How Software Analytics Can Improve Your Products


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In today's pay-for-consumption software market, product management has become increasingly complex. As product managers, not only are you expected to work well with engineering, but you must also acquire a full understanding of how customers interact with your software - which features are popular, which ones are simply dressing, and where up-sell opportunities exist.

That's where Software Analytics comes to play.

Join Jon Gillespie-Brown, CEO of Nalpeiron, as he shares insights from their latest survey of product managers, including:
* What your peers are doing to collect critical analytics information
* The perceived value of software analytics
* What sets industry leaders apart from the rest
* Best practices and real-life case studies

Obtain Survey Report
You can obtain a free copy of the Nalpeiron survey report here:

About the Speaker:
Jon is a "product" guy - he likes making fantastic products - both software and hardware. A 28-year veteran in the IT business, he also has extensive leadership experience in communications and social web. Author of "So You Want to be an Entrepreneur" (Wiley), Jon has been a start-up founder and CEO for the last 15 years.

Jon is the CEO of Nalpeiron, on the Board of Directors of Digital Ventures and Defixo, a member of the Stanford Angels, and a mentor at the London Business School, Stanford and UC Berkeley since 2001.

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How Software Analytics Can Improve Your Products

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  6. 6. How Software Analytics Can Improve Your Products AIPMM Webcast
  7. 7. Management Guru and Author Peter Drucker famously observed “If you can’t measure it, you can’t manage it”
  8. 8. Why use Software Analytics? Organizations that apply analytics to their business outperform their peers: *Source: “Outperforming in a data-rich, hyper-connected world,” IBM Center for Applied Insights study conducted in cooperation with the Economist Intelligence Unit and the IBM Institute of Business Value. 1.6X revenue growth 2X EBITDA growth 2.5X stock price appreciation
  9. 9. Today’s leaders in Software use Analytics Today’s leader doesn’t have all the answers. Instead, today’s leader knows what questions to ask.
  10. 10. Nalpeiron survey 2014 Want a copy? Email me.
  11. 11. Survey Results - What your peers are doing
  12. 12. Survey Results - What your peers are doing
  13. 13. Survey Results - What leaders are doing
  14. 14. Survey Results – Lacking data & confidence
  15. 15. Survey Results – Need more useful data
  16. 16. Summary – Your peers • Feel the need for more tools and data in their job • Don’t have the data or tools right now, or not using them • Are having to “guess” to form their strategy • Want a better way to get useful customer insights = Not an ideal match between needs and using analytics
  18. 18. Build it and they will come…(not) Go lean: Use Analytics for “validated learning”
  19. 19. Challenges for most Software Developers Decisions are based on “gut feelings” => risky strategy
  20. 20. Trying to get user insights the old way Getting “real” and useful data is time consuming and hard
  21. 21. Quick Case Study - OnOne Software CTO “…Report back how often users make use of each module, key feature or tool, with each use. This tells us how important each of those things is to our user base.” “We use that data about granular usage and overlay what we know from our annual user surveys, our face-to-face customer interviews, our private and public beta programs, and what the folks on the support lines are telling us. We blend that all together to develop a fairly comprehensive understanding of how our current customers think about and use our product along with what’s important to them accomplishing their creative goals with a little bit of why-I-do-that thrown in.”
  22. 22. Example Dashboard – Dummy data
  23. 23. Example Dashboard – Dummy data Feature usage Feature redundancy
  24. 24. Example Dashboard – Dummy data Feature funnel analysis
  25. 25. Example Dashboard – Dummy data Product adoption data Product activity data
  26. 26. Example Dashboard – Dummy data Engineering, demographics and trend data
  28. 28. How does Software Analytics help? More user insight Better Software Happier users More revenue • Lower Support • Increased satisfaction
  29. 29. Why use Analytics in your development cycle?  Fully understand your product lifecycle  Learn how customers discover and use product features  Understand how features operate in complex, real-world configurations  Learn about error conditions to improve customer satisfaction and software quality  Understand how well marketing promotions are working to focus resources  And so much more… Copyright: Ben Yoskovitz
  30. 30. A final word…Just do it! • Most developers operate in the “dark” – It’s fast and easy to avoid these risks • It requires planning and forethought to get value • It’s all about asking “questions” and testing, not data • Modern organizations use Analytics to avoid “waste” • Todays leaders need a “data-informed” mindset to succeed • Choosing the right partner/fit will save a lot of time The first step is to give it a try, it’s low risk and high reward…
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