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Using Psychographic Distribution to Dominate Audience Targeting, Customer Acquisition (& SEO)


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Implement razor-sharp, internet-wide psychographic targeting. Define and cultivate audiences, inject them deep into your sales funnel, and convert them to customers.
Generate more attributable conversions faster and at a lower cost
Spawn links and social signals crucial for successful SEO
Drive awareness from influencers (journalist, bloggers, prominent community members), enhancing your PR effectiveness
Earn social followers from relevant psychographic audiences
Prove the value of branding activities including socialization
Conduct multivariate social voice testing, much the way SEOs use search PPC to improve SEO funnels
Execute advanced visitor data management, merging “first hop” targeting (including search keywords) with filtered psychographic retargeting & RSLA remarketing to build curated “Follow” lists segmented by audiences

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Using Psychographic Distribution to Dominate Audience Targeting, Customer Acquisition (& SEO)

  1. 1. Using  Psychographic  Distribu3on     To  Dominate  Audience  Targe3ng,   Customer  Acquisi3on  (&  SEO)   Marty  Weintraub   Founder  &  Evangelist    
  2. 2. Psychographic     Distribu3on     To  Dominate  Audience     Targe3ng,  Customer   Acquisi3on  (&  SEO)  SEO  
  3. 3. aimClear,  ©  2013,  is  a  publica@on  of  aimClear®,  an  integrated  social,  search,  PR  &  display  marke@ng  agency.  
  4. 4. Today’s  Discussion:   •  What  are  Psychographics?   •  Internet  Wide  Big  Data  Psychographics   •  Content  Distribu@on  (Missing  Link)   •  Lifecycle  Targe@ng   •  Psychographic  Retarge@ng   •  Sample  Case        
  5. 5. Social  Targe3ng,  Cool  Like  Search  
  6. 6. Interests,  Affini3es,  Proclivi3es,  Biases,   Predisposi3ons,  Religion,  Sexuality,  Occupa3on,   Educa3on,  Workplace,  Preferences,  Age,  Gender,   Likings,  Age,  Predilec3ons,  APrac3ons,  Medical   Condi3on,  Economic  Status,  Peccadilloes,  Desires,   Correspondences,  Empathies,  Rela3onships,   Appe3tes,  Weaknesses,  Tastes,  Inclina3ons,   Corporate  Loyal3es    
  7. 7. Home  Owners  +  Home  Improvement  Store  Shoppers   +  $125+K  Income  +  Woodworking  Affinity   + + + Image  Credit:  PaPy  Y  1000  &  Nicholas  Eckhart  &  agordon1   $  
  8. 8. Targe3ng:  Facebook  Categories  
  9. 9. Flickr  Image  Credit:    Muffet/calliope  
  10. 10. Targe3ng  Is  Internet  Wide,  Including  FB  
  11. 11. Psychographic  Targe3ng  Of  Human   Life  Cycles  For  Deeper  Funnel  Entry  
  12. 12. Birth   Child  Death   Spouse  Death   Illness  Or  Injury   New  Job   Loss  Of  Job   HS  Grad   College  Grad   Immigra@on   Pregnancy   Loss  Of  Pregnancy   Imprisonment   Career  Change   Holidays   Falling  In  Love   Engagement   Marriage   Separa@on   Divorce   State  Move   City  Move   Chea@ng   Buying  A  Home   Bat/Bar  Mitzvah   First  Communion   Bap@sm   Making  Sports  Team   Sweet  16   21  Year  Old  Birthday   Re@rement  Planning   In  Re@rement   Adop@on   Name  Change   Auto  Accident     Sexual  difficul@es     Major  Lifecycle  Milestones    Major  Lifecycle  Milestones    
  13. 13. Es@mated  Reach   240,000   who  live  in  one  of  the  countries:  United  States,  United  Kingdom,   Mexico  or  Canada  age  exactly  17  and  older   who  like  #Immigra@on,  #Immigra@on  to  the  United  States,   #Immigra@on  and  Naturaliza@on  Service,  #Immigra@on  to   Canada,  #United  States  Ci@zenship  and  Immigra@on  Services,   #Immigra@on  to  Australia,  #Department  of  Ci@zenship  and   Immigra@on  Canada,  ci@bank  us,  us  ci@zenship  immigra@on   services,  us  ci@zen  test,  canada  immigra@on,  hong  kong   immigra@on  department,  canadian  immigra@on  or  south  africa   immigra@on   who  are  in  one  of  the  broad  categories  Long  Distance   Rela@onship,  Newlywed  (1  year),  Newlywed  (6  months),   Expec@ng  Parents,  Engaged  (6  months)  or  Engaged  (1  year)  
  14. 14. Content  Goals   •  Scalable  Psychographic  Traffic     •  Ahributable  Conversion     •  Real  Links  From  Good  Authority  Sites     •  Social  Signals  From  Strong  Users     •  Focused  Likes,  Follows,  Shares   •  Insula@on  From  Harsh  SEO  Updates   •  PR  Distribu@on  To  Bloggers  &  Media   SEO   SEO   SEO   SEO   $$$   SEO   $$$  
  15. 15. Conversion,  SEO  &  Friendship    
  16. 16. Content  Distribu3on     Is  Everything  
  17. 17. nd  EVERYTHING  Is  Content  
  18. 18. •  Reduced  SEO  Discoverability  P2P   •  Limited  Free  Social  Propaga@on   •  Easy  For  Links,  Content  &  Buzz  NOT  To  Pay   Big  Problems  For  Organic     Content  Marke3ng   ScrewaimClear®,  an  integrated  social,  search,  PR,  &  display   Marke@ng  Agency     ©  2014,  is  a  publica@on  of  aimClear®  
  19. 19. SEO  Distribu3on  Neutered  Years  Ago   aimClear®,  an  integrated  social,  search,  PR,  &  display   Marke@ng  Agency     ©  2014,  is  a  publica@on  of  aimClear®  
  20. 20. aimClear,  ©  2013,  is  a  publica@on  of  aimClear®,  an  integrated  social,  search,  PR  &  display   marke@ng  agency.     The  Great  2013     Social  Media     Buzz  Kill    
  21. 21. Free  Social  Distribu3on  Spayed   aimClear®,  an  integrated  social,  search,  PR,  &  display   Marke@ng  Agency     ©  2014,  is  a  publica@on  of  aimClear®  
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  23. 23. aimClear®,  an  integrated  social,  search,  PR,  &  display   Marke@ng  Agency     ©  2014,  is  a  publica@on  of  aimClear®   Social  Psychographic  Distribu3on  
  24. 24. Example! Case!
  25. 25. “Right  Rail  Ads:”  What  They  Are   aimClear®,  an  integrated  social,  search,  PR,  &  display   Marke@ng  Agency     ©  2014,  is  a  publica@on  of  aimClear®  
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  27. 27. aimClear®,  an  integrated  social,  search,  PR,  &  display   Marke@ng  Agency     ©  2014,  is  a  publica@on  of  aimClear®   Service  Intenders,  Worn  OEM  Tires,  Financially  Qualified   + + +
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  30. 30. “Social  Packaging”  
  31. 31. Organic  Only  
  32. 32. aimClear®,  an  integrated  social,  search,  PR,  &  display   Marke@ng  Agency     ©  2014,  is  a  publica@on  of  aimClear®   Likes  
  33. 33. KPI:  Web  Traffic/  External  Content  KPIs   aimClear®,  an  integrated  social,  search,  PR,  &  display   Marke@ng  Agency     ©  2014,  is  a  publica@on  of  aimClear®  
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  38. 38. $300.00   Total  Cost  
  39. 39. Layered  Ac3ons  
  40. 40. Content  Calendar   Organiza3on   aimClear®,  an  integrated  social,  search,  PR,  &  display   Marke@ng  Agency     ©  2014,  is  a  publica@on  of  aimClear®  
  41. 41. Deliverables   aimClear®,  an  integrated  social,  search,  PR,  &  display   Marke@ng  Agency     ©  2014,  is  a  publica@on  of  aimClear®  
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  44. 44. Distribu3on  For  Link  Building    
  45. 45. Bloggers!  
  46. 46. Anchors,  Hosts,  Correspondents  
  47. 47. Producers    
  48. 48. Themed  Journalists    
  49. 49. USA  Workplace  Bloggers!   aimClear®,  an  integrated  social,  search,  PR,  &  display   Marke@ng  Agency     ©  2014,  is  a  publica@on  of  aimClear®  
  50. 50. USA  Interested  Journalists    
  51. 51. aimClear®,  an  integrated  social,  search,  PR,  &  display   Marke@ng  Agency     ©  2014,  is  a  publica@on  of  aimClear®   Email  Has  New  Meaning,   FB  Custom  Audiences  
  52. 52. •  Prac@cally  Nobody  Sees  Your  Content   •  FB  Ads  Like  Targe@ng  Is  Internet  Wide   •  Create  True  Personas:  Filter  Retarge@ng   •  Get  Our  Your  WALLETS,  People   •  Psychographic  Distribu@on,  Awesome  Links   •  BE  The  Future,  Or  Lose  Your  Job     Takeaways  
  53. 53.  
  54. 54. Thank  You!   Marty  Weintraub   Founder  &  Evangelist