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Customer Service Staff

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  • The filter area on the right side provides immediate access to the specific information the user needs to view. Explain that it can be configured to filter on any field that is in the managed with cases.
  • Stages for the cases are defined and configured based on the specific workflow that the customer will require The pipeline is dynamic and allows the user to visually identify any segment to display only those cases in the list
  • At this time, explain to the audience that you will go through a scenario to illustrate how the system will reduce the time to deal with issues… Simulate a call coming in from a customer Go to the “Recent” button and pick Coastal Electric Company (explain that you are using the “Recent” list, but you could have just as easily used the “Find” finder tool)
  • Explain that you are now at the customer account level where anyone in the organization ( with the appropriate privileges ) can see everything ( or whatever they decide ) about the customer. Go to the Cases Tab and explain that this is the logical first step to make sure that there isn’t a case / issue already in the system for the customer (we want to make sure that the customer wasn’t already being helped by someone else). And, since there are none, create a Case at this point
  • Enter the details for the case. Note that we referred to a specific invoice number that is in the customer’s Accpac record
  • Explain how workflow can be configured and become immediately active to make sure that the case is progressed in a timely manner and according to the procedures of the organization Workflow is the electronic implementation and enforcement of company procedures. There can also be underlying escalations as a result of the workflow and other actions may take place such as notifying someone, requesting an approval, etc…
  • As the case is progressed through the workflow, the organization can collect any pertinent information it needs to keep track of.
  • Progress the case to be Reassigned to Fred Jones.
  • Explain the value of having a centralized area where all the pertinent information on the case is kept, communications, documents, and even a reference to the appropriate solution that was identified for that problem. Go to the Tracking Tab and explain how we now have a complete on-screen record of everything that was done to resolve this issue, by whom and when it was done. Now click on the company name to get back to the main account level
  • Go to the cases tab and show that the case is now logged and the clock is ticking.
  • Explain how employee Fred Jones could have been automatically notified about the issue so he can create the RMA
  • Explain that the RMA can be create from here, simplifying the task and eliminating redundant data manipulation At this point log off At this time, we want to reiterate the critical issue about not only keeping the costs down, but making sure that we don’t lose customers. Since we have pointed out at the very beginning, every time a call is received for support it’s costing them about $7. There is, however, another, bigger, issue – as the business grows, support has to grow also and that adds costs and potential bottlenecks.
  • Outlook is configured with 2 profiles: Susan Maye (internal user) and Frank Smith (external customer) allowing you to show the interaction with an outside customer. Launch the Frank Smith profile ***IMPORTANT NOTE – Make sure that the CRM E-Mail Manager and CRM Escalation Service services are running. This is done in <Start> <Administrative Tools> <Services>.
  • Remember to CANCEL to option to log into CRM (as this is only for Susan Maye – internal staff) Create and Send an email to – you should at least reference something like an invoice or order that you can point out from within CRM Explain the value to the customer, Frank Smith He spent a fraction of the time composing an email vs. that spent picking up the phone, going through a set of menu selections, and waiting for X amount of time for someone to come to the phone. Most people value how they spend their time, and the more time they spend dealing with problems creates a negative perception in their mind.
  • At this point, you will want to discuss the importance of what you have just illustrated. If the organization can redirect 20% of the calls to email, that means that they can grow the business without the need to immediately ramp up on customer service staff. It also means that the customer service staff will also be able to spend more time working on resolving issues vs. just answering calls coming in. Notice that I did not address the possibility of reducing staff only because it is often a better strategy to simply allow that conclusion to be perceived. In this particular case, a 20% redirection of calls to email means that there is about $1,000 per week that could be allocated to investing in the solution itself. While you are talking about that valuable point, leave Outlook open so that the associated case email will come in. Point out that although there is nothing special about an automated response, this one has a very powerful content – THE CASE #. Explain that this now gives the customer (Frank Smith) the comfort that SOMEONE has seen his problem and logged a case. IMPORTANT – make sure to point out that this is NOT the typical ***Do Not Reply to …*** email and that, in fact, the customer can now reply and even include attachments that would become available to anyone that was working on the issue in CRM. All pertinent and sensitive information can be shared across the organization!
  • Now, Log back into CRM as UN: wardk Show the effect that this email produced. Drill into the notification to the actual case details.
  • Describe and highlight how the email created a case and all the details are now in CRM The case can automatically be assigned to someone.
  • Go to the Communications Tab Drill into the email that came in from Frank Smith
  • Explain the value of having the email content in a central repository viewable by all that need to see it. From here, you should also explain how you can Reply, Reply All, or Forward directly from within CRM. Conclusion: Reiterate how this solution will allow the organization to better manage the time it takes to resolve issues and permit them to grow by incurring less costs. Most importantly, it allows the customer a “best practices” tool to make sure that it can monitor the quality of service it delivers to its customers to reduce the risk of losing them.
  • Customer Service Staff

    1. 1. Cory - Customer Care       Cory is in the front line: answering questions, coordinating returns, sending replacement parts; in essence he is trying to improve customer satisfaction. Customer success is his success. Cory wished he knew more, he would love to know everything about engineering the products, the logistic details and lead times of production and shipping, the exact pricing for each part, service and bundle. He has a good humor to keep up with all the odd -and at time rambunctious- customer requests.