Recharge Your Life And Renew Your Spirit


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Recharge Your Life And Renew Your Spirit

  1. 1. Recharge Your Life and Renew Your Spirit Kristina von Rosenvinge “It takes courage to grow into who you really are” ee cummingsHave you ever felt that your life could use a recharge? Mostpeople have, especially by the time they enter their second halfof life. This is the time of life when we have a renewedopportunity to figure out what gives meaning to our lives, decidehow we want to live our lives and then go about making ithappen.The desire to keep evolving is a natural developmental stagethat every person experiences. It is especially strong when weenter the second half of life. Unfortunately some people whenthey hear that inner voice do not heed it. Instead, theyrationalize it away with their limiting belief system. We all knowpeople who settle for a life that is less than it could be.Limiting beliefs are powerful because they seem so real. Forinstance, how often have you heard the following: I am too old,it is too late, at my age people are set in their ways, or this ishow life is so accept it. I believe that these rationalizations arereally a cover for not knowing how to create the desiredchanges.People know that they are capable of so much more but don’tknow the steps to create what they want. In order to grow in thesecond half of life there are three necessary ingredients forgrowing successfully.
  2. 2. 1. Need for energy which is the energizing source for living fully 2. Have a vision which gives purpose to living 3. Willingness to take action in order to be fully engaged with lifeLet’s start with the first one. Ask yourself: what gives youenergy? What makes you feel energized?It is a fact that people as they get older find that their energylevel drops. Yet in order to enjoy life and perform well we haveto have energy. There are two ways of creating energy: physicaland emotional.CREATE PHYSICAL ENERGYPhysical energy comes from how we use our bodies and whatwe feed our bodies. Exercise is vital for creating energy.Getting in the habit of engaging in regular exercise will dowonders for a sense of well-being. Decide on what exerciseappeals to you because you are much more apt to stick withsomething that you enjoy. It could be walking, bicycling, ballroom dancing, gardening, pilates, yoga, or any other form thatappeals to you. It is important to incorporate exercise as aregular habit. When exercise is a routine part of your life youwill feel energized.Another way of creating physical energy is by what we eat.Learning which foods increase your energy level and whichdeplete your energy is important. Knowing about nutrition andthen making the life style changes necessary are clear
  3. 3. indications that you value your body. Additionally, getting amplesleep and drinking enough water increases your energy level.CREATE EMOTIONAL ENERGYThe second way of creating energy is emotional. Strengtheningemotional well being is a must for having a second half of lifethat is satisfying. We know from studies that people with apositive attitude about life are happier and healthier.Appreciating the beauty of nature, getting joy from a bouquet offlowers, enjoying people, seeing life as an opportunity are allenergizing ways of experiencing life. If there are habits that zapenergy like holding on to anger and stress this is the time tolearn healthier ways of dealing with these emotions.Relationships can be energizing or toxic. Cultivate the onesthat empower you and let go or change those that limit you.Remember that the way we deal with others is learned andtherefore can be unlearned. Making changes in this stage oflife is easier because people become more tolerant and willingto stand up for themselves.WHAT IS YOUR VISION?Vision gives purpose to living. In the second half of life there isa renewed search for meaning. You may find yourself asking:What else is there for me? What do I still want for myself? Whatdreams have I pushed aside because of demands of job anddaily obligations? How are my wants connected to my values?When you connect your vision to your values you increase the
  4. 4. likelihood that you will bring passion, perseverance, andcommitment to whatever you do.TAKE ACTIONAction is what makes change possible. It is a fact that mostpeople use only a third of what they are capable of andconsequently never really know what is possible for them. Inaddition to having a plan for creating energy and havingclarified a vision there needs to be a commitment to being fullyengaged in their life. To grow and make changes meansmoving beyond one’s comfort zone.STEP ONEIt is best to start with small steps. It is through the act of doingthat you will find yourself moving forward. By having a vision ofwhat you want for yourself each little step is a building blockthat moves you towards what you want for yourself.Learn to hold the vision before you as a goal for what you thinkis possible for you. Hold it loosely because as you move towardit you may find that it may develop in ways that you could noteven envision. Structure your exercise, cultivate a positiveattitude, and have specific task steps that move you towardswhat you want for yourself. Dreams alone are not sufficient youhave to translate your vision into action. All great masters are distinguished by the power of adding a second, a third and perhaps a fourth step in a continuous line. Many a man has taken the first step. With every additional step you enhance immensely the value of your first. – Ralph Waldo Emerson
  5. 5. RECHARGE YOUR LIFEThe second half of life can be a vibrant energizing time of life.There may be health and economic obstacles on the path buteven then a positive attitude and a growth mindset will make abig difference.All of us, at various times in our life, need to recharge our lifeand renew our spirit. This is especially true throughout thesecond half of life. It is a time for bringing forth who we aremeant to be, loving who we are, and appreciating the joy ofbeing alive.