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World of Warcraft web 2.0


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World of Warcraft web 2.0 Lesson
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World of Warcraft web 2.0

  1. 1. World Of Warcraft Web Activity Lesson
  2. 2. Task 1 Welcome to the World of Warcraft slide share activity lesson. World of Warcraft is an online game where users around the world play and interact with each other. In order to have more fundamental knowledge on this game you will do some exploring.You will find information on where you will then answer the below questions on the slide share application we have learned previously. Task 1(30-50mins) The following questions should be answered in a slide share presentation a link to this will be posted in our class forums web 2.0. 1. Explain on a slide using 1 to 2 sentences what is World of Warcraft. 2. On a slide tell how long has the game been around? 3. On a separate slide tell How many players play this game? (roughly) 4. On a slide explain how many different classes are there in this game? 5. In a slide insert a picture of the class and race you would chose. Tell why below the picture.
  3. 3. Required Tools 1.Computer 2.Internet Access