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3 Ways to Work Smarter and Launch Products on Time


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Product teams are constantly researching, creating, improving, and launching several products at any given time. Product leadership needs a way to quickly prioritize projects, anticipate roadblocks, and hit deadlines, all while planning for the future. But the current tools and systems your product teams use--spreadsheets, email, and basic task and project management tools--lack the visibility you need to be nimble to market demands, navigate roadblocks, and meet deadlines. You need a better way to operate.

Join Alyssa Sharp, Director of Product Marketing at Workfront, along with Kate Beebe, Project Manager at Seventh Generation, as they examine three core problems product development teams need to overcome to launch new products on time. Topics will cover how technology can:

Improve time management to deliver products faster
Increase time spent on innovation
Standardize and automate processes for greater speed
Add visibility for all stakeholders with real-time reporting

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