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Webcast: How To Accelerate Your Product Management Career


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Thanks everyone who participated in this webcast from The Association of International Product Marketing and Management (AIPMM).

Product Management can be a great career for moving up the ladder in the corporate world. Whether you want to become a Product Line Manager, Director, Vice President of Product Management or you have higher ambitions and want to become a General Manager or CEO, it can be an excellent way to get there fast. But in order to advance you need a strategy.

If you aren't progressing as fast as you would like in Product Management, ask yourself these questions:

- Would you like to learn how to differentiate yourself to move up faster through training, certifications and other methods?
- Do you ever wonder why some product managers seem to get promoted and advance much faster than others?
- Are you interested in learning strategies and tactics you can use to speed up the advancement of your own career?

In this session, Brian Lawley will share the different ways he has seen product managers successfully accelerate their careers during his twenty-five year career in product management.

About the Speaker
Brian Lawley is the CEO and Founder of the 280 Group, the world's leading Product Management Consulting and training firm. He is the author five best-selling Product Management books, The Phenomenal Product Manager, Expert Product Management, 42 Rules of Product Management, 42 Rules of Product Marketing and Optimal Product Process and is the former President of the Silicon Valley Product Management Association. He was awarded the Association of International Product Marketing Management award for Thought Leadership in Product Management, and has been featured on World Business Review, the Silicon Valley Business Report. Brian's career spans over 25 years in Product Management, including having defined and launched over 50 products.

The AIPMM is the hub of all things product management. It is where product professionals go for answers. With members in over 65 countries, it is the worldwide certifying body of product team professionals.

It is the world's largest professional organization of product managers, brand managers, product marketing managers and other product team professionals who are responsible for guiding their organizations, or clients, through a constantly changing business landscape.

AIPMM's certification programs are internationally recognized because they allow product professionals to demonstrate their expertise and provide corporate members an assurance that their product management and marketing teams are operating at a high competency level.


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Webcast: How To Accelerate Your Product Management Career

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