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Oracle Cloud Day(IaaS, PaaS,SaaS) - AIOUG Hyd Chapter


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The presentation is a collection of various Cloud announcements at Open World 2016

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Oracle Cloud Day(IaaS, PaaS,SaaS) - AIOUG Hyd Chapter

  1. 1. Mission “Serving the Oracle Community” Vision AIOUG to become the most influential ‘must belong,’ user group that acts as the essential educational resource to enhance skills, build, support and represent a strong INDIAN Oracle user community for information, education, networking & advocacy.
  2. 2. AIOUG Board of Directors Satyendra Kumar Vice President & Director - Finance PS Janakiram President Director - Special Projects Aman Sharma Murali Vallath Past President V Hariharaputhran Director - Membership
  3. 3. 825 Participants @ SANGAM16 •  181 Companies •  54 Cities •  14 Countries •  India, United States ,Saudi Arabia, Muscat, Argentina , Singapore, United Kingdom, Australia, China, Germany , Finland, Bangladesh 2 days, 7 Tracks covering Technology and Applications , 124 + Sessions with 100 + Speakers
  4. 4. Our Growth Success in 2016 Chennai Chapter 11 Events Pune Chapter 7 Events Hyderabad Chapter 5 Events North India Chapter 10 Events Bengaluru Chapter 4 Events Mumbai Chapter 2 Events Vizag Chapter 2 Events Total 40 Events in 2016 Qll now
  5. 5. AIOUG Hyderabad Chapter Oracle Cloud Day (SaaS,PaaS,IaaS) Feb 11 -2017 Satyendra Kumar Pasalapudi
  6. 6. Cloud- A GeneraGonal ShiH
  7. 7. Cloud IaaS/PaaS Market predicted to grow at 29.1% CAGR
  8. 8. 8 Oracle Cloud Leadership 20 Data Centers World Wide 33 Billion Daily TransacGons 70 Million Users with Triple Digit Growth 19 of 20 Top Cloud Providers run Oracle 15 Years Managing Enterprise Clouds
  9. 9. 9 Oracle Public Cloud Enterprise Cloud Storage advantages —GNS, Tunable Data Consistency! Recent Cloud Acquisitions! ! Nested Virtualization; world’s only microprocessor-optimized hypervisor virtualization—“application capsules” for deploying cloud native apps! ! Docker Management Framework; launch projects on the cloud and move them behind your firewall when you’re ready to go live! Enterprise Cloud Compute advantages—available with Oracle Public Elastic Compute Cloud ! 1,300 IaaS Engineers: AWS, Azure, Google, VMware OpenStack API and AWS S3 API Access 6,000 SaaS & PaaS Engineers $5B+ R&D Investments Annually (Oracle Corp.) Deep Cloud Archive: 1/10th the Cost of AWS Glacier Global Cloud Namespace—2X Less Manual Work vs. other Public Clouds Oracle Public Cloud
  10. 10. The Cloud: A New Era of UGlity CompuGng All Three Tiers of CompuQng Delivered as a Service via Global Network •  ApplicaGons: SoHware as a Service – SaaS •  Pladorm: Database, Middleware, AnalyGcs, IntegraGon… as a Service – PaaS •  Infrastructure: Storage, Compute and Network as a Service – IaaS SaaS! PaaS! IaaS!
  11. 11. Oracle Cloud Strategy • SaaS: Complete and integrated ERP, HCM and CRM suites – Customers don’t have to integrate lots of separate products • PaaS: CompaGble and portable database and middleware – Easy applicaQon and data migraQon and coexistence • IaaS: Reliable IT infrastructure with included security features – Lower cost and higher performance 11
  12. 12. Oracle’s Cloud Offerings Bring Oracle’s leading Database and Middleware Technology So9ware to customers and partners anywhere in the World through the Internet
  13. 13. One Oracle Cloud for Your En6re Business
  14. 14. Cloud SoluQons Compute Cloud ü ü ü ü Object Storage Cloud ü ü ü ü ü Block Storage Cloud ü ü ü ü ü IdenQty, Messaging, NoQficaQon ü ü ü ü ü ü Deep Archive Cloud ü ü Database Cloud ü ü ü ü ü ü ü Java, Node.JS, Mobile, JavaScript Cloud ü ü ü ü ü ü Big Data & Discovery Cloud ü ü ü Business AnalyQcs Cloud ü ü ü Documents, Sites, & Social Cloud ü ü ü Process, IntegraQon, IoT Cloud ü ü ü ü Log AnalyQcs & APM Cloud ü ü ü ü Enterprise Performance Mgmt. Cloud ü ü Enterprise Resource Planning Cloud ü ü ü Human Capital Management Cloud ü ü Customer Experience Cloud ü ü ü Supply Chain Cloud ü ü GRC Cloud ü Oracle: The Broadest Cloud Services Por?olio IaaS PaaS SaaS
  15. 15. © Copyright 2016. Apps Associates LLC. 15 Oracle Cloud Foot Print as of 2015
  16. 16. Journey to the Cloud
  17. 17. © Copyright 2016. Apps Associates LLC. 17 Sales JCS DBS DCS … HCM ERP Eloqua Taleo CPQ Extensibility Framework PaaS BI Cloud Service SaaS Cloud @ Oracle | Our Vision 100% Cloud IT Shop Legacy Apps IaaS
  18. 18. Giving your Customers Choices – The Oracle Advantage
  19. 19. Oracle Integrated Cloud
  20. 20. Oracle Integrated Cloud
  21. 21. EBS Release Roadmap
  22. 22. E Business Suite Support Timelines
  23. 23. © Copyright 2016. Apps Associates LLC. 23 Oracle E-Business Suite on Oracle Cloud
  24. 24. © Copyright 2016. Apps Associates LLC. 24 Oracle Applica6ons Path to Cloud Procurement Financials Planning & CollaboraQon Manufacturing Order Promising Demand Management Sales, Ops & Supply Planning CollaboraGve & Visibility Install Base Manufacturing Quality LogisQcs Inventory & Cost Mgmt Order Management Configurator Price Management Financial OrchestraGon Fulfillment OrchestraGon Supply Chain OrchestraGon Service Part Planning Global Trade Management Product Hub & Development Product CosGng & Sourcing CAD IntegraGon Product Lifecycle Mgmt ECAD & MCAS APPS Project Pordolio Mgmt (PPM) Supplier Mgmt & Portal Sourcing Procurement Contracts Indirect Purchasing Procurement Direct Material Flows Cash Management Project AccounGng Indirect Accounts Payable Expenses Fusion AccounGng Hub Financial Risk & Compliance Accounts Receivable Teleservice Field Service Risk & Compliance Product Management Project Porfolio Management Direct Accounts Payable Global HR Talent Management Workforce CompensaGon CRM (Sales Force AutomaGon) Customer Hub Partner Management Finance & HR Sales & MarkeGng Planning & Manufacturing Spares Management Service Contracts Field & Mobile Field Service External Repair ExecuGon Service HCM ERP EPM CX SCM Revenue Management Project Resource Mgmt Time & Labor Payroll Oracle Service Contracts (OKS) Offers & On-Boarding Live on Oracle Cloud Phase 1 Phase 2 Phase 3 Phase 4 MarkeGng
  25. 25. Oracle Infrastructure as a Service
  26. 26. © Copyright 2016. Apps Associates LLC. 26 26 Ravello Container Service (Docker) Engineered Systems IaaS Dedicated Compute General Purpose Compute Bare Metal Public Cloud Compute MulGple OS MulGple Hypervisors Docker Containers On-Premise 26 Compute Cloud Services
  27. 27. Ravello Ravello Public Cloud On-Premise Cloud Storage Object Archive OSCSA On-premises to Oracle Public Cloud Public Cloud HVX VMW On-Premise Public Cloud KVM On-Premise Public Cloud Xen On-Premise HVX HVX Ravello has developed a distributed hypervisor infrastructure called HVX. It enables an enterprise to completely encapsulate a mulG-VM applicaGon and run it on any cloud (eg: AWS, Google or Oracle Public Cloud) without any changes whatsoever.
  28. 28. Container Service (Docker) Cloud Storage Object Archive Container Service Docker OSCSA On-Premises Compute Instance OSCSA CD VM Temp. Container Service (Docker) Compute Instance VM Temp. Provisioning and Discovering OSCSA via StackEngine
  29. 29. Engineered Systems IaaS Cloud Storage Object Archive Engineered Systems IaaS Engineered Systems IaaS X P S C B Z Exa PCA Super Cluster Cloud Machine BigData Appl. R ZDLRA ZFSSA
  30. 30. © Copyright 2016. Apps Associates LLC. 30 Compute Cloud Services Dedicated Compute ElasGc Compute Compute Cloud Watch Engineered Systems IaaS Configure … Deploy … Orchestrate … Operate Bare Metal MulGple OS MulGple Hypervisors Docker Containers
  31. 31. © Copyright 2016. Apps Associates LLC. 31
  32. 32. © Copyright 2016. Apps Associates LLC. 32
  33. 33. © Copyright 2016. Apps Associates LLC. 33
  34. 34. © Copyright 2016. Apps Associates LLC. 34 round-trip propagaGon delay (RTT)
  35. 35. © Copyright 2016. Apps Associates LLC. 35
  36. 36. © Copyright 2016. Apps Associates LLC. 36
  37. 37. © Copyright 2016. Apps Associates LLC. 37
  38. 38. © Copyright 2016. Apps Associates LLC. 38 Oracle’s Cloud Services: IaaS and PaaS with Choice of Deployment Deployment Choice Public or Private Cloud High Performance, Scalable & ElasQc Infrastructure (IaaS) Compute, Storage & Network Services One Plaform (PaaS) for All On-premise, Cloud & Mobile InnovaQons Automated Management Development & Deployment Services Content, AnalyGcs & User Engagement Services IntegraGon Services Security & IdenGty Services Self Hosted/ Managed On Premise (Private Cloud) Provider Hosted/ Managed (Public Cloud) 38
  39. 39. Cloud @ Customer
  40. 40. •  Helps conform to business and government security requirements •  Same PaaS and IaaS hardware and soHware as Oracle Public Cloud •  Managed by Oracle and delivered as a service behind your firewall •  Same cost-effecGve subscripGon pricing model as Oracle Cloud •  Coming Soon: New offerings ─  Exadata Cloud Machine ─  Big Data Cloud Machine Oracle Cloud at Customer Public Cloud Machines On Premises IaaS Big Data Database
  41. 41. •  Available now •  Exadata Express Cloud Service •  Coming soon •  Database Cloud Services •  Exadata Cloud Machine Announcing Oracle Database 12c Release 2 on Oracle Cloud Oracle is presenGng features for Oracle Database 12c Release 2 on Oracle Cloud. We will announce availability of the On-Prem release someGme aHer Open World.
  42. 42. BIG DAT A Integrated and Hybrid Cloud database management soluGons On Premises Oracle Cloud Same Architecture Same SoHware Same Skills Hybrid Cloud Strategy – Oracle Data Management Pla?orm
  43. 43. Strategy – Complete Data Management Pla?orm Oracle Database NoSQL Database Hadoop & Spark Support any data, any scale, on-premises and in the Cloud •  RelaGonal •  SpaGal •  Graph •  Document •  Real-Gme AnalyGcs •  Key-value •  Graph •  Document •  IoT AnalyGcs •  Logs •  Streaming •  Archive •  SpaGal •  Web AnalyGcs
  44. 44. Oracle Database NoSQL Database Hadoop & Spark Key Value Service Big Data Service OLTP, DW and Document Service Strategy – Unified Data Management Pla?orm XML {JSON} Special purpose and standards based access
  45. 45. Strategy – Integrated Data Management Pla?orm Integrated IoT Service IntegraQon Service BI/DW OLTP BI Service Big Data Discovery & PreparaQon Distributed Variable Data Cloud Data Management Plaform HTAP Events & ObservaQons Cloud services integrated BIG DATA
  46. 46. Oracle Backup Cloud Service
  47. 47. Oracle Database Cloud Service
  48. 48. On Premises Oracle Cloud Same Architecture Same SoHware Same Skills Hybrid Cloud Integrated and Hybrid Cloud database soluGon Database Cloud Service
  49. 49. © Copyright 2016. Apps Associates LLC. 52 Database Ready for UseAllocate Compute Allocate Storage Set Keys & Privileges Request for Service Provision OS Install & Configure Database Configure Tools Configure Access Configure Backups Reduced Gme and complexity to provision database services Increased standardizaGon of the “fleet” Also use to deploy Maximum Availability Architectures Benefits Automated database and infrastructure provisioning and administraGon Database Cloud Service
  50. 50. © Copyright 2016. Apps Associates LLC. 53 Automated DBA and Patching Backup/Recovery plus HA & DR Simple Provisioning Any Language Maximum Security Local and Remote Management Oracle Cloud – Security By Default Database Cloud Service - AutomaGon
  51. 51. Quick development iteraQons enabled by two new features Copy on Write Database Cloud Service – DevOps capabiliGes Test master creaGon, cloning, instanGaGon from backup ProducGon ProducGon Masked Backup in Cloud InstanQate From Backup V1 V2 V3 Developer Database Instance Cloning
  52. 52. 37 Years of Database InnovaGon - Proven at Millions of Mission CriGcal Deployments Oracle Database Exadata Cloud Service Advanced Security, Label Security, Database Vault MulQtenant AcQve Data Guard ParQQoning Advanced Compression Real ApplicaQon TesQng OLAP, Advanced AnalyQcs, SpaQal and Graph Management Packs Real ApplicaQon Clusters In Memory InfiniBand Fabric Columnar Flash Cache HCC 10:1 I/O I/O I/O PCI Flash Smart Flash Cache, Smart Flash Log Hybrid Columnar Compression I/O Resource Management Exafusion Direct-to- Wire Protocol Smart Scan Network Resource Management In-Memory Fault Tolerance All Exadata Unique InnovaGons All Oracle Database InnovaGons
  53. 53. MySQL Cloud Service
  54. 54. © Copyright 2016. Apps Associates LLC. 57 MySQL Cloud Service: Product Overview PaaS Compute Database AdministraQon Automated Provisioning Push Buuon Patching 1-Click Instance Management Enterprise Monitoring Backup & Recovery Automated Backup Point-in-Gme Recovery On-demand Snapshot Scalability ElasGc Compute ElasGc Storage Enterprise Thread Pool ElasGc ReplicaGon* High Availability ReplicaGon ReplicaGon Monitor MulG-AD Support* Security Network Access Control Enterprise Firewall Enterprise AuthenGcaGon Enterprise EncrypGon & TDE* Enterprise Audit Management Access Data Access CLI REST API Oracle Cloud Console MySQL Tools On-premise ApplicaGons Oracle Premier Support Oracle Infrastructure Cloud Services MySQL Enterprise EdiGon
  55. 55. Oracle Developer Cloud Service
  56. 56. The Oracle Developer Cloud Service
  57. 57. Oracle Cloud Pla?orm - Applica6on Development Cloud Na6ve, Polyglot, Java, Mobile, HTML5, Declara6ve •  For all applicaGon types - Cloud NaGve, Java EE, Mobile, HTML5 •  Cloud naGve developer infrastructure - Designed for DevOps •  MulG datacenter cloud deployment and management ApplicaGon Container Cloud Java Cloud/ WebLogic Server Mobile Cloud ApplicaGon Builder Cloud Container Cloud Service Develop Cloud NaGve, Polyglot Apps Modernize Java Apps to Cloud Develop Mobile Apps DeclaraGve HTML5 Apps Managed Docker Containers Management Cloud: Performance Management, Log AnalyGcs, IT AnalyGcs Developer Cloud: ConGnuous integraGon/ConGnuous Delivery/CollaboraGon
  58. 58. Core Tools required for DevOps
  59. 59. Oracle Management Cloud – Log Analy6cs
  60. 60. © Copyright 2016. Apps Associates LLC. 65
  61. 61. © Copyright 2016. Apps Associates LLC. 66
  62. 62. © Copyright 2016. Apps Associates LLC. 67
  63. 63. Oracle Big Data Cloud Service
  64. 64. Oracle GoldenGate Cloud Service
  65. 65. © Copyright 2016. Apps Associates LLC. 73 Capture Trail Route Deliver Pump GoldenGate Cloud Service GoldenGate Database as a Service Hadoop as a Service* Database Cloud Service Exadata Cloud Service Big Data Cloud Service GGCS GGCS GoldenGate Cloud Service ü  Real-Gme Data ReplicaGon Service in Oracle Cloud via SubscripGon or Hourly basis Key Benefits ü  Changed Data delivery is more effecGve than batch processes ü  No Data Loss reliable and proven core GG technology ü  RealQme Data always up to the moment replicaGon & visibility 3rd Party Cloud ü  Migrate from Amazon any database from AWS RDS ü  Deliver to 3rd Party Clouds from on-premise databases 3rd Party Cloud GoldenGate
  66. 66. Comprehensive Industry Proven SoluGon Consistent Standard Why Oracle GoldenGate Cloud Service? Plaform as a Service Infrastructure as a Service Sooware as a Service Data as a Service Cloud On-Premises High Level Standard Secure, Robust and Scalable Deep IntegraGon PaaS SoluGon Among a Robust Offering Hybrid Deployment GoldenGate Cloud Service 74
  67. 67. © Copyright 2016. Apps Associates LLC. 75 OperaQonal ReporQng High Availability InformaQon Hubs Real-Qme Data Warehousing Oracle GoldenGate Cloud Service Deployment Models/Use Cases Disaster Recovery Test/Dev Zero DownQme MigraQon* Load Balancing Geo DistribuQon Database ConsolidaQon On-Premises to Cloud Cloud to On-Premises Cloud to Cloud Zero DownQme MigraQon*
  68. 68. © Copyright 2016. Apps Associates LLC. 76 OGG OGG OGG OGG OGG OGG MigraGon/Upgrading ReporGng High Availability Scaling Out Now, what we have… We soon need to add… HA OGG OGG Mobile Social ApplicaGons Development/TesGng/POC On-Premise Cloud OGG Data SynchronizaGon Feeding Data WAN ModernizaGon OGG Zero Down-Time Data MigraGon Data AnalyGcs/reporGng OGG Offloading Data
  69. 69. © Copyright 2016. Apps Associates LLC. 77
  70. 70. © Copyright 2016. Apps Associates LLC. 78
  71. 71. 79 Thank You
  72. 72. May 9 – 10, 2017 New Delhi , India
  73. 73. AIOUG Hyd Chapter - Oracle Cloud Day( IaaS, PaaS & SaaS) 11th Feb 2017 Time Oracle IaaS Track Speaker Oracle PaaS /SaaS Track Speaker 9.00: 9.30 RegistraGons 9.30-10.30 Oracle Cloud Update from Open World & AIOUG Update - Satyendra Pasalapudi 10.30-10.45 Coffe Break Coffe Break 10:45-12:15 IntroducGon to Oracle GeneraGon 2 cloud, Oracle ApplicaGons & Ravello Cloud Sudershan Singh, Director IaaS , Oracle ImplemenGng Cloud ApplicaGons – Redefine your Dimension Vijay Pedamallu, Delivery Manager Apps Associates & Vamsikrishna Ravada, Delivery Manager Apps Associates 12:15- 1:15 Cloud NaGve ApplicaGon Development using Oracle IaaS/PaaS Siva Rama Krishna, SoluGons Specialist, Oracle How to help customers to transform into SaaS model successfully Lalkrishna Rath, Principal SoluGon Architect, Tech Mahindra 1:15-2:30 Lunch Lunch 2:30-3.30 Oracle Integration Cloud Service for EBS Rekha Ayothi, Principal Product ManagerOracle How Modern OrganizaGons Drive Digital TransformaGon with Oracle CX Cloud Murali Subramanian - CEO Innovacx & Shyam Shah - President Innovacx 3:30- 3.45 Coffe Break Coffe Break 3:45- 4:45 Running Your E-Business Suite on Oracle Cloud(Iaas+ PaaS) - Why, What and How? Veshaal Singh, Vice President, Oracle Oracle Business AnalyGcs Cloud: IntroducGon & Demo Ashish Jain, Principal Product Manager, Oracle 4:45 - 5:45 Role of DBAs in the Cloud Era Satyendra Pasalapudi, Director Cloud Services, Apps Associates Agenda