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Film treatment v2


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Film treatment v2

  1. 1. Film TreatmentFilm TitleIsolationOverviewThe film shows what happens to students who bully someoneand then think they can get away with it.Outline3 main people, all go to the same school and in the sameyear and are all friends (Charlie, Eddie, and Katie). Allgoing out on a Friday night but one gets killed. We don’tknow who the killer is at the beginning but we find outat the end. The film follows them through the weekleading up to the Friday night where the murder happens,some events take place which lead the viewer to believeit is someone who has been excluded from the group(Jamie) when actually it is someone within the group(Eddie) who is emotionally unstable and fascinated byviolence.Technical InformationLength: 83 minutesCertificate: 15LocationBased in an estate were the 3 characters live, then inthe 3 characters houses South LondonState School in South LondonCast list Charlie Crooker – Victim (Male) Eddie Starker – Victim (Male) Katie Smith – Victim (Female) Jamie Toole – Murder (Male) Mr. Barnes – Teacher (Male) Mrs. Crooker – Mother (Female) Ally De Silva – Friend (Male) -- THIS IS NOT THE FULL CASTLIST --Synopsis Isolation is a story based around the apparent superiority of the emotionally stable over the unstable. The story surrounds a group of friends (Charlie Crooker, Eddie Starker, Katie Smith), who expel a boy (Jamie Toole) from their circle of
  2. 2. friendship. The film is set in a non-chronologicalorder, it begins with the three of them preparingfor a night out. Whilst they are getting ready, theyare each playing the same song, which furtherreinforces their reputation as close friends; thereis a noise in the background, which provokes each ofthem to turn around to assess the situation. At thispoint the film cuts back to earlier in the week andall the friends are at school chatting about theFriday night ahead. At this point, Jamie walks pastand Eddie starts to poke fun at him, tormenting himfor the way he looks, Jamie tries to ignore him butEddie wont let him past. Eddie starts to get moreand more aggressive as Jamie ignores his quips.Eddie lets him walk past but spits on his back,Katie is laughing in the background but Charlieappears disheartened by Eddie’s behavior towardsJamie. The bell goes and the next scene is in aclassroom where Charlie and Jamie are in the samerow of seats, Charlie makes an attempt to reconcilewith Jamie, but Jamie sees him as ringleader to thewhole thing and refuses his apology.The film then cuts to the end of the day and Eddieand Charlie are walking back, Katie is in adetention for a missing piece of homework for aMedia Studies teacher, Eddie turns to Charlie andasks him whether he has a lighter, Charlie does andhands it to Eddie, Eddie then pulls out a joint andproceeds to light it, he takes a few drags and thenattempts to hand it to Charlie, he refuses andCharlie starts to talk to Eddie about the incidentthat lunchtime. Charlie sees his actions asunacceptable but Eddie disagrees and proceeds toremind him of what Jamie did to them, just as Eddieis about to reveal, the boys walk out into the roadas a car pulls into that road, the car nearly hitsthem and starts to honk at the boys. The boy’s turnand start to hurl abuse at the driver of the flashMercedes, the driver gets out of the car and theboys start to run off, still hurling abuse. Thecamera follows them down the road and around thecorner where they enter their estate. They say theirgoodbyes and each turn into their individual houses.Charlie enters his house, and his mum is there. Sheasks him how his day was and he says it was asalways- just school. He enters the kitchen whilstmaintaining a conversation with his mum; he cutssome bread and puts it in the toaster. He then tellsher about the exchange between Eddie and Jamie andhe seems rather worried, there is a moment ofsensitivity but that is quickly forgotten when he
  3. 3. hears the sound of the toaster popping up, he grabsthe toast and runs upstairs to his room where hestarts to play loud music.The film lingers on Charlie, intersected with sceneswith Katie, Eddie and Jamie. Charlie is fallingasleep and then there is the sound of the schoolbell, and it cuts to the front gates of the school,Charlie meets his friend Ally, who offers him acigarette, Charlie accepts and they stand outsidethe gates smoking. Ally invites Charlie to his partyon the Friday but says that he “cant bring thatwasteman friend of his Eddie” Charlie says “what youdon’t like Ed?” Ally says “Nah I hate him bruv, hef*****d my girl last month”, “Can you bring Katie aswell? She’s seeexyyyy!” Charlie considers the offerand decides to change his current plans of going outwith Eddie and Katie. When Charlie tells them, Eddieis angered by Charlie’s sudden decision to changehis plans and is exclusion from the party, andrefuses to talk to them for the rest of the day. Thefilm then picks on Eddie for the middle sectionAnd follows Eddie throughout the day. He avoidsCharlie and Katie and decides instead to brood onhis own, feeling sorry for himself. The day ends andEddie is walking home on his own smoking a jointagain, this is significant because the continual useof weed has created weed psychosis in his head, hethen starts to become paranoid and goes home toresearch violent crimes- his interest. It then cutsto Ally and his mates, who are waiting at the gates,smoking cigarettes, Jamie walks past and Ally andhis mates mug him for his phone and money. The filmthen follows Jamie on his way home, he gets home andruns upstairs, and he puts on a sad song and workshimself up into a rage. The next day Charlie andKatie are at school waiting for Eddie but he doesn’tshow up and Katie and Charlie start to speculate onhis whereabouts. The film cuts to Ally and his mateswho are waiting in an alley way, talking andgenerally being mischievous and the camera goes to along shot and two feet appear and a chain drops downand drags along the floor- you hear Ally shout:“What the f**k do you want? Come back for moreyeah!?” then the screen turns black and you hearscreams and shouts. There is a time lapse and it isthen night and there is the same establishing shotas in the beginning and the same music is paying,the same scene plays out but this time it isrevealed that Eddie is the murderer and he uses achain to kill Charlie, the same chain he used tokill Alley and his friends. The film ends with Eddie