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Airtherm products


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Flues & Chimneys
Our range of flue, chimney and exhaust systems have been specifically developed to provide an optimum solution for a varying range of commercial and industrial applications.

Every solution is designed to meet the highest standards of manufacture and performance and has undergone comprehensive testing to conform to the most up to date legislation requirements and real world demands before installation.

Whatever your project requirements, we guarantee a solution of the highest quality, that has been rigorously tested and offers outstanding performance in its field.

Natural Ventilation & Lighting
We supply a wide range of natural ventilation and lighting systems that can be designed and installed to suit virtually any application.

We provide for the commercial, educational, industrial and private sectors and our products are increasingly popular in schools, hospitals, offices and industrial buildings.

Natural Ventilation and Lighting systems make use of nature's own power source to provide interior spaces with a fresh air supply or natural daylight illumination or both.

Buildings utilising natural ventilation or lighting systems, by their very nature, experience a significant reduction in traditional energy running costs.

Kitchen Ventilation
We supply a wide range of kitchen canopy systems to meet the demands of the most modern commercial kitchens.

Our Canvent Canopy systems can be configured to suit virtually any application, with a range of advanced features such as heat recovery, uv filtration, fire suppression and gas safety detectors can be fitted as necessary.

We commonly provide our solutions for the commercial, healthcare, educational and private sectors and our products are increasingly popular in restaurants, schools, hospitals and hotels.

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