Measure or Die: Data Informed Product Management


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In order to increase the number of engaged users, Yammer incorporates data analysis steps into all stages of the product management process from ideation to prioritization to running the project to success metrics. "Data is not perfect, but we try to learn as much as we can from it."

Join Yammer Product Manager Neil McCarthy and Data Analyst Ken Pascual as they show how they use analytics to inform product opinions, make project decisions, and determine the impact of features using A/B testing.

About the Speakers:
Neil McCarthy, Yammer Product Manager
Neil joined Yammer as a Solution Engineer and soon after made the switch to Product Management. He immersed himself in Yammer's data informed approach and has since taken an interest in spreading the word.

Ken Pascual, Data Analyst, Yammer
Prior to Yammer, Ken worked as a data analyst at CBS Interactive and at TripIt. In his spare time, he does data analysis on basketball, which can be found on As you can see, he likes data.

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Measure or Die: Data Informed Product Management

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  6. 6. Measure or Die Neil McCarthy Ken Pascual
  7. 7. Who we are Neil McCarthy Product Manager Kenneth Pascual Data Scientist
  8. 8. What Yammer is
  9. 9. Justify features Make decisions Determine success
  10. 10. HOW DATA HELPS US PRIORITIZE Step 1: Justifying Ideas
  11. 11. Prioritize • Measurable impact • How much we learn • Progress toward vision
  12. 12. Last attempt
  13. 13. A/B test this
  14. 14. Clues from the past
  15. 15. Brainstorming
  16. 16. Idea!
  17. 17. Does this align with our goals? • Vision: Yammer is a primary communication tool that users use to get work done. • Goal: Grow the number of users that use the product. • Problem: We lose too many potential users in our signup flow.
  18. 18. How important is this?
  19. 19. big drop!
  20. 20. And HALF of our invites come from the signup flow!
  21. 21. Why justify?
  23. 23. What’s your hypothesis?
  24. 24. What we came up with… If we move the email confirmation step to the end of the signup flow, then more users will make it through the signup flow and more users will be retained.
  25. 25. A/B Test Results: Moving the email activation step
  26. 26. A/B Test Results: Moving the email activation step
  27. 27. Interpretations • Users saw the steps in a different order, and dropped off in similar percentages, BUT – Less users saw the prompt to “check email” because it was at the end. – Thus, less users activated via email. – Thus, less users had the opportunity to engage.
  28. 28. Why we chose this example
  29. 29. How do you do this? • Gotta log data! • Choose your own metrics • Data driven vs. data informed • Build your processes around data • How much PMs should know about statistics.
  30. 30. Moderator: Cindy F. Solomon @cindyfsolomon Global Product Management Talk Presenters Neil McCarthy @hardkornelius Ken Pascual @vorped Yammer Q & A
  31. 31. Thanks for coming! • Neil McCarthy, @hardkornelius • Ken Pascual, @vorped • Adam Zadikoff (original PM for this project), @zadikafka • More info and a quiz on data informed PM: product/13eeb6435a73
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