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Running lean canvas workshop


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for AgileCampSV 2014

Published in: Business, Technology
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Running lean canvas workshop

  1. 1. APPLYING THE LEAN CANVAS EXPEDITING YOUR PATH TO A VIABLE BUSINESS Facilitated by Dennis Britton #DiscoverySpaces @dennis_britton dennisatdiscoveryspacesdaughtcom This Presentation Online:
  2. 2. ACTIVITY TONIGHT Start to 2:05 : Meet and Greet, Sign-In, Get Settled, Tweets #leancanvas #discoveryspaces @dennis_britton to 2:15 Collective Pitching of Your Ideas onto Canvanizer Here is the editable link: ! ! Here is the readonly link: 2:20 We choose the lively one! to 2:40 Walk through the Lean Canvas Process with that business idea to 2:55 Follow through with setting of objectives and hypotheses and running of experiments to validate riskiest assumptions first to End - Retrospective: How’d that work for you? How valuable?
  3. 3. ORIGINS • Alexander Osterwalder • Ash Maurya (We should also have the One Page Business Plan book here)
  4. 4. WHAT’S SO GREAT ABOUT LEAN CANVAS? Read all these books? ! ! ! ! ! …or do a Lean Canvas Workshop?
  5. 5. DOES IT WORK? • $250k first round funding secured from NTTI3 Incubator with help of my Lean Canvas Workshop
  6. 6. WANT HELP DOING ONE OF THESE FOR YOUR PRODUCT OR SERVICE? • Attend a Full Day Workshop • Outcome: 1. You have a Lean Canvas One Page Business Model. 2. You know how to methodically identify and test the risks and assumptions against the real world until you have a solid grounding for running your business. 3. You know how to ‘Get out of the building’ and talk/ interview/cajole customers into being your partners in success • Action? • Let us know of your interest:
  7. 7. BROWN BAG OFFER AND CONSULTING • DiscoverySpaces comes to your company of 5 or more people (for an hour max) and creates a Lean Canvas out of one of your product ideas • Free! ( Although we would like some feedback and especially appreciate some social media wuffies if you really liked us.) • How? Come talk to us or email with your request.
  8. 8. NEXT STEPS • Attend Ash Maurya’s upcoming Workshop in San Francisco May 29-30, 2014 9am-5pm I have a 25% discount code for you courtesy of Ash. • Tristan Kromer is offering workshops as well. Check the LeanStartupCircle meetup • Attend our workshop in early June. Sign up on the email list for a 20% discount and notification when the date and venue is set • Tweet about this session: • #leancanvas @dennis_britton #discoveryspaces
  9. 9. APPLYING THE LEAN CANVAS EXPEDITING YOUR PATH TO A VIABLE BUSINESS Facilitated by Dennis Britton dennisatdiscoveryspacesdaughtcom #DiscoverySpaces @dennis_britton