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Ivens branding identity Peer Review


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Ivens branding identity Peer Review

  1. 1. Key Partners I n Urban Entertainment C.E.O., Executive and Founder, Ivens Jean-Pierre
  2. 2. JP ENTERTAINMENT & PRODUCTIONS/PEACE IN THE HOOD FOUNDATION, INC. Key Partners In Urban Entertainment• I selected the name JP Entertainment & Productions/Peace In The Hood Foundation Inc. because JP is the abbreviation of my last name which is Jean- Pierre and it means “Young Warrior”. It is also a French given name and may refer to Jean-Pierre Aumont (1911-2001) and French actor Jean-Pierre Bemba (b. 1962), Congolese politician and rebel leader.• The JP is very unique because its stands for my last name and the diamonds represent longevity. You what they say: “That Diamonds Last Forever”.
  3. 3. STRENGTHS AND CONCERNS: Key Partners In Urban Entertainment• Some of my companies strengths are that we are a non-for-profit company that specializes in musical education for the youth and performing art programs for college students.The only concern that I have with this name is that it falls in the category of an Arbitrary brand name, that can be franchised by other companies. The name (JP Entertainment & Productions/ Peace In The Hood Inc.) is protected as outlined on No test records where found in the search inquiry as of today March 20, 2011.
  4. 4. LOGO IDENTIFICATION: Key Partners In Urban Key Partners In Urban Entertainment Entertainment• How are the “laws” of shape and color supported? e laws of color are being supported within my logo by the color blue which shows power and passion. e color white is depicted as the leadership I will show as an individual to represent my company. e color grey shows the luxury and sophistication of my company and dimond for the brilliance and happiness that will be displayed as a part of my company’s mission.• Why do you believe this would be an effective logo. I believe this will be an effective logo because it stands out as a piece of work directed to the reader as a way to define my company’s mission to give music educational teaching and development services to underprivileged youth, college students, and independent artists.• e type of logo best suited will fall within the category as Wordmark with a legible word or acronym with distinctive font characteristics will have some distinctive and a a pictorial mark as well. My logo re ects my unique brand because it represents a sense of differentiation opposed to other companies associated with the music industry. e education assistance realm of my company also shows differentiation within my entertainment company.
  5. 5. EXAMPLE OF LOGO..• Example of logo from my main competitor essence based on the logo elements. is is Kanye West logo for his company, which is effective in conveying the sprit of the logo that I would create, because I am a foundation as well as an entertainment entity under one business.• is is my logo:
  6. 6. MISSION STATEMENT:Key Partners In Urban Key Partners In Urban Entertainment Entertainment “Mission Statement” The mission of JP Entertainment & Productions and Peace In The Hood Foundation Inc. is to provide education assistance in music production, artist management and developmental services to talented underprivileged youth, college students, and independent artists who don’t have access to a performing arts facility. This will allow them to express themselves and their creative abilities to their fullest potential and involve themselves in the arts. My vision, is to unleash my entertainment business and accompany it’s inaugural education program, “In The Hood”, a music production program designed to motivate students to unleash their creativity while being humble with the talent that “God” has blessed them with. It also teaches the youth to keep education first, and reassure them with awareness that’s it’s ok to follow their dreams to be a singer, rapper, music producer, or C.E.O of their own company one day.
  7. 7. Key Partners In Urban Key Partners In Urban Entertainment Entertainment COMPANY OBJECTIVES: The vision of the foundation is broad and easy to attain, and my company will develop this program across the nation. I believe that this program will give great assistant to future youth and college students. I will develop a strong culture based by the diversity of students from different backgrounds and ethnicity that will become consumers affiliated within my business. I will become a business leader and develop a strong company by motivating the people that work for me and letting them play the role most passionate and dominant to their characteristics, specialty or forte. For example, my artist is a Rap Artist, so he would most likely want to give rapping and writing assistance to the youth and college students. My company will also make communication a key element in the process of understanding our roles as workers and representation within my company. I will take action, involve myself and collaborate with other non-for-profit business for partnerships. My companies mission statement will be directed towards employees and customers. My company is different from my competitors because it gives the youth and college students the motivation to believe in themselves, and awareness that big dream can and do happen eventually. JP Entertainment & Productions/Peace In The Hood Foundation Inc. of Miami, Florida specializes in technical music educational services, artist management and development, Internet marketing , digital distribution deals, and Video Productions for independent artist. Technical Education services provide potential students with basic knowledge of management and development. Independent Artists are encouraged to market themselves and there music through social marketing media websites, such as Youtube, Facebook, Myspace, Linkedin and Twitter. Company provides artists with digital distribution assistance for music promotions, and future record deals from major record labels. Students are also taught the basics of how to shoot a live music video as well as promote their own music videos.
  8. 8. Key Partners In Urban Key Partners In Urban Entertainment LOGO AND TAGLINE Entertainment • The tagline is consistent with my brand identity because it identify’s the mission of my company through simple wordmark which states,“Key Partners In Urban Entertainment.” My tagline reinforces the brand message to my customers and clients because it explains the significance of company’s future aspects and awareness to become key partners in the urban entertainment and to follow their dreams of being any entertainer or singer can come true by believing in yourself and being humble with the talent that “God” gave to you. • My tagline is very imperative to it’s viewers and or consumer’s. It commands the action to live your dreams by working hard, dedicating yourself to your craft and motivating others to live their dreams. My tagline is also very short, unique, positive and easy to say.