Frohe Weihnachten!             Feliz Navidad          Subha Christmas          メリー クリスマスBuon Natale                       ...
Austria                                  “Frohe Weihnachten!“Christmas is a big tradition in Austria. In mid-November, the...
India                                             “Subha Christmas!“     Christmas Day called Bada Din (Big Day) in Hindi ...
Japan                               “メリー クリスマス! “   Though Christmas is not                                         Mehri ...
Mauritius                                             “Joyeux Noël!“In Mauritius, Santa Claus comes byboat or waterskiis. ...
Mexico                                                                                  “¡Feliz Navidad!” There are many s...
Peru                                                         “¡Feliz Navidad!”                                From   the  ...
Philippines                                                  “Maligayang Pasko!”     Christmas or "Pasko" is the most awai...
Serbia                                                       “Христос се роди”     In Serbia the Church is the            ...
Spain                        “¡Feliz Navidad y Próspero Año Nuevo!”          24th                                         ...
Switzerland                                               Christmas Decision Tree                                         ...
Taiwan                             Taiwanese people are very familiar with Christmas although                             ...
United Kingdom                                                          “Merry Christmas!”     During  the     weeks     b...
Contributors    IESE MBA Class of 2012 students•     Austria – Stefan Reise          •   Philippines – Aimee Flordeliza•  ...
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Christmas Around the World


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Christmas Around the World

  1. 1. Frohe Weihnachten! Feliz Navidad Subha Christmas メリー クリスマスBuon Natale Mehri KurisumasuChristmas around the World Maligayang Pasko Христос се роди Bella Festas daz Nadal Merry Christmas聖誕快樂! Joyeux Noël Bon Nadal shèngdàn kuàilè 20 Dec 2011
  2. 2. Austria “Frohe Weihnachten!“Christmas is a big tradition in Austria. In mid-November, the Christmas markets start. In December you can buy Christmas trees in many places. In the evening of the 24thThe markets sell we celebrate and sing thetraditional goods and Austrian composed “Stillefamous Glühwein. The Nacht” (Silent Night). Manyillumination in the town is people eat fish.beautiful and everywhere At midnight we go tois traditional decoration. church to celebrate.
  3. 3. India “Subha Christmas!“ Christmas Day called Bada Din (Big Day) in Hindi is a national holiday in India and people from all religions join their Christian friends to make the most of the joyous celebrations. On the Christmas Day, Christmas gifts are exchanged. It is a time for family reunions when people staying in different cities rush back to home to celebrate with family and friends. Days before the festivalmarkets take a colorful look asthey are decorated withtraditional Christmas trees, stars,images of Santa, balloons andfestoons.In south India, light clay lamps are placed on Mumbai: there is a tradition to depict nativityhouse walls, doors and rooftops. Some scenes and decorate home with big stars.decorate banana or mango trees instead of Goa: Missa de Galo or Cock Crow – Mid nightpine trees. traditional mass till early morning.
  4. 4. Japan “メリー クリスマス! “ Though Christmas is not Mehri Kurisumasua national holiday in Japan,we still celebrate it. It is a time when people celebrate the time with their loved ones. Parents and couplesThe illumination in the exchange is beautiful. Shopsand trees are dressedwith gorgeous lights anddecorations.
  5. 5. Mauritius “Joyeux Noël!“In Mauritius, Santa Claus comes byboat or waterskiis. He is thecoolest Santa around!We also dance the Sega and admire the fireworks.The noise distracts the children while the presents arebeing placed under the Christmas tree.
  6. 6. Mexico “¡Feliz Navidad!” There are many special traditions surrounding Christmas in Mexico. Some of these originated in Spain and others developed due to Mexicos particular history. Nacimientos Nativity scenes are a common Christmas decoration and are a beautiful example of Mexican folk art. The Posadas From the 16th to the 24th processions reenact Pastorelas Mary and Josephs search for shelter in Pastorelas are theatrical presentations of the shepherds on their Bethlehem. These processions lead to a way to see baby Jesus. These originated during Mexicos colonial different house every night for the culmination period as a way to teach the native people about Catholic of the posada. Star piñatas are also prepared dogma, during the posadas Día de Reyes January 6th is Epiphany, celebrated in Mexico as Día de Reyes. This is when children traditionally receive gifts, brought by the three wise men. On this day it is also customary to share a Rosca de Reyes among friends and family. This is a special sweet bread in the shape of a wreath.The festivities last through much of the month of December and last until Epiphany with the celebration of Día de Reyes.
  7. 7. Peru “¡Feliz Navidad!” From the beginning of November, the city is lit up and huge Christmas trees appear in the districts. All the families prepare a Nativity Scene. You can choose different themes Characato Nativity SceneCatedral of Lima from the coast, the andes (Arequipa, south of Peru) or the jungle. People traditionally cooked turkey or jam rolls. For appetizers, tamales are served; for dessert, doña pepa nougat. Parties and gifts for children in the poorest areas are organized by various volunteer groups.Turkey, doña pepa and tamales
  8. 8. Philippines “Maligayang Pasko!” Christmas or "Pasko" is the most awaited celebration and happiest event in the Philippines. The country Parol or Star Lanterns celebrates the worlds longest The symbol of Christmas Christmas season with carols heard in the Philippines, It represents the star of as early as September and the Bethlehem or the season lasting up until January 9. guiding light. Noche Buena or Christmas Feast Simbang Gabi or Dawn Masses Families gather on Christmas Eve and An important Filipino Christmas tradition, these nine dawn serve lechon (roasted pig), pancit, Masses refer to the practice of performing nine days of barbecue, rice, adobo, cakes, lumpia, private or public devotion to obtain special graces. etc. There is also an abundance of San Originally set at dawn to allow farmers to attend mass, the Miguel beer, wine, and liquor! novena is completed by all walks of life.
  9. 9. Serbia “Христос се роди” In Serbia the Church is the Hristos se rodi/Christ is bornOrthodox Church (Greek-ortodox).In this Church we still use the Julian We have a special way of greeting each other onCalendar, which means Christmas Christmas which we use instead. One is to say “Christ isEve in on 6th January and Christmas born”(“Hristos se rodi” ) to which the other(s) is to respond:Day in on the 7th January! “Truly, he is born” (“Vaistinu se rodi”). After that, you can usually add “merry Christmas.” On the morning of Christmas Eve the father of the family used to go to the forest to cut a young oak called the Badnjak (Christmas Eve tree). Under the table there should also be some straw as a symbol of the stable/cave where Jesus was born. Cesnica, a special kind ofbread, is eaten. Each The burning of themember of the family gets a Badnjak represents the firepiece (and the house does that kept the newly borntoo). There is a coin hidden in Jesus warm through theit and whoever gets the coin night. The festivity starts offwill be particularly fortunate in with religious customs andthe next year! eases into the gathering around the fire and socializing.
  10. 10. Spain “¡Feliz Navidad y Próspero Año Nuevo!” 24th 31st 5th December December January The night of the 24th is called Friends and families have The night of the 5th, “los Tres “Nochebuena” (the Good dinner together on Reyes Magos” bring Night) and we celebrate Nochevieja to celebrate presents to everybody!! It is with our families the day 25th the new year with cava. 12 great to wake up on the 6th, Jesus was born. pieces of grapes are and see all the presents December eaten during the last 12 below the Christmas tree! The “Comida del seconds of the year. Día de Navidad” or lunch on Christmas day is also a family event.“Mantecados”, “Turrón”and “Polvorones” aretypical Christmas desserts. In every house, in Every 6th of addition to the January, we Christmas tree, we eat Roscón build a “Belén”, de Reyes for which depicts breakfast. Bethlehem, where Jesus was born.
  11. 11. Switzerland Christmas Decision Tree Star(t)Although Switzerland barelyhas 8m inhabitants, it is acountry of rich culture.The four main cultures based >25 <25on languages and two mainreligions (Catholic andProtestant) are reflected indifferent Christmas traditions,ranging from celebratingmidnight masses, over partying Mountain Citywith friends to spending somequality time with loved ones.“Frohi Wiehnachte”Swiss German “Joyeux Noël” French“Buon Natale”Italian - Skiing with family - Family time - Party with friends“Bella Festas daz Nadal” - Fondue Chinoise - Fondue Chinoise Rumantsch
  12. 12. Taiwan Taiwanese people are very familiar with Christmas although only around 5% of the population practice Christianity. It’s easy to see holiday decorations and hear the Christmas songs on the street. Shops promote the practice of giving Christmas gifts.“聖誕快樂!” Christmas is more for younger people meeting up with friends rather than holding family reunions.shèngdàn kuàilè Dec. 25 is also Constitution Day in Taiwan. Until 2001, people had one day-off, a good excuse to party! Taipei 101 (Xmas Tree) The building demonstrates different designs based on different holidays.
  13. 13. United Kingdom “Merry Christmas!” During the weeks beforeChristmas, the British love to sendChristmas cards, attend carolservices and watch nativity plays. Unlike our European neighbours who goChristmas decorations fill the houses to midnight mass on 24th, most British goand churches. to church on the 25th December. The main presents are opened late- morning or afternoon and no UK Christmas is celebrated on 25th with the household forgets the huge feast of opening stockings, filled with small gifts, Christmas lunch/dinner celebrated usually hanging in the bedroom. Then it’s by the whole family. off to breakfast! Every year, the Queen addresses the nationMince pies are a favourite in the UK with her Christmasand eaten throughout the day. A speech at 3pm ontraditional Christmas dinner consists of Christmas day.roast turkey (or other poultry such aspheasant, duck or goose), stuffing, Christmas crackers were introduced by the Victorians – a must whenpotatoes, brussel sprouts, gravy, having Christmas meals. They are cardboard tubes wrapped in brightcranberry sauce and pigs in blanket. Christmas paper, which is pulled at either end by two people until itThe meal ends with a Christmas splits open with a bang – inside are small toys, gifts and jokes. Peoplepudding and brandy cream. also wear paper crowns on their heads throughout the meal.
  14. 14. Contributors IESE MBA Class of 2012 students• Austria – Stefan Reise • Philippines – Aimee Flordeliza• India – Nishant Dobhal • Serbia – Slavko Bukvic• Japan – Gaku Hiruta • Spain – Mar Morales, Andrea Gonzales and• Mauritius – Cedric Masson Marta Amoros • Switzerland – Alexandre Pomi• Mexico – Julieta Dorantes • Taiwan – Katrina Hsu• Peru – Vanessa Gómez • UK – Christian McDermottIf you want to contribute to the Christmas Around the World Project, kindly send anemail to