Question 1 b 2012


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Question 1 b 2012

  1. 1. Question 1BMedia Concepts and one media product you havemade
  2. 2. The Concepts Question 1(b) requires you to select oneproduction and evaluate it in relation to amedia concept. The list of concepts to which questions willrelate is as follows:-GenreNarrativeRepresentationAudienceMedia Language
  3. 3. Audience (June 2011) Define your target audience in detail – age, gender,lifestyle, media consumption patterns, aspirations, etc,etc. Why have you decided to target this audience? How have you tried to appeal to and address thisaudience in your production? Consider all aspects ofmedia language. What audience feedback have you received? Givespecific detail from the entire production process, bothpositive and negative. How did this feedback influenceyour decisions?
  4. 4. Narrative (Jan 2011) What is the structure of the narrative in yourproduction? For example, is it linear or non-linear? Is itchronological or does it use flash backs? Are there twoor more narratives working together at once? How doesyour production tell its story? What governs thebeginning, middle and end of your narrative? Whatimpact has your learning on postmodernism had on yournarrative structure? If you are discussing a film trailer,how much of the film’s narrative have you chosen toreveal? What real world media texts have influenced youand what narrative structures did they have? How haveyou
  5. 5. REPRESENTATION (JAN 2010) What groups, places, social structures, beliefsystems or other have you represented in yourproduction? Consider age, gender, ethnicity,sexuality, class, regional identity, location, etc.How have you portrayed them (i.e. what is yourproduction saying about this group of people,location, etc)? How have you used media languageto create these representations? (Think back toyour TV Drama exam in Year 12.) Is thereanything controversial about theserepresentations? How have you usedrepresentation to address and attract youraudience? What feedback did your audience giveregarding the representations in your production?
  6. 6. GENRE (June 2010) What is genre and why is it important to audiencesand to institutions? What other texts in this genredid you study? What did you observe about theconventions they used / subverted / played with?How did this impact your decisions and yourproduction? What genre / sub-genre did you work in? Whatconventions did you use / subvert? Identify specificaspects of your production where you have used /subverted or played with conventions. How has thisimpacted your work? Is there any theory youcould apply here, for example, Goodwin’s analysisof the conventions of music video? What haspostmodernism taught you about genre andconventions? How has this impacted your ownproduction? Give specific examples.
  7. 7. What is left???? Media Language
  8. 8. Media Language Identify which of your productions would be mostappropriate for a discussion on language. Essentially this is asking for a detailed textual analysis ofyour production which explores the meanings created bythe camera angles, shots, distances and movements, themise-en-scene, sound, editing, lighting, colour andspecial effects you have used. Link these meanings torepresentations you have created, the ways you havetargeted the audience and the conventions of the genreyou are working in.
  9. 9. Homework task Due next Monday Analyse the role played by target audience in one ofyour course work productions You can choose which piece – you don’t have to talk aboutyour music video.