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Writing across the curriculum


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Writing across the curriculum

  1. 1. Writing Across the Curriculum DeKalb High/Middle School
  2. 2. Do you use writing in your classroom?
  3. 3. Common Core Standards• Standards developed for K-12 in Math and English Language Arts (ELA)• Forty-five states have adopted these standards• Missouri has adopted; plan to implement 2014-2015 school year (National Governors Assoc. for Best Practices & Council of Chief State School Officers, 2010)
  4. 4. Common Core Standards• ELA standards include – Literature & informational text – Foundational skills – Writing skills – Speaking & Listening Skills – Language Skills (National Governors Assoc. for Best Practices & Council of Chief State School Officers, 2010)
  5. 5. Common Core Standards• ELA standards also include literacy in – Science – Social Studies – History – Technical Subjects (National Governors Assoc. for Best Practices & Council of Chief State School Officers, 2010)
  6. 6. How can weprepare our students for the Common Core?
  7. 7. Writing Across the Curriculum
  8. 8. What is WAC?• Learning to Write• Writing to Learn In ALL disciplines (McLeod, 1987; McLeod & Maimon, 2000)
  9. 9. Benefits of WAC• Provides students with writing practice• Great learning tool for students• Works on students’ critical thinking skills• Shows students’ learning, thought- processes, and misunderstandings (McLeod, 1987; McLeod & Maimon, 2000)
  10. 10. Fears vs. Solutions Fears Solutions • Lack of expertise • Dont focus on grammar • Write along with students • Take time away from • Collaborate with own content to teach teachers writing • Stagger big writing assignments • More grading • Small writing assignments just as beneficial as big • Evaluation processes ones • Evaluate only one-two elements of writing(Borchers, 2001; Fincke, 1982; Graham,Gillespie, & McKeown, 2012; Graves, • Don’t grade everything!1995; Gribbin, 1991; Kinloch, 2009)
  11. 11. What are some waysyou can incorporate more writing into your classroom?
  12. 12. Some Strategies• Journals/Diaries/Logs• Write for a Real Audience• Write Daily• Freewriting/Focused Freewriting• (See Handout for More) (Jacobs, 2002; Moss 1991)
  13. 13. Teachers Should…• Model Writing• Provide Expectations Clearly• Provide Feedback/Conference• Focus Less on Conventions (Borchers, 2001; Fincke, 1982; Graham, Gillespie, & McKeown, 2012; Graves, 1995; Gribbin, 1991; Kinloch, 2009; Moss, 1991)
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