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  1. 1. KAIXO
  2. 2. Marketing Experiments To test the interest of our target customers
  3. 3. Target customers/ChannelSocial MediaGoogle AdwordsTravelers MagazinesSpecialized BlogsIncoming Tourism WebsiteBasque communities abroadTourism Trade FairIncoming travel agencies in the Basque CountryRetail travel agencies in the country of origin: UK and FranceForeign Tour Operators: UK and FrancePublic Tourism Organization of the Basque Country: Basque TourSpanish Public Tourism Organization: TurespañaInternational Exchange ProgramsBasque Lectures AbroadBusiness Schools
  4. 4. Google Adwords We are to open a google adwords campaign to bring traffic to our site. This campaign will be segmented in order to basque interests and cultural interests, so we get to our potential consumers. The invest that we will be made is around 50 euros throught out a week.
  5. 5. Social Media FACEBOOK. We are going to open a facebook fan page, as people don’t know us we have to pay advertising on facebook to get traffic to our fan page. Our fan page is going to link to our site in each picture, in the info about us, in our wall, so people can come visit our site. The advertising campaign on Facebook, we will invest 15 euros telling people to come and join our fan page. This will last for a week. This will be segment by interest on culture and travels. As we are new on facebook, we are going to start following pages as Travel magazines, Culture magazines, Culture and Travel initiative and so on. So we can write in their walls and invite them first to our website and then to our fan page. TWITTER. As on facebook we will open a twitter profile, prepare with the info and links we need to bring them to our site. Also we will teet with mentions to invite Travel and/or cultural magazines, Travel/cultural Initiatives and so on, to our site.
  6. 6. Travelers Magazines We will email to all the writers and workers of these type of magazines so we can invite them to visit our site by a video edited and presented by us. We have to do a great effort to get those emails opened.
  7. 7. International Exchange Programs andBasque Lectures Abroad As we have planed with Travelers Magazines, we will email the group of persons responsible of this Programs, so we can invited them to visit our site. We also will ask them to publish our initiative in their newsletters so we can have the feedback of their subscribers
  8. 8. Business Schools We are going to follow the same strategic, email the group of professionals that are behind and invite them to visit our site.
  9. 9. Specialized Blogs Choose the five most important travel and culture blogs and publish banner ads. Get in touch with twenty bloggers related to culture, travel and specific discipline. Show them our project and manage to publish a post about KaiXo. Advertise KaiXo in some interesting blogs through promoted posts. Get in touch with journalists, who have a blog about travel or culture and work in international media, and show KaiXo. Invite them to register on our website if they are interested in taking part in the Blog Trip that we are going to organize. Take an active part in different blogs through comments.
  10. 10. Incoming Tourism Website Send an email with the KaiXo’s presentation and manage to publish information about our project on its newsletter. Manage to appear in these website as recommendation to get to know Basque Country.
  11. 11. Basque Communities abroad Send an email and the KaiXo’s presentation to Basque communities abroad. Organize a video conference with the Basque associations abroad and the Basque centers so as to explain members of these organizations our project. Invite Basque centers representatives to register on our website if they are interested in taking part in the package tour that we are going to organize. Ask administrator of Official Basque Centers website for publishing our project.
  12. 12. Tourism Trade Fair Attend Tourism Trade Fair to make contacts. Manage to visit our website the visitors and exhibitor. Advertisiments in the magazine of Tourism Trade Fair.
  13. 13. Incoming travel agencies ion theBasque country Conduct mailing campaigns to incoming agencies in the Basque Country inviting them to leave their email in exchange for receiving an invitation to our opening event.  Face to face visits to incoming agencies in the Basque Country: Introduce our site and encourage them to visit it in case they want to obtain an invitation to our opening event.
  14. 14. RETAIL TRAVEL AGENCIES INTHE COUNTRY OF ORIGIN: UK,FRANCE. Phone call to selected travel agencies (experienced in organising cultural trips or specialised in the Basque Country) and introduce ourselves. Once they know a bit of us, let them know about our opening event and invite them to register in our site in case they would like to follow it online. Support our phone call with an email afterwards. Invite these companies to be our friends in our Facebook fan page. Encourage them to participate in the Facebook raffle of an orientation trip to the Basque Country.
  15. 15. FOREIGN TOUR OPERATOR:  Phone call to tour operators specialised in cultural trips to introduce our project. Invite them to leave their contact details in our site in case they are willing to receive our visit to know each other. Example: Martin Randall Travel: http://www.martinrandall.com/
  16. 16. PUBLIC TOURISM ORGANIZATION OFTHE BASQUE COUNTRY: BASQUETOUR Create an article to request it´s publication in the monthly guide "Disfrutar de Euskadi ". Encourage Basquetour to visit our website and let the e-mail to continue receiving our articles. Participate in all Basque Governments social profiles by posting a call to action: visit our page. These are the channels: Basque Country thematic YouTube channel. “viajando por Euskadi” forum. Mailing volunteering to host the next fam trip or press trip they promote ( the government). Let them know that if they are interested they can leave their email at our site and we will contact them. Perform tracking where the Basque Government advertises and put there a banner that links to our website. Send a company video presentation where its indicated that for more information they can leave their email on the web to receive more info. Participar en la comunidad virtual de embajadores de Euskadi proponiendo planes en nombre de Kaixo (http://www.euskadisaboreala.es/es/) enlazando a nuestra web. Participate in the virtual community of "ambassadors of the Basque Country" (http://www.euskadisaboreala.es/es/) suggesting things to do and see in the Basque Country. Publish all our suggestions with a link to our website.
  17. 17. SPANISH PUBLIC TOURISM ORGANIZATION:TURESPAÑA (Instituto de Turismo de España) Mailing ofreciéndonos a organizar el siguiente fam trip press trip que se promueva desde Turespaña al País Vasco. Aclarar que si están interesados dejen su dirección en la web y nos pondremos en contacto con ellos. Emailing volunteering to host the next fam trip or press trip arranged by Turespaña in the Basque Country. Let them know that if they are interested they can leave their email at our site and we will contact them.
  19. 19.  Google Analytics KPI’s Google Adwords Rates Facebook Advertise Rates
  20. 20. Google Analytics This tool will help us to prove if we woke up an interest on our potential consumers.We will focused on: Unique visitors Rebound Rate
  21. 21.  This indicators will help us to know the feedback that we are going to have out of our website (off line). -Number of phone calls (with the aim to get more info) -Number of mails answered -Number of messages left on our fan page or Twitter account