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Wizard Agency Credentials


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Wizard Agency Credentials

  2. 2. wizard wiz-ard/ [‘wiz. d] (noun) e someone who is an expert at digital production and/or who has great ability in problem solving
  3. 3. Agenda 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 about us what we do how we do it who we do it for why WIZARD our work whats next?
  4. 4. about us for agencies & production houses a technical production partner
  5. 5. International brands Ads agencies Creative agencies Production house An experienced production house for web, mobile and interactive development based in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. Wizard is active since 2006 and hosts a team of developers with varied educational and technical skills and proven track record with international brands & advertising agencies
  6. 6. a member of CLIMAX GROUP A leading interactive marketing communication group in Vietnam
  7. 7. a member of CLIMAX GROUP A leading interactive marketing communication group in Vietnam DIGITAL MARKETING ONLINE GAME PUBLISHER REPUTATION MARKETING PERFORMANCE MARKETING TRAINING CENTER DIGITAL PRODUCTION Website Game & Application Video & presentation 3D & Motion graphics CMS Augmented reality Out-Of-Home
  8. 8. at a glance The numbers that we are proud of 360 + 50 % 83 % 90 digital products built in 7 years on going clients repeat clients new business from referrals
  9. 9. at a glance The numbers that you may or may not know about us + 50 + 30 % 100 % 62 team members coffee cups served everyday love to work in flexi-time office prefer beer to wine
  10. 10. what we do a total solution provider
  11. 11. we do everything you would expect, and probably a whole lot more. We are a total solution provider, we will unravel the most complicated problems and provide you with quality solutions. We believe that nothing is impossible Web development Web advertising development Games Software applications Mobile applications Social media applications E-business and E-commerce ...and many more
  12. 12. how we do it an international - standard process
  14. 14. discover 1 Goals & requirements Ÿ Research & solution Ÿ Planning At the initial stage of a project, we start discovery phase with a clearly developed brief from client. The goal of Discovery phase is to understand clients goals & requirements, then establish a solid project plan to archive it. Good research leads to intelligent solution that fits client’s needs. We love meeting with client to talk about their business & to answer the following key questions: •  What are we doing? •  Why are we doing it? •  What does the client need and expect from the product? •  How does it map to our clients' and their customers' need? With clear understanding of client brief, our cross-discipline team work together to provide the best solution then develop an solid project plan to meet budgets and timelines INPUT OUTPUT SUPPORTED DOCUMENTS Client brief Solution Project plan Client brief form Timeline Quotation
  15. 15. design2 Idea & interaction flow Ÿ Wireframes & UX Ÿ UI specification & design We strive to build something beautiful. Beautiful product need creative idea to bring the solution to life. We believe big ideas are always around. We do brain-storming to find the ideas that connect the way we present data & the way users interact with it. Next the information architecture, product features & user flow are designed, called “interaction flow”. Then, interfaces are sketched, wireframes created based on interaction flow & user experience. Then, Art & UX experts collaborate closely to transform production ideas & wireframes into compelling visuals that will be presented to the client for review and approval. Once we have the client’s approval on our wireframes and design concept, we produce all screens necessary for the UI. This is a huge work & require meticulousness in each detail to create the final lovely look over (screens, graphics, and UI elements for the project). INPUT OUTPUT SUPPORTED DOCUMENTS Solution User behaviors Client feedbacks Production idea & Design Final layouts Production brief Idea presentation Interaction flow & wireframe
  16. 16. build 3 Architecture Ÿ Dev’t plan Ÿ Front-end dev’t Ÿ Back-end dev’t Ÿ Integration We understand that every successful product needs a well thought-out flow, so we always start with analyzing & planning everything that may affect stability and productivity: •  Technical specifications and requirements (established in design phase) •  Establish user experience & measurement goals •  Choose the right technologies •  Plan resources accordingly: developers, technical assets & document This development plan is managed in a highly visible way so that client can easily manage the working status & the timing. Mention how? This ensures we can deliver everything to the client on time and up to our quality standards. Then, we gather all resources to build module by module, from front-end to back-end. Every module & product will be integrated into a single, reliable product. At the same time, our design team examines every aspect of the developed interface to see if any improvements or tweaks are necessary. INPUT OUTPUT SUPPORTED DOCUMENTS Interaction flow & layout design Product specification Production plan Periodic reports Alpha version Production brief Production plan Daily/ weekly reports
  17. 17. deploy 4 Launching plan Ÿ QA & testing Ÿ Bugs fixing Launching a product can be as challenging as developing it. We assist our clients throughout the process of launching a product to make sure everything run smoothly That’s why we try the best effort to take quality assurance seriously. •  Scrutinize every pixel that our designers create. •  Actively seek out and fix bugs as we release work-in-progress versions. •  Continuously test the front-end and back-end together. •  Document every issue we find – then we fix them and provide the necessary reports. After the beta version is launched & presented to client, we use a process to finalize the product: discuss, improve, test, usage reports continuously until clients happy to approve & release the product. INPUT OUTPUT SUPPORTED DOCUMENTS Alpha version Product specification Client feedback Beta version Official version QA report Deployment plan QA checklist & report
  18. 18. improve 5 Analytics Ÿ Improvements Ÿ Ongoing support There is always something to evaluate, fine-tune, optimize & learn. That’s why we always stay around to offer assistance to client after launching a project. By integrate advanced analytics systems in our product, we can analyzing the habits and response from the audiences, then optimize the experience with idea, design and continued development. We’re always beside for the long-term relationship. INPUT OUTPUT SUPPORTED DOCUMENTS Consumer usage Client feedbacks Analysis report Optimization plan User analytic report
  19. 19. who we to createit for do value for brands we work with partners
  20. 20. we work with CLIMAX to create value for
  21. 21. why of partnering with us Wizard the benefits
  22. 22. Robust guarantees, service agreements and a helpdesk Cost & operational efficiency Experiences in working with international brands & advertising agencies Manage projects in a highly visible way, reduce technical risk and project delays We are experts in technical side of digital projects, produce to a very high spec Love long-term relationships & evolve to get better
  23. 23. our work campaign from microsites to mind-blowing
  24. 24. Nestlé | 100 years presence in Vietnam Website production | Ipad & Iphone application visit site download app Background: Nestlé wants to be perceived as a brand that embraces Vietnamese culture with dignity and respect Solution: provide consumers a lively experience with a website illustrating the society scene during the last 100 years. The artwork could be changed due to periods of time, at each point, audience could see the movements of culture, society along the history through beautiful visualization. In addition to keep visitors hooked to the campaign, we celebrated lucky draw to win daily prizes and opened quiz about Vietnamese habits/customs to build more interactive activities. Impact: the website & application creating a big buzz in society: •  1,281,225 total visits in 100 days •  highest traffic in a day: 50,000 visits •  visitors stay average 3.06 minutes on site •  45,000+ registered members more info >  
  25. 25. Microsoft | Windows 8 launching Website production: pre-order, contest visit site Background: In Vietnam, Windows recently it is no longer seen as innovative and stylish anymore. On the release of Windows 8, Microsoft wants to convey the new message: "Windows 8 is the breakthrough operating system with new features that can be used not only for PC’s but also for other devices such as smart phones and tablets." Solution: The best way to tell customers about a new product is to let them experience and talk about it. We worked on a micro-site imitating Windows 8 operating system with blocks of amazing mono colors. Besides that, we also encouraged visitors to pre-order Windows 8-powered devices & gave them chances to share what they think about Windows 8 through mini contest “The 8 greatest surprising experiences”. Impact: The website attracted 455,468 visits with average 01:25 minutes on site. The contest inspired 7,691 contestants to share their thoughts with 457 pre-ordered products. more info >  
  26. 26. Bluestone | Virtual cook – real meal Website production | Viral clip production visit site view clip Background: With mission of helping housewives have more time to enjoy life, BlueStone asked us to create highly interactive tools to let audience experience the products to full extent. Solution: We wanted to create a platform to maximize consumers’ virtual interaction and engagement with products’ functions. On that purpose, we came up with a Big idea - an online kitchen where visitors can feel free to enjoy cooking! For the first time, people can taste what they virtually cooked. Impact: In the first 6 weeks: the website attracted 125,731 unique visitors to spend average 2,8 minutes on interactive activities; 2,104 meals was delivered Moreover, 315,846 is the number of views for the viral clip. more info >  
  27. 27. Honda | CR-V 2013 launching Website production visit site Background: To support the launch of Honda CR-V 2013, Honda asked us to create something striking and trendy with updated design advances. Solution: A website introducing all cars’ features in interactive ways with exciting themed journey was our final decision. We impressed viewers step by step with hand sketching of CR-V was completed partially during teasing week to inspire viewers with nice angles of the car. And then, we came up with the CRV journey at the launching day, users could explore optimal features of the car. By utilizing Parallax & Vertical Scrolling, Responsive & Adaptive Web Design and HTML5, we created the microsite with faster loading time and smooth effects that people could really enjoy. Impact: The website attracted 235,468 quality visits with average 03:25 minutes on site to discover the car features. more info >  
  28. 28. Samsung | Beauty from silk Website production visit site Background: In 2009, Samsung released their next washing machine generation named Elegance. With 2 new breakthrough features: Air wash and Diamond drum, the products could help housewives take care of premium costumes (vest, silky dress,..) with ease. Solution: 3D World Of High Class Living Style. We made a micro-site leveraging from silk - the most beautiful of textile fibers symbolizing luxury world. Visitors could interact with real celebrity on microsite to visit the silk world through scenes of house, office, shopping center, bar and studio. The full screen background with 3D visualization could bring out a down-to-earth feeling to visitors. Impact: The website attracted 245,478 visits with average 03:20 minutes on site. The contest inspired 3,608 contestants to share their photos. more info >  
  29. 29. Samsung | Simple happiness Website production visit site Background: With the mission of bringing ease and comforts to life through household products, Samsung wanted to create a beautiful world where all people can live happily together. Solution: Getting the idea, we came up with a solution that meets client's requirement - The Simple Happiness Project. On the microsite, we focused on portraying from out-door to in-house activities, to give audience a full view of perfect world. Impact: In the first 6 weeks of the campaign, the website engaged 125,731 unique visitors to spend average 3 :25 minutes on website. 1,841 is the number of submitted posts joining the contest. more info >  
  30. 30. Oishi Pillows | Paint your dream Website production visit site Background: On the release of Pillows, Oishi believed that everyone has their dream, and sharing to ones who have dreams in common is happiness. They asked us built a microsite to engage users (teenagers from 12-16 years old) come and share their dreams. Solution: We created a “dreamy land” that let users join the dream world inside a pillow with activities to maximize engagement of users when they joined the campaign: drawing & photo contest; Game; Horoscope... Impact: the website received a big support from teenagers, they willing to discover many page’s activities, and return to explore more and more: •  256,083 visits •  33,727 contestants for photo & drawing contest •  00:03.32 average time on site •  5.94 pages/visit
  31. 31. Castrol Vietnam Cooperate website production view case
  32. 32. Kohler Cooperate website production: Region | Vietnam visit site visit site
  33. 33. Rexona | I’m confident Online contest | Game | Application
  34. 34. Tiger Crystal | Crystal X’mas ‘10 Online contest | Game | Application
  35. 35. Mobile application Smartphone & tablet application Tiger Crystal App Belvedere Game Dulux Game
  36. 36. what’s working with you next we look forward to
  37. 37. together we can make big things happen Wizard Asia Co., Ltd. 232 Cao Thang Str., Ward 7, 3rd Dist, HCMC, Vietnam Phone Fax +84-8 6259 3838 +84-8 6265 4838 Email