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PMEC Social Media Workshop


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Social media provides access to millions of potential customers online, but you have to know HOW to find them, and HOW to engage them once you do.

Too many people ‘collect’ social media tools and ‘throw them in a pile’ to make them work. LinkedIn experts suggest LinkedIn; Twitter aficionados push Twitter; Bloggers say that blogs are the answer; and there are too many other options to even list.
But does it work? And will it work for you?

About The AIPMM
The Association of International Product Marketing and Management (AIPMM), founded in 1998, promotes worldwide excellence in product management education and provides training, education, certification and professional networking opportunities. With members in 65 countries, the AIPMM is the Worldwide Certifying Body of product team professionals and offers globalized trainings and credentials localized for specific markets designed to meet the challenges of a constantly changing business landscape. As the only professional organization that addresses the entire product lifecycle from inception to obsolescence in any industry, the AIPMM supports strategic partners with offerings in Europe, the Middle East, Australia, and SouthEast Asia, as well as North America.

AIPMM Membership benefits include the national Product Management Educational Conference, regional conferences, the Career Center, peer Forums, tools, templates, publications and eligibility to enroll in the Certification Programs. The Agile Certified Product Manager® (ACPM), Certified Product Manager® (CPM), Certified Product Marketing Manager® (CPMM), Certified Brand Manager® (CBM), and Certified Innovation Leader (CIL) programs allow individual members to demonstrate their level of expertise and provide corporate members an assurance that their product professionals are operating at peak performance.
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PMEC Social Media Workshop

  2. 2 PROPRIETARY & CONFIDENTIAL | 757.301.1814 |
  3. 1 THE REVOLUTION IS HERE Are You Listening? The average consumer mentions specific Brands over 90 times per week with friends, family and co-workers... "John Moore, WOMMA, 2010" 3 PROPRIETARY & CONFIDENTIAL | 757.301.1814 |
  4. Technographic Profiling Determine “HOW” your audience consumes information. Know the “TYPE” of content you have or need to develop. Spectators want to “READ” more information. Is this your audience? Align your content strategy to accommodate “CRITICS” increase here so look at Blogs, Comments and Wiki’s to distribute your content. This audience wants Engagement Content Note the difference between age groups. “JOINERS” are less likely to be in Social Networks so adjust Strategy to Email Strategy to reach this audience type Source: Forrester “The Groundswell 2009 4 PROPRIETARY & CONFIDENTIAL | 757.301.1814 |
  5. 1 PERSONAS: “TREVOR 18 YEAR OLD MALE” BEHAVIORS TRIGGERS PASSIONS Will “Like” Brands Follow first Social Bookmarking Will Follow his most Send engaging Watching Videos “Loved” Brands Brand loved content he can share Games on Facebook Messages Friends Find out “who” Badge Sharing Uses RSS feeds Influences “Trevor” Widgets Votes on websites Prominent use of RSS Comments on Blogs Add Voting tools Source: MarketingProfs 2009 State of Social Media Marketing, Groundswell Profile Tool 2009 Dean Holmes 2010 5 PROPRIETARY & CONFIDENTIAL | 757.301.1814 |
  6. 1 PERSONAS: “JANE 45 YEAR OLD FEMALE” BEHAVIORS TRIGGERS PASSIONS Facebook User Targeted Facebook Ad Reads relevant Blogs Texts Often Mobile App for efficient Shares photos, tags use of work and home Reads ratings & reviews Talks to friends on Twitter Find Influencers within before purchase interest category Likes giving feedback Invite feedback via email to your Community after purchase Source: MarketingProfs 2009 State of Social Media Marketing, Groundswell Profile Tool 2009 Dean Holmes 2010 6 PROPRIETARY & CONFIDENTIAL | 757.301.1814 |
  7. 2 SOCIAL MEDIA VALUATION Do You have a Social Media Strategy? Facebook, Blogs, Twitter and customer reviews are considered the most effective tactics for mobilizing consumers to talk up products online... "Etailing Survey, September 2009" 7 PROPRIETARY & CONFIDENTIAL | 757.301.1814 |
  8. Matching Content to Creators CREATORS CONTENT Publish Blogs Create Blog Posts Publish on your website Include Comment technology Upload video you created Use sites that allow Embedding Upload Audio/Music you created Consider Podcasts, Wave Files Write stories or articles and post them Look to Comment on their sites with your content Source: Forrester “The Groundswell 2007 8 PROPRIETARY & CONFIDENTIAL | 757.301.1814 |
  9. Matching Content to Critics CRITICS CONTENT Post ratings Add “Star or Ratings” feature to your website Post reviews of products and services Email Strategy reminders to leave review Comment on others Blogs Relevant content, Link push to Blog Posts Contribute in Online Forums Create an Online Forum on your website Contribute and/or Edit Wiki’s Consider creating a Wiki to house your content for easy contributions Source: Forrester “The Groundswell 2007 9 PROPRIETARY & CONFIDENTIAL | 757.301.1814 |
  10. Matching Content to Collectors COLLECTORS CONTENT Use RSS feeds Send Content via RSS, email Add Tags to web pages or photos Consider Tagging your content for ease and add to Social Bookmarking sites Vote on websites Add a Vote Button with any Content you have or share on website Source: Forrester “The Groundswell 2007 10 PROPRIETARY & CONFIDENTIAL | 757.301.1814 |
  11. Matching Content to Joiners JOINERS CONTENT Maintain profiles on Share relevant content, looking at what Social Networking sites others within group are sharing Visit Social Networking sites Look at sharing Content via Social Networking sites, and match frequency of Community to ensure Social Readiness Source: Forrester “The Groundswell 2007 11 PROPRIETARY & CONFIDENTIAL | 757.301.1814 |
  12. Matching Content to Spectators SPECTATORS CONTENT Read Blogs Create “Guides” and other content to download as part of the Blog Watch Video from other users Build a YouTube Channel, create videos Listen to Podcasts Own a Podcast Channel, update content Read online Forums Add links to content Read Customer Ratings & Reviews Add links to content, add ratings and reviews to your website Source: Forrester “The Groundswell 2007 12 PROPRIETARY & CONFIDENTIAL | 757.301.1814 |
  13. Frequency determines Communities your customers live in Messaging offline may differ to online - are there any differences Align messaging on and offline to match demographics 13 PROPRIETARY & CONFIDENTIAL | 757.301.1814 |
  14. No longer guess where your new Social Connections live on and offline Social Profiles reveal new addresses online Determine Content Strategy by Community Platform w/Frequencies 14 PROPRIETARY & CONFIDENTIAL | 757.301.1814 |
  15. CONTENT VALUE CHAIN e alu hV Buyers Guides, Scorecards, Hig Vignettes, SlideRocket Decks Buyers Guides e lu Va Case Studies m Content with higher diu value, such as White Me White Papers Papers, Case Studies Articles e alu wV Blog Posts Content such as Blog Lo Posts, Articles that are more frequent Sales Sheets 15 PROPRIETARY & CONFIDENTIAL | 757.301.1814 |
  17. 3 SOCIAL ENGAGEMENT Do You Know your Audience? There were nearly 116 Million US user-generated content consumers along with 82.5 Million content creators... "eMarketer, February 2009" 17 PROPRIETARY & CONFIDENTIAL | 757.301.1814 |
  18. SMM: Email Marketing Content Speaks to me, frequency is right (7 days post purchase) Should be: “your store” in case foot traffic needs Obviously they don’t know my name or my gender Thanks me - ahh that’s nice... but relevant at the least Should be my First Name, this would be SocialCRM No sign of a Social Presence anywhere. Make this much bigger, Lost opportunity to it’s the meat of the Connect & Profile “Call to Action” Button not Text-doesn’t guide user to know 18 what to do PROPRIETARY & CONFIDENTIAL | 757.301.1814 |
  19. SMM: Twitter Brands must follow back followers except spammers-shows “social love” Listings would be higher if engaged with customers Limited engagement with any users 19 PROPRIETARY & CONFIDENTIAL | 757.301.1814 |
  20. SMM: Twitter Link Content Link takes us to a Generic Offer - could be Special for Twitter only What about a “Mobile” Missed Opportunity to offer - capture and text drive Foot Traffic with offers Twitter Traffic Offers Only Missed Opportunity to capture email address with a Twitter only access code 20 PROPRIETARY & CONFIDENTIAL | 757.301.1814 |
  21. SMM: Website Content No Blog for “Critics” or “Creators” to Read & Share Ideas No sign of “Social” anywhere to be found Still driving FSO’s but no sign of “Connect with us on Social” Could be leveraging Twitter Followers with Special Offers 21 PROPRIETARY & CONFIDENTIAL | 757.301.1814 |
  22. SMM: Website Content Limited visibility of Loyal & Profitable email registration, relationships using except post purchase- SocialCRM even then weak Could be using FourSquare & Gowalla to drive mobile sign-ups and offers Could be leveraging Twitter Followers with Special Offers Wonder if Customer Service is being considered to offset costs 22 PROPRIETARY & CONFIDENTIAL | 757.301.1814 |
  24. 4 MEASUREMENT How are you Measuring Up? There were nearly 116 Million US user-generated content consumers along with 82.5 Million content creators... "eMarketer, February 2009" 24 PROPRIETARY & CONFIDENTIAL | 757.301.1814 |
  25. 3 Look to Page View Determine if ENGAGE times, based on Content Value for clues Engagement correlates to Conversions Analyze Content, Was there a problem Messaging for perceived with content, UI at value-adjust as needed website? Engagement & Content Analysis 25 PROPRIETARY & CONFIDENTIAL | 757.301.1814 |
  26. WHAT WE LEARNED 1 2 AUDIENCE EVALUATE Match Content to Gauge Content to Online Audiences Consumption Behaviors Types Evaluate Audience against Match Content to customers Frequencies of Readers 26 PROPRIETARY & CONFIDENTIAL | 757.301.1814 |
  27. WHAT WE LEARNED 3 4 ENGAGE MEASUREMENT Analyze how well your Track Content Value based Content goes viral against on Sharing among audiences and Communities Communities Correlate Content Adjust Content Types to Consumption against Analytics Sales and Conversions 27 PROPRIETARY & CONFIDENTIAL | 757.301.1814 |
  28. • Twitter • Facebook THANK YOU • LinkedIn {Honored} • Email • Tungle Me • 757.301.1814 28 PROPRIETARY & CONFIDENTIAL | 757.301.1814 |
  29. Join me @ PMEC 2010 May 24 & 25