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Natural Ventilation Controls Brochure


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Our iSC™ range of intelligent sensors has been developed in house, by our control engineers to offer unique solutions in sensing technology which is not available from the major manufacturers. We are able to offer combined sensors with 0/10v outputs as traditional sensors, or with BACnet communications which give a modulating control signal to end devices such as our window actuator controller - thus saving cabling back to control panels.

Our room sensor range has been specifically designed for ease of use by the client with some model shaving push button overrides and LED indication of status with clear labelling - not complicated menu driven hard to use/ read liquid crystal displays as the major manufacturers units.

Purpose designed and manufactured in the UK, an all-in-one unit.
Should be specified for fan coil, zone control applications and natural ventilation control.
CO2 uses the latest dispersive infrared cell.
Anti-microbial™ front face touch membrane - helps eliminate bacteria.
Wiring costs reduced by having the intelligent sensor with outputs within the controlled space - saving at least 20% of installation costs on a typical 10 room scheme against hard wiring with conventional sensors.
Humidity, CO2, temperature, LED traffic lights, Extension times, Alarm Unit and push button controls options.
Available with BACnet communications or dedicated 0/10v outputs.
2 x 0/10v analogue outputs (10mA) which by using your favourite BACnet master controller you can write your own software logic to suit the application using the items selected from the BACnet object list.
Unique space saving surface mounted design with pre-wireable base and plug-on fascia plate assists in easy installation.
Energy saving power supply.
Back box with BESA fixing holes designed to be fitted and wired prior to decoration.
Designed with unique ventilation slots - increases air flow and sensing accuracy.

Intelligent Sensors

Intelligent BACnet Room Setpoint Unit (iTSP)
Intelligent Temperature and CO2 BACnet Sensor (iTC)
Intelligent Temperature and CO2 BACnet Sensor with CO2 Level Indicator (iTCl)
Intelligent Temperature and CO2 BACnet Sensor with manual override (iTCm)
Intelligent Temperature and CO2 BACnet Sensor with manual override and CO2 Level Indicator (iTCml)
Intelligent Temperature and RH BACnet Sensor (iTH)
Intelligent Temperature and RH BACnet Sensor with manual override (iTHm)
Intelligent Temperature BACnet Sensor (iT)
Intelligent Temperature BACnet Sensor with manual override (iTm)

Standalone Sensors

Room Temperature and CO2 Sensor (STC)
Room Temperature and RH Sensor (STH)
Room Temperature and RH Sensor with manual override (STHm)
Room Temperature Sensor (ST)
Temperature and CO2 Sensor with CO2 Level Indication (STCl)
Temperature and CO2 Sensor with manual override (STCm)
Temperature and CO2 Sensor with manual override and CO2 Level Indicati

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Natural Ventilation Controls Brochure

  1. 1. K U e th in e d aM Natural Ventilation Control Solutions Standalone Controller Range
  2. 2. Manual Positioning Unit Low voltage 24V AC/DC operation, Wall/Control panel mountable. 0-10VDC signal Optional rain sensor to automatically Louvres/Dampers can be manually close louvres/dampers where positioned to one of six positions at necessary. anytime, including fully open and fully Can operate multiple closed. Louvres/Dampers depending on Optional auto close energy saving power supply unit rating. feature. LED feedback display of louvre/damper position selected. Standard Power Supply Unit sizes PSU8 up to 8 Actuators PSU30 up to 30 Actuators Other Sizes Available on Request“ Our iSC™ range of intelligentsensors has been developed inhouse, by our control engineers ”
  3. 3. Standalone ControllersC: Controller, T: Temperature, C: Carbon Dioxide,m: Manual Push Buttons, I: CO2 Indication CTCml: Temperature and CO2 Sensor Controller with manual override and CO2 Level Indicator CT: Temperature Room Controller CTC: Temperature and CO2 Room Controller CTm: Temperature Room Controller with Manual Override CTCm: Temperature Room and CO2 Controller with Manual Override CTCI: Temperature and CO2 Controller with CO2 level indication
  4. 4. Standalone ControllersOur unique range of standalone controllers can control Ventilation Dampers orAutomated Windows together with localised Heating, via on board, Temperature orOptional CO2 Sensors to suit the requirements of each specific application. TheseControllers can be linked to either a time clock or receive a time signal from a BMS toactivate the optional Night Cooling programme (Night Cooling only available with theManual Override options). 0/10 VDC Heating Signal 0/10 VDC Cooling/Ventilation Signal Frost Protection Room Temp Set Point Adjustable 19°C to 26°C Room CO2 Set Point Adjustable 900ppm to 1600ppm Pre-wireable base and plug-on fascia plate assists in easy, time saving installation“ Our room sensor range has beenspecifically designed for ease of useby the client ”
  5. 5. Standalone ControllersTemperature Control:-The room set point for the control of the Ventilation Dampers/Automated Windows canbe adjusted in 1°C increments between 21°C and 26°C with a seasonal change overand a night cooling option if a time clock or BMS time signal is available. LocalisedHeating can also be controlled and is set 2°C below the room set point.Manual Override (optional):-Each room device has manual override capabilities which give the end user control ofthe ventilation strategy to suit the room application. The device consists of two pushbuttons and three LED lights, the push buttons enable the end user to open or closethe ventilation as required, the LED’s give an indication that the system has either beenoverridden or is in Auto mode. Once the system has been overridden it will stay in thatmode for 30 minutes, after this time the system will revert back to Auto mode.CO2 Indication (optional):-Each room device can also be fitted with a further 3 LED’s to identify the level of CO2within the space; these are green, amber and red. With green being healthy and redbeing high levels of CO2 ppm`s.Night Cooling:-To enable the Night Cooling pre-programmed software, the device needs to be in(Night Mode) and the night cooling enabled, this then cools the building to just belowthe room set point. When the Time Switch is in (Night Mode), by holding down theopen/close buttons this will enable this mode to be turned on/off. (Indicated by theAuto LED ON or OFF).Summer/Winter:The Summer set point can be selected to be below the Winter set point, this is 2°Cbelow that set value on the dip switches. To select Summer mode, in (Day Mode) holdboth the open/close buttons down for 5 seconds, lights flash, push the open button forsummer mode, or close button for winter mode.
  6. 6. Four Zone Power Supply Unit (PSU)+ Time Switch (TS) Interface Unit 230V Fused Spur Ventilation Damper/Window ZONE 2 ZONE 3 ZONE 4 Heating Valve (optional) Room Controller ZONE 1This interface unit comprises of a power supply, coded terminals, frost protectionfeature, optional digital time switch and night cooling (operated by the time switch orexternal VFC)
  7. 7. Window ControlThe Window Control Module contains a 24v DC Power Supply and an iWAC moduleper Window Actuator that controls via a 0/10 VDC positioning signal from a suitablecontroller. The WCM features an intelligent ‘self stroking’ operation and controls the 24vDC window actuator in steps to prevent noise disturbance to end users.The Window Control Module allows only one window to operate at a time. This savesthe expense and space in only needing a DC power supply rated for the largestactuator (maximum 3 Amp per controller) to be operated. 230V Fused Spur Window Actuator ZONE 2 ZONE 3 ZONE 4 Heating Valve (optional) Room Controller ZONE 1
  8. 8. The All New NV8 Natural Ventilation Controls Package - As easy as ABC SEE LIVE DEMO: Username: Visitor Password: Site123 (Case Sensitive)A: ONE Control PanelB: ONE Pair of CablesC: ONE Combined Room Unit#D: ONE Power Supply#E: ONE Set of Louvres/Window#F: ONE Modular Wiring InstallG: ONE Web BrowserH: ONE Web Browser Page for SettingsI: ONE Web Browser Page for Time ProgramsJ: ONE Onboard Proven and Tested Software ProtocolK: ONE Open Source BACnet Communication ProtocolL: ONE BACnet over IP outputM: EIGHT Zones# Per Zone 0844 809 2509 |