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Diana, princess of wales (2)


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Diana, princess of wales (2)

  1. 1. Alba NavarroAina Pérez
  2. 2.  Diana was born at 7:45 PM on 1 July 1961,in Sandringham, Norfolk. Diana was born into an aristocratic English familywith royal ancestry and became a public figurewith the announcement of her engagement toPrince Charles.
  3. 3.  Diana also received recognition for her charitywork and for her support of the InternationalCampaign to Ban Landmines.
  4. 4. Diana had a very personable touch. Shewas very at ease in meeting peoplefrom any background and even if theywere ill or in hospices. The patientswould react very favorably to hermeetings, they warmed to her lifeenergy and heartfelt sympathy. Part ofher appeal was her sympathy andnatural compassion. She couldempathies with people’s suffering,having suffered much herself.