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Opotiki youth mural presentation


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Opotiki youth mural presentation

  1. 1. Proudly Presenting the Opotiki Youth Art Mural Project
  2. 2. With the support of • Police Bluelight • Resene • Ministry of Social • Development •
  3. 3. Art education is the vehicle for the development of a culture of peace
  4. 4. The artist must respond to the community in which he or she lives
  5. 5. Youth artists connect through expressing what they want, not what they are told
  6. 6. The peer group working together in the community is extremely powerful
  7. 7. Belonging and friendships create meaning and vitality
  8. 8. Hard work, risk taking and challenges are necessary to overcome obstacles and for succeeding
  9. 9. Patience, tolerance and respect of each other are essential skills
  10. 10. Each individual has a uniqueness to add to the whole
  11. 11. But learning to work in teams makes the job easier
  12. 12. No-one can paint Johnnies art except Johnnie
  13. 13. Youth need support, praise and encouragement to grow and thrive.
  14. 14. All Mural participants where asked these questions. What does ART mean to you now? 89% Were passionate and enjoyed it
  15. 15. What do your friends say about the Murals? 56% Got positive comments
  16. 16. Would you encourage other towns and youth to be a part of the mural project? 78% of youth said YES
  17. 17. What do you think the Murals mean to the town? 83% said it is GREAT
  18. 18. Art is a journey all youth take, our job is to provide the ship not the navigation
  19. 19. We the youth need new symbols. We do not wish to make old marks.
  20. 20. We want a positive mark left behind for the world to be encouraged by.