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Hacking Innovation: What Innovators Really Do


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What do innovators really do? This is the question our speaker had in mind. To investigate answers, he set out on the road, traveling the US in an RV. On this webcast you will learn the insights and secrets gained from business leaders, innovators, and product development professionals.

This discussion shares product development and innovation insights from interviews with product professionals and business owners from large and small businesses.

About the Speaker:
Chad McAllister was a boy who loved to take apart things to see what was inside - what made something work. Not too much of a stretch that he found a love for electrical engineering during college. After graduating, he worked with teams in small, large, and startup businesses developing products - new hacks that no one had seen before. Sometimes the products made customers into raving fans and sometimes it was left to him to pick up the pieces and figure out what went wrong. Along the way he returned to school, earning a PhD in business, to deepen his understanding of how to exceed customers' expectations. He is also PMP certified and holds professional product innovation certifications from PDMA and AIPMM. He founded Product Innovation Educators to teach anyone how to turn ideas into products that create raving fans. Oh, and he is currently traveling the US in an RV exploring innovation.

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Hacking Innovation: What Innovators Really Do

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  7. 7. YOU’RE DOING WHAT? • RV road trip
  8. 8. YOU’RE DOING WHAT? • RV road trip + interviewing innovators, product professionals, and business owners
  9. 9. WHY? • An itch to scratch
  10. 10. WHY? • An itch to scratch • Opportunity to learn from a variety of practitioners in different contexts – Larger – Small – Entrepreneurs • Share insights
  11. 11. MOST FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS • Where have you been? • What is your favorite place? • What is your RV? • Do you still like each other?
  12. 12. 6 QUESTIONS TO SHAPE INTERVIEWS 1. An example of innovation in your company? What makes this innovative? 2. Where did the ideas come from? Is that normal or are there other sources of ideas also? 3. What made it successful? 4. What is the most innovative person in your organization like? 5. Advice for business owners to be more innovative? 6. What else is important to innovation?
  13. 13. SETTING THE STAGE • Innovation is…
  14. 14. SETTING THE STAGE • Innovation is…
  15. 15. SOME LESSONS • Three areas of innovation focus: – Customer – Process – Differentiation • Culture • Swim with the best
  16. 16. SOME LESSONS • Three areas of innovation focus: – Customer – Process – Differentiation • Culture • Swim with the best My goal… provide you with at least one tangible action you can start doing today to be more successful with innovation.
  17. 17. LESSON: CUSTOMER FOCUS • Can’t control the tangible product?
  18. 18. LESSON: CUSTOMER FOCUS • Can’t control the tangible product? • Innovate the customer experience.
  20. 20. LESSON: CUSTOMER FOCUS • An aggressive focus on customers • Know your customers – The task or job they want to accomplish – Their perception of value – Make connections • How can you simply change the customer experience to create a higher value?
  22. 22. LESSON: PROCESS FOCUS • Know what the job is • Hire the right people and let them run • Do the right things at the right times • Do you know what the problem or objective really is?
  25. 25. LESSON: DIFFERENTIATION FOCUS • Know what customers want • Offer something that competitors are not • Stay ahead of trends – see what is coming next • When customers think of your product (goods or services), what stands out to them?
  26. 26. LESSON: CULTURE SUBTEXT • Culture answers: – What is honored? – What is avoided? – What is not tolerated? • “More important than any of the individual elements, however, is the role played by corporate culture — the organization’s self-sustaining patterns of behaving, feeling, thinking, and believing…” (Booz & Co Global 1000 Report, 2011)
  27. 27.
  28. 28. Culture Through the Eyes of Kids Tiffin Motorhomes Vs Winnebago Industries
  29. 29. Culture Through the Eyes of Kids Tiffin • Smiling faces • Craftsmen • Transparent • Personal • Not repeatable • Family operation Winnebago • Neutral faces • Hourly employees • Secretive • Assembly line • Solid processes • Public corporation
  30. 30. Influence of Culture on Innovation Tiffin Winnebago Business Strategy Extraordinary customer service Minimize quality errors Culture We are family Consistency Innovation Service Centers Manufacturing Process
  32. 32. LESSON: SWIM WITH THE BEST • Find the best people in your industry you can get unbiased guidance from. • Look for ways to be sharpened and to sharpen others. • Don’t just learn your trade, master it.
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  34. 34. THANK YOU
  35. 35. A FEW RECURRING THEMES • • • • • Trends: SWOTT anyone? Safety net Prototype - test - refine - validate Necessity Slack time – stepping back
  36. 36. Culture – A Tasty Example
  37. 37. CULTURE – KEY TO INNOVATING AS A CHOCOLATE MAKER • 45 artisan chocolate makers in the US. Problem – how to stand out? • Apply 3 Ps: 1. 2. 3. Personal: the mission is personally motivating Powerful: the story is bigger than themselves Persuasive: create raving fans that recommend the business • What is the story behind your product?
  38. 38. About Chad • • • • • Electrical Engineering Software Development Project Manager Product Manager Project, Product, Innovation Certifications (PMI, PDMA, AIPMM) • PhD – Requirements and Expectations • Educator •
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