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Social Media: How to be efficient & generate leads


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Social Media: How to be efficient & generate leads

  1. 1. Today’s Goals A better sense of social media options Tools to be more social in less time Guide to set you up for success Ideas to inspire
  2. 2. Why Social Media? Nearly 4 of 5 active internet users visit social networks and blogs (Nielsen, 2011) Q: What is the fastest growing social media demographic? Q: What % of homebuyers begin their search online? Buying power shift
  3. 3. Benefits of Social Media Helps increase SEO, if you have a website/blog Can decrease marketing costs Increase referrals Attract buyers/sellers Builds loyalty, influence & credibility
  4. 4. Before we go any further…With Social Media,Anything is NOT better than nothing.
  5. 5. Major Social Media PlatformsFacebook LinkedInTwitter Blog/Website (I recommend Wordpress)Google+
  6. 6. Additional Platforms Email Newsletter YouTube Pinterest
  7. 7. Steps to Social Media Success1. Setup a) Create Profile Reference Sheet b) Setup Accounts & Review Existing Accounts c) Setup Blog/Website d) Contact Management e) Integrate & Automate2. Develop a Plan3. Content
  8. 8. Profile Reference Make sure your profiles are consistent and updated.Name: Aimee Griffith Elevator Statement:Primary Phone: In 1 sentence:Alt Email Phone: In 2-3 sentences:Address:Address/Location: Keywords: bardstown, real estate, home buyer, nelsonActive Profiles & Links: county, etc…Facebook - – www.linkedin/in/aimeegriffithGoogle+Twitter – – www.whaimee.wordpress.comPinterest –
  9. 9. Contact Management System Merge your contacts in one location Suggests connections (if you are connected with someone on LinkedIn but not Facebook, it can suggest under “Apps – Missing Connections” Export all of your contacts
  10. 10. Integrate & Automate DO Make sure all accounts link to each other Integrate Your Blog: Wordpress will automatically feed new posts into LinkedIn, Yahoo, Facebook & Twitter. LinkedIn also offers an app to upload your blog directly into your LinkedIn profile Use a content management system, like Don’t Integrate Facebook & Twitter
  11. 11. HootSuite Free, but recommend Pro ($5.99/month) Also supported by iPhone, Android, Blackberry & iPad Post on multiple social media networks from one dashboard Schedule messages Upload images/video, shorten links for Twitter, manager followers, save message drafts, and more!
  12. 12. See it executed. Example:
  13. 13. 2) Develop a PlanFor social media to work you have to work it.Recommendation: Facebook/Google+/T Blog Email Marketing witter Post min. Email 1/month Post daily 1/month Create lists to Post at different Setup auto customize times sharing Share recent Start w/FB & G+, w/LinkedIn blog posts & then trim content Share new posts links to social for Twitter on all social media networks
  14. 14. 3) ContentConsider your AudienceRead, read, read.Keep a topic list.Schedule Content (via HootSuite)Seek Engagement/SharingPromote EventsFocus on the bigger picture – don’t just sellConnect with experts
  15. 15. Ideas Ask for LinkedIn recommendations (customers, etc.) Pin listings to Pinterest Record & share video Ask partners to be a “Guest Blogger” Remember what you specialize in and share content that enhances that claim. Try a Webinar
  16. 16. Closing Thoughts Social media is a long term investment. Social Media is not a mega phone, it’s a conversation. Make a plan. Give it time. Don’t reinvent the wheel. Social media only works if you work it. Practice makes perfect.
  17. 17. THANK YOU!