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TMTA Integrated Training Management System


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Project Management Plan for TMTA Integrated Training Management System prepared by Msc IT Student UiTM Shah Alam, Malaysia

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TMTA Integrated Training Management System

  1. 1. SYS750 Advanced Information Technology Project Management TITLE: TMTA INTEGRATED TRAINING MGMT SYSTEM NIK AINI RASHIDA NIK MAN NUR ILYANA NOR AZMAL NIK NOOR NADIAH MD IBRAHIM 2011415354 2010909069 2011822516
  2. 2. Contents i. Introduction • • • • • • ii. iii. iv. v. vi. vii. viii. ix. x. Background Current situation Description of the problem or opportunity Project’s measurable organizational value How achieving the project’s MOV will support the organization’s goal and strategy Objectives of writing the business case Objective Scope Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) Roles Schedule Budget Key Issues/Risks/Assumptions Change Control Administration
  4. 4. Background The proposal of developing an ‘TMTA Integrated Training Management System’ for the TM BERHAD.
  5. 5. TM Technical Academy: Background i. TM Technical Academy (TMTA) is responsible to conduct training for all employees of Telekom Malaysia Berhad and their contractors. Currently TMTA implement two types of training delivery method called Instructor Led Training (traditional classroom) and eLearning.TMTA is formerly known as TM Training Centre. ii. TMTA provide technical training for TM staffs and also the vendors. To enable TMTA achieve the mission and vision to enhance their overall corporate culture by developing and enhancing employee’s skills with the effective training programs. For that, TMTA have to improve the quality of training lab to replace existing training lab as well as to have a good ICT infrastructure. iii. Currently, the existing management system at TMTA was obsolete where by following the standard of ICT guideline for government agency, any ICT asset with years of usage more than 5 years will be considered as obsolete. Part of it, existing servers and equipment also has limited storage. To assist TMTA in achieving mission and vision of the TMTA Top management, they have to improve the capability of their basic ICT infrastructure as well as having one integrated IT management system covering all training process in TM network environment.
  6. 6. Current Situation Existing hardware in the TMTA IT system have insufficient capacity (e.g.: processor and storage capacity) to meet the needs of the current systems and under development. For the long run, TMTA have to upgrade their ICT infrastructure for better service to Telekom Malaysia Staff and TM contractors. Existing standalone systems is not capable to fulfill TMTA need in the long run.
  7. 7. Problem / Opportunity 1. Existing standalone system to manage training record, training invitation and TMTA committee not capable to fulfill needs of TMTA training in the long run. 2. Future ICT plan require TMTA to have good ICT infra to fulfill needs from TM Staff and TM Contractors.
  8. 8. Project Measurable Organization Value (MOV) 1. Better ICT support and services from TMTA will help to encourage TMTA Staff to manage the training reporting more efficient. 2. Help Telekom Malaysia to maintain and improve the quality of Training environment and management system.
  9. 9. How achieving the project’s MOV will support the organization’s goal & strategy These values help TMTA to achieve their goal to help TM as an organization to achieve corporate objective and enhance their overall corporate culture by developing and enhancing employee’s skills with the effective management training through the enhancement of the use of Information and communication Technology (ICT).
  10. 10. Objectives 1. To enhance training environment of TMTA by developing Integrated Management system that cover up all training needed and training task compliant with current network which performed as of now. 2. To upgrade the infrastructure of ICT at TMTA. To upgrade the infrastructure of ICT at TMTA.
  11. 11. Scope of Work / Deliverables The system comprises 2 major modules. They are: 1. Integrated Information System: The IT information system is a complete workflow design and management solution to meet all training process modeling needs. Build on an expandable and extensible industry-leading open architecture, it comes complete with graphical mapping utilities to help build TMTA training workflow processes and set up the framework for delivering, processing and tracking training and submission of data between TM staff and TMTA. 2. TMTA Training Reporting: The TMTA Lab Integrated Information System is a comprehensive with Web-based tool system to create, extract, view, manipulate and perform data mining on server in carrying out daily training report. It will be a specialized, custom subsystem specifically designed to tailor to TM Berhad and consultancy backend requirements.
  12. 12. Scope of Work / Deliverables (cont) Infrastructure to Support the System SAN Switch – 2 Units Server for Web Server/Application Server - 3 units MYSQL Enterprise Gold Edition – 2 Units Server for Database Server -2 units Storage Area Network - 1 Unit Load Balancer Appliances ( AX2000 Series) – 1 Unit 42U Rack – 1 Unit KVM Switch - 1 Unit Technical Services: i. Installation, Configuring, Testing and Commissioning of Hardware and System Softwar ii. Database Migration Services Project Management Documentation - Training : i. MySQL Administrator Modules ii. MySQL Developer Modules iii. Transfer of Technology (Hardware Appreciation)
  13. 13. Roles Organization chart: organization chart.docx Role Project Responsibility System Analyst Analyze existing business process and convert into physical and logical design. Software Engineer Transform physical design and logical design into code. Network Engineer Hardware configuration, specification Testing Engineer Implement Unit Test, User Acceptance Test, Hardware Test Database Administrator Design database structure PMO Officer/ QA Team Control and ensure the completeness of report for each implementation
  14. 14. Schedule
  15. 15. Schedule (cont.)
  16. 16. Project Budget Summary Project Deliverable Infrastructure Phase 1 Preliminary & kick-off meeting Infrastructure deliverables and installation Development tools & installation Gather information of required system Percentage (%) 100 20 / RM 1m Cost (RM) 300,000 200,000 Phase 2 : Project Development Testing Phase : UAT AND LIVE 30 / RM 1m 300,000 Phase 3 : Implementation Post Implementation Assessment Maintenance Total Cost 50 / RM 1m 500,000 Integrated Information System TMTA Training Reporting 1,300,000
  17. 17. Key Issues/Risks/Assumptions 1. The appointed working committee members are attached permanently until the end of the project. 2. The agreed scheduled is strictly followed by both parties. 3. The requirements are clearly defined and endorsed. 4. The change request is properly controlled by Change Management Plan 5. The availability of the sites for hardware setup and installation.
  18. 18. Change Control Process flow for Change Control Management as below diagram :