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UK Communications Bill Proposed Changes 2012


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Recent proposed changes to the UK Communications Bill have been heavily criticised. These slides hope to show some key points in the new proposal and look at them from a technical perspective. The slides cover some of the key changes and were done in order to get people thinking and talking about the proposal.

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UK Communications Bill Proposed Changes 2012

  1. 1. UK Communications Bill Proposal and what it means to you@aimee_maree Aimee Maree Forsstrom
  2. 2. In short it is all aboutCommunications Data not the Content
  3. 3. Communications Data =Meta data of your communication akaWho sent the messageWho they sent it toWhat time they sent itWhere they sent it from
  4. 4. What kind of Data?Phone calls, e-mails,websites, sms, skype, twitter, facebook,web search history...So all of it, basically!
  5. 5. So What is the differencebetween Data and Content? Well Data is in a sense themeta-data of all your emails, tweets, sms, phone calls, messages etcThe Content is the wording aka Sally told John shepwned him in that game ;-)
  6. 6. Web Search History? Yes!So the IP Address that accessedit, the time it was accessed and the Domain. Not the individual pages within that Domain!
  7. 7. JustCommunications Data? So not theCommunication? Why?
  8. 8. Your Communications Datashows the entangled web of your Social Graph
  9. 9. Who will have Access? The Police The MI5 The MI6 GCHQ HM Revenue and CustomsSerious Organised Crime Agency
  10. 10. Do they need a Warrant?At the moment yes!Proposed No! So Proposed do not need access to your Communications DataBut they willstill need RIPAto access to yourCommunications Content
  11. 11. Proposed changes will see nearReal-Time access
  12. 12. Decentralised DataBases with a Single point of Access!
  13. 13. Who will retain the Data? Your ISP Your Phone Company
  14. 14. Because the So we store needed where? partiesDecentralized? access So its not it as such Centralized?No but it acts as a centralist system Why?
  15. 15. So Storage? How Long? Well UK wants 12 monthsHey Australia wants 24months? Longer then a pregnancy? Ouch?
  16. 16. How will Foreign Data be Handled?Someone from Australia sends you an email it is retained on UK Soil Alternatively you send someone in Australia an email it is retained on Australian Soil
  17. 17. America = Yes European Union = YesUnited Kingdom = Proposed Australia = Proposed
  18. 18. So Why? Terrorism? Pornography? Pedophilia? Piracy? In some ways yes!Though less about Piracy then you might assume
  19. 19. So SOPA and PIPA? No this Bill is separate!Digital Economy Act 2010
  20. 20. In short instead of just anyone?Now they want to survey everyone!
  21. 21. Where is this leading us? Down a Rabbit Hole? More Freedom? More Control!
  22. 22. Why should we Care?So what should we do about it?
  23. 23. How Much will it Cost? Estimated Costs 1.8 Billion Pounds But arent we in a recession?
  24. 24. Talk to people about it! Follow the proposal! Speak to others in the know! Read