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Putting social media to work


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Craig Somerville AIMM, Director of Reload Media and Chair of the AIM Young Manager Advisory Board, presented at Management House in Brisbane on 2 May on determining social media objectives, strategies and tactics, and dispelled the myths of social media.

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Putting social media to work

  1. 1. PUTTINGSOCIAL MEDIATO WORKPresented by Craig Somerville AIMMDirector of Reload Mediaat the Australian Institute of Management – Qld & NTThursday 2 May 2013#AIMevents
  2. 2. 2About Reload Media Reload Media is a specialist digital agency working acrosssocial media, search engines and digital advertising.– 500 clients across Australia, NZ and the UK
  3. 3. 3About Tonight Social Media Overview Australian Social Media Landscape What Should You Be Doing? What Shouldn‟t You Be Doing? Case Studies Tips on Getting the Most out of Social Media#AIMevents
  4. 4. 4Before We Begin…
  5. 5. 5To Get You Started…Craig from @Reload_Media encourages tweeting of“tweetable tweets” at #AIMevents#AIMevents
  6. 6. 6Social Media Explained (kind of)Myth: “No oneuses Google+”#AIMevents
  7. 7. 7Social Media Overview“To find somethingcomparable, you have to goback 500 years to the printingpress, the birth of massmedia… Technology isshifting power away fromeditors, the publishers, theestablishment, the mediaelite. Now it‟s the people whoare taking control.”Rupert Murdoch, WiredMagazine, July 2006#AIMevents
  8. 8. 8Zero Moment of Truth#AIMeventsView video at:
  9. 9. 9Social Media in Australia Over 60% of the adult population has a Facebook account– The fastest-growing segment is Over 55 Australia has one of the highest adult usage rates of socialmedia in the world.#AIMevents
  10. 10. 10Social Media Landscape Facebook is top for visits, Twitter top for conversionsSource: Optify#AIMevents
  11. 11. 11Social Media Landscape Facebook fans spend 24% more than non-fans. ( In the UK, £3bn in sales is expected to be influenced bysocial media in some way in 2014 (Source: eBay study) Most SEO experts claim that Google+ is impacting onsearch results, rankings, traffic and sales.#AIMevents
  12. 12. 12Social Media Landscape 70% of small Australian businesses now have some form ofsocial media investment. 94% of medium/large Australian businesses have someform of social media investment.#AIMeventsYellow Pages Study, 2012
  13. 13. 13Why Should You Be on Social Media?…94% of people trust word of mouthbut only 14% of people trustadverts…Forrester, 2012#AIMevents
  14. 14. 14Why Should You Be on Social Media?Conversations about your brand arehappening whether you’re involvedor not…#AIMevents
  15. 15. 15Why You Shouldn‟t Be on Social MediaIt’s popular right now!#AIMevents
  16. 16. 16Define Your Social Media Objectives Is it customer service? Is it recruitment? Is it showcasing your expert knowledge? Is it branding? Is it sales driving?#AIMevents
  17. 17. 17So, the Big Question…How do you make it work for yourbusiness?#AIMevents
  18. 18. 18Putting Social Media to Work1. What is your business objective?2. What social channels should you be active on? (register onthem all anyway)3. How does it tie in with your other marketing activities?4. Who can you appoint to pioneer the initiative? (In houserepresentative or outsourced)5. What are your competitors doing?6. What plan do you have in place if something „goes wrong‟?#AIMevents
  19. 19. 19IKEA Case Study - Branding#AIMevents
  20. 20. 20Applebees Case Study#AIMevents
  21. 21. 21Reload Case Study#AIMevents
  22. 22. 22Social Media Tips Dedicate some time and resources to making social mediawork. Set targets Develop a company wide social media policy and educateall staff Set up accounts to monitor activity (start with Hootsuite – it‟sfree) Integrate your social media with other marketing activities(use Google Analytics to help measure)#AIMevents
  23. 23. PUTTINGSOCIAL MEDIATO WORKCraig Somerville Qld & NT