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Engaging with Sales for Ultimate Product Success


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Product Managers have to work with a wide and diverse variety of folks at their company to develop a great product. Engineering, Design, and Marketing are the usual suspects… but what about Sales? Oftentimes, Product Management only talks to Sales when Sales calls asking for help with a deal.

But this is not a healthy relationship. The best product managers recognize the need to build a strong relationship with their sales team. Through this relationship they can gain better insights into customer needs, better understand the competitive landscape, and learn what Sales really needs from Product Management to successfully sell their products.

In this webcast, we will discuss how to build a powerful, lasting relationship with your Sales team. We’ll review what Sales needs from PM to be successful, the many touchpoints with Sales that occur over the course of the product life cycle, how to use Sales input to improve both product and marketing planning, and how PMs can better support and enable Sales success.

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