company and a dominant player both in the car and building glass segment. AIS An Introduction
  3. 3. Manufacturer to an end-to-end products solutions provider with branded service offerings :The evolution of AIS In a global marketplace, it is now more important than ever for companies to deliver greater value to their customers. This is a closer look at how AIS has successfully consolidated its position as India’s leading integrated glass company. Integrated expertise, specialised solutions AIS
  4. 4. From being a ‘single product, single customer’ company, AIS has grown to become a world-class company with 13 plants / sub-assembly units. AIS Timeline
  5. 5. An impressive clientele that features a host of leading international companies. TimelineAIS
  6. 6. AIS commands a dominant share of the Indian glass MARKET. It is the leader in the value added glass segment across the automotive and architectural glass market with an integrated value chain from “Sand to car glass“ and Sand to windows” respectively . AIS Footprint
  7. 7. The Automotive Glass SBU manufactures high quality processed glass for the transport and white goods infrastructure segment. AIS glass can be seen on transport vehicles –from passenger cars, commercial vehicles to metro rail and earth moving segments. Automotive GlassAIS
  8. 8. The widest range of auto glass available in India today is from AIS and includes laminated windshields, tempered glass for sidelites & backlites with value added options including solar and acoustic glass. It supplies the OEM’s and the after market through its network of 4 plants, sub assembly units and hubs. Automotive GlassAIS
  9. 9. The Architectural Glass SBU manufactures quality float glass, that it supplies to the dealer and institutional segments and it's own processing requirements for a range of high end Architectural Glass products. Architectural GlassAIS The SBU deploys an extensive network of 4 zonal offices and over thousands dealers. It also markets the entire range of AGC products in India as its distribution partner.
  10. 10. This SBU is AIS’ primary interface with end-consumers for its range of automotive and architectural glass offerings. Consumer GlassAIS
  11. 11. Glasxperts meets your need for modern, eco-sensitive aesthetically appealing glass solutions with a full spectrum of world class branded glass products, fittings and systems with assured safety and hassle-free installation services. India’s #1 automotive safety glass repair & replacement network in India. The country’s largest auto glass replacement service brand, it is today the preferred destination for discerning customers who want their car glass replaced or repaired. Consumer GlassAIS
  12. 12. Solar Glass is AIS’ foray into the fast-emerging solar glass segment in India. It represents not just a promising business avenue, but is also an opportunity to contribute to the given revolution in the country through clean, sustainable energy generation. Solar GlassAIS
  13. 13. Connect. Share. Communicate Facebook: Twitter: LinkedIn: Google Plus: Quora: Pinterest: To know more about AIS Glass and for some interesting content, connect with us on social media. Social Media