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The Good, The Bad, The Voiceover - ios Accessibility


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Overview of ios Accessibility, a look at what is on offer for a11y support in apps and also how the a11y api architecture works in ios.
Talk given in August 2016 at Dev World Melbourne Australia's national OSX conference.

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The Good, The Bad, The Voiceover - ios Accessibility

  1. 1. The Good, The Bad, The Voice Over Aimee Maree Forsstrom Technical Director Aug 29-31, 2016 @aimee_maree
  2. 2. Who am I? Aimee Maree Forsstrom Old School Technologist — Born before the classic mac was (something Princess Josh reminded me) Educational Research - Academic and paid researcher Principal Engineer - Marcel Sydney Accessibility Advocate - ADHD / ASD / SPD Someone who wants to help people A Problem Solver! and that I think is the most important
  3. 3. Why am I here? I have been working in technology since the early days (when flashing gifs where actually how we animated) My main passion in technology has been how humans use technology and the human connection to tech When I was being taught to code I was told don't worry about making your code accessible… Challenge accepted… Solutions Architect and developer for many Aussie accessible websites As I like to say all great things start with a story…
  4. 4. Disclaimer I told you there would be iOS code examples I am a web developer and web/email systems administrator by trade Y'all probably know iOS better then me So lets chat about how the API works and discuss some ways to change our thinking of accessibility when designing and developing Apps
  5. 5. Accessibility Matters Estimated 15 percent of the worlds population live with some kind of impairment - 2011 WHO World Report on Disability Ageing population Increase in diagnosis of cognitive and sensory differences (ASD, ADHD, SPD) Time Poor Because you make Apps for People Increased Market Share as you cater for wider audience
  6. 6. History in 2009 Apple released Voice Over feature on iOS 3.0 If you have an iPhone higher then iphone3 it includes the UI Accessibility programming interface Part of iOS SDK Accessibility checker built into xcode simulator Accessibility attributes available in interface designer
  7. 7. OSX / iOS and Accessibility Apple is actually pretty good at having a similar accessibility experience across devices They have for a long time had an actual accessibility team iPad and iPhone have become an assistive aid for many people with disabilities (in certain circumstances the government will give you a grand under NDIS for an ipad) Sorry Android… but after using VoiceOver on iphone Android is a poor experience Google maps horribly inaccessible, however Apple Maps is
  8. 8. Accessibility Assistance Or as I like to call it Human Assistance Lets look into some differences in humans that iOS caters for
  9. 9. Cognitive Assistance Guided Access Introduced in iOS 6 to help people with cognitive differences and sensory challenges to focus on a single app to provide an uninterrupted learning experience iOS 8 introduced with Time Limits (above), which guides a child through transitions to prepare them to move on to the next activity in a scheduled series
  10. 10. Visual Impairments Voice Over on iOS it works with touch sensitive - it can tell the user what is under there finger Speak Screen - it can read your screen for example emails this can be turned on with Siri or your fingers Siri - can be used to activate other accessibility features as well as assist you with reading your emails, tweets Dictation - need to send a message? with dictation you can simply speak it Braille Keyboard - Last time I checked I think Apple supported around 56 Braille keyboards
  11. 11. Hearing Impairments Captions - You can caption movies but you can also caption your application when a noise occurs Hearing Aid - There is a long list of different hearing aids supported Mono Audio - Removes the left and right track this is useful for people with hearing issues in only one ear etc
  12. 12. Motor Impairments Switch Control - Interaction without touching the screen this allows you to point at elements using a gliding cursor Select elements and actions via external switches that can be activated with head, chin, limb Can work with simple sensitive controls, sip and puff and motion
  13. 13. The Good, The Bad, The Voice Over
  14. 14. Lets look at VoiceOver? Accessibility API is a way to talk to AT aka VoiceOver Lives in UIKit in UIAccessiblity.h Can access individual items in the user interface Query for its STATUS, STATE and DESCRIPTION Perform ACTIONS and EVENTS
  15. 15. Accessibility Architecture App 1. User presses compass app 2. VoiceOver asks "Whats the element at this position" 3. The app looks to its code bundles up the info and sends it to Voiceover RPC 4. VoiceOver knows the actions and attributes of the element and performs needed action
  16. 16. Its all about the Attributes (BOOL) isAccessibilityElement - does the element have accessibility features (NSString *) accessibilityLabel - the description (UIAccessiblityTraits) accessibilityTraits - is it a button is it selected (CGRect) accessiblityFrame - onscreen rectangle [container] (NSString *) accessibilityHint - provides additional help (NSString *) accessibilityValue - indicates dynamically changing element [changing states]
  17. 17. Accessibility Traits App Static Text Button Image Traits also have Traits Traits define behaviours The play button will start music When user presses button VoiceOver knows to stop speakin and let the media playStarts Media Session
  18. 18. Interface Builder has Accessibility functionality build in, makes it easy to add accessibility into your App
  19. 19. So its simple then? Standard UI Elements have the accessibility features included However Custom Elements do not, so this is where you need to add them yourself and think about the actions you need VoiceOver to perform
  20. 20. Voice Over Gotchas Voice over takes over the gestures on your phone It changes how your phone is controlled Touch to select and double tap to operate Why? Focus… Screen Readers need focus and users need to know whats under their fingers Remember your users don't all speak the one language, so localise your app
  21. 21. Development Localise your app - remember your audience is international Errors - make sure your communicate in simple language with text clearly Remember Containers can be a trap, it will start on the high level UI container and then drill down
  22. 22. API Calls for media (void) awakeFromNib { UIControl *control = [[UIControl alloc] initWithFrame:frame]; control.isAccessibilityElement = YES; control.accessibilityLabel = @"Play"; [window addSubview:control]; }
  23. 23. Whats wrong with this scenario? So lets think about a scenario where you are wanting to convey a historical story about World War II Diary letters, the creative might think I know lets add a fading song in the background and include snippets of soldiers speaking…
  24. 24. Think through your application Design is creating something functional, lets think about the functionality of our design Think about scenarios that you might find yourself in? Your on the train your listening to music you see a tweet that says check this cool site out and you click the link… In an autoplay world what happens? does your audio overtake the music app? does your audio interfere with VoiceOver?
  25. 25. Change your approach and language See what we did there? We did not need to say “But someone with a disability can not use this app or site” we changed the language to “This will provide a negative user experience” But we want Sound and your degrading our user experience So Lets make it not auto play, lets add a stop and pause button so the user can control it? Accessibility needs to be thought of as inclusive design,
  26. 26. Accessibility needs to happen at Design Before you code something draw it Work through the workflow Integrate inclusive thinking into your UX and design Low Vision and Color Bilindness can also be thought of as Sunlight Blindness - don't use colour alone to convey information use colour and shape Think about your timing, don't limit actions to time constraints
  27. 27. Screen Readers, Screen Readers… Mac OSX Voice Over Safari/Firefox Mac OSX NVDA Safari/Firefox Mac OSX JAWS Safari/Firefox iOS Voice Over Windows Phone Narrator Windows JAWS Internet Explorer/FireFox/Chrome Windows NVDA Internet Explorer/FireFox/Chrome Linux ORCA Firefox/Chromium … the list keeps growing and the user experience varies greatly
  28. 28. There is no industry standard So when your developing a desktop Application you need to speak to the Operating System accessibility APIs For Mobiles its the phones Operating Systems accessibility features For the web its the browser and screen reader combination and this can get complex
  29. 29. What can we do? Build accessibility into your release cycle There are accessibility frameworks for testing The iOS Simulator has a built-in Accessibility Inspector. It displays all the accessibility data of any given object on screen (just click on it) Think about inclusivity of your website or app at the design stage
  30. 30. Accessibility is not easy… You will need to educate people You will need to add extra time to development You will need to learn new tools You will need to test You will need to fix the bugs You will need to retest