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Help me help you learn


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Discussion on Drupal Talent and what we need to do to increase the size of our community

Published in: Technology, Education
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Help me help you learn

  1. 1. Help me, Help you to Learn
  2. 2. Biggest Hurdle we face Lack of Drupal Talent Oh did I mention Lak of Drupal Talent?
  3. 3. Preaching to the Converted Presenting at DrupalCon and DrupalCamps Talking at Drupal User Groups Like minded audience They understand your language Great but doesnt spread the word outside the community
  4. 4. Spreading the Drupal Sauce Bar Camps Non Drupal specific User Groups Technology Conferences Code Camps Business / Social Innovation meet-ups
  5. 5. Newbies Keen to Learn Might feel intmidated to contribute Drupal has a steep learning curve Facing barriers
  6. 6. How can you help? Be Nice Don't humiliate someone Remember when you first learnt Drupal Dont judge someone by what they do Dont typecast people Dont be a an elitest
  7. 7. Mentoring and Learning Run a mentoring session Start a Learning User Group Melbourne Drupal Mentoring Learning Drupal Sydney Learning Drupal (London)
  8. 8. Not everything is code Talk to business people in business language Its not about dumming things down Its about providing an explanation Dont assume people wont get it Ask your audidence what is their skill level
  9. 9. Help me, Help you Learn Keen to hear from Newbies to Drupal on how we can help you both use Drupal and also to feel comfortable to contribute Aimee Maree Forsstrom Learning Drupal Sydney Organiser amaree on and IRC @aimee_maree