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Emerald Credentials

  1. 1. Considered as a transparent cut of emerald gem that has been polished and valued as a precious gem, known as “Queen of the Gems”.
  2. 2. Knowing about the company and starting an adventure with us! www.digitalmarketing.vn
  3. 3. Emerald is an integrated full service digital agency that is considered as an end-to-end digital partner by our clients. We understand all aspects of the digital customer journey from searching through to conversion and retention. Founded in 2008 by digital experts, Emerald team has been growing rapidly from 8 staffs to 60++ digital marketing experts working in main office located in HCMC and Nha Trang production house. 2012, we have been appointed to be Affiliate of Isobar in Vietnam. *** is the digital communications agency within the Aegis Media group www.digitalmarketing.vn
  5. 5. What we are committed to, our stand to make decision and our path to pursue. www.digitalmarketing.vn
  6. 6. Vision: A leading agency in digital marketing communication practicing at global standard within coming 5 years Mission: To provide leadership in digital brand building with “exe-able” creativity, holistic approach and excellent performance. Key differentiation: Transparency End-to-end services ROI-based measurement www.digitalmarketing.vn
  7. 7. See how clients have engaged with us, and how we will engage in the future. www.digitalmarketing.vn
  8. 8. www.digitalmarketing.vn Engage BRAND PERFORMANCE EVALUATION methodology
  9. 9. www.digitalmarketing.vn Engage Service CIRCLE
  10. 10. Creative & Production C D Digital Consultancy Digital strategy & planning Media planning Social media monitoring Digital retaining Social media retaining P Mobile apps Mobile interface for website Microsite Interactive games Apps on social network Content management system Display Ads A Online banners Facebook ads Adnetwork Social Media Marketing New PR PR retaining Reputation management Media relations Events Award submission Sponsorship opportunities Crisis management Mobile Marketing Mobile web design Mobile apps Mobile advertising T Community management (Fan Page) Facebook seeding Forum seeding Social Engagement Profile management (KOLs, Influencers, VIP accounts, seeders, etc…) Reach optimization S Search Marketing S SEO Google Adwords Search-friendly website design & development www.digitalmarketing.vn SERVICES MENU
  11. 11. Engage How we work with client BRIEF DISCUSSION • Client’s brand & marketing communication context. • Project/campaign objectives • Client’s specific demand study MASTER THE BRIEF Insight RESEARCH & ANALYSIS • Desk research (Industry, Trend, Influence factors) • Client’s SWOT analysis • Communication issue to be solved CONCEPTUAL PROPOSAL SERVICE ENCOUNTER • In-depth Research • Recommendations on current issues • Execution guidelines • Operational plan • Measuring methods • Estimated outcomes & committed ultimate result DETAIL PROPOSAL Solutions proposed EXECUTION & EVALUATION • • • • • • • Implementation Tracking records System Health-check Periodical report Post program report Further projection Real-time Optimization IMPLEMENTATION Result delivered
  12. 12. www.digitalmarketing.vn
  13. 13. OUR partners OUR Strategic suppliers OUR Own MEDIA www.digitalmarketing.vn
  14. 14. Our OWN standing communities Content theme Fan base URL Facebook pageS Love, single life, entertainment 769K http://www.facebook.com/hoidocthan Hoi doc than News 118K http://www.facebook.com/thanhnien Thanh nien Football news, funny stories, entertainment 124K http://www.facebook.com/bongda Bong da Photography, entertainment 71K https://www.facebook.com/nhiepanh Nhiep anh News 121K http://www.facebook.com/baotuoitre Bao tuoi tre Comic & entertainment 18K http://www.facebook.com/thegioitruyentranh The gioi truyen tranh Cuisine, food & beverage, entertainment 21K http://www.facebook.com/monngonvietnam Mon ngon Viet Nam Cuisine, food & beverage, entertainment 13K http://www.facebook.com/hoiannhau Hoi an nhau Student life, emotion entertainment 15K https://www.facebook.com/sinhvienfanpage Sinh vien Cars, automotive, driving lovers 106,835 K http://www.facebook.com/xehoi Xe hoi Updated on 1/07/2013
  15. 15. Brands we have served F&B FMCG ICT/Hi-tech Retailer Education Fashion Automotive Global agency Others
  16. 16. Star service 2012 and work samples year-to-date www.digitalmarketing.vn
  17. 17. Digital/SOCIAL MEDIA RETAINING Why us? • We offer end-to-end services from strategic planning to execution. • Team capacity to deliver full integration digital campaign. • Form up Account team dedicated per client Highlight projects: • Heineken Digital Retaining agency 2011-2012 • Coca-Cola Social media Retaining agency 2013 • Coop.mart Community management agency 2012-2013
  18. 18. SOCIAL MEDIA MONITORING Why Social media monitoring? • We tie up with partners exploring the ultimate tools scanning the social environment such as Bao moi EPI, Boomerang, BuzzMetrics, Brandtology then provide client with full overview of what consumers are talking about brands/products in key social channels. Highlight projects: • Heineken Social media monitoring 2011-2012 • MeadJohnson Social media monitoring 20112012
  19. 19. Mobile marketing Why us? • Consulting and planning of mobile marketing campaigns. • Production of mobile touch-points: • Mobile web • Mobile app • Advertising on mobile platforms Highlight projects: • Heneiken Live Access mobile app 2013 • Mead Johnson A+ Mama mobile app 2012 • Castrol mobile app 2011 • Món ngon Vietnam mobile app 2013
  20. 20. What? Online reputation management (ORM) We help monitoring the internet reputation of your brand/business, with the goal of suppressing negative mentions entirely, or pushing them lower on search engine results pages to decrease their visibility. Highlight projects: FV Hospital ERC An Cuu city KinderWorld Education Group Online reputation management
  21. 21. Online reputation management Social Media: seeding to neutralize Bad News SERPs: remove/sink bad news down Brand Listening (Buzz Monitoring System) Social Media: seeding to promote Good/Neutral News SERPs: enhance visibility by pushing to top rank
  22. 22. Strategic consulting Highlight projects: • Kaspersky: Integrated Marketing Communications plan 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011 and 2012. Activities: • PR online & offline to continuing maximize media coverage. • Seasonal campaign • Event management Achievements: • PC World: The Most Popular Anti-virus Software Award in 3 consecutive years. • CEO&CIO Best Choice Product Award in 4 consecutive years. • Market leader of Anti-virus software.
  23. 23. Digital consulting Why us? • Strategic partnership with global entrepreneur training firm Dale Carnegie. • Pools of digital experts certified from Google, Yahoo, having strong background and experiences in digital marketing. Highlight projects: • Thanh Nien Online Newspaper Counseling 2011-2012 • Nguyen Kim: Online marketing strategy 2011-2012 • Dale Carnegie Vietnam: Online marketing 2011-2012
  24. 24. Work Samples
  25. 25. HEINEKEN SKYFALL (APR - MAY 2013) Brand Target audience Type Objective : Heineken : Male/Female 18+ : Digital integration campaign : Affirm mental leadership Create active brand loyalty & consumer advocacy
  26. 26. Challenges: • How to create a connection between Bond and the brand? • One seamless platform of engagement was required, to ensure the audience’s experience from TVC, offline to online is connected and continuous. • Engagement between the Bond platform with CTC challenge and the audience? Capture and leverage experience? Solutions: ONCE IN A LIFETIME, BE JAMES BOND! Create your own Bond. Be an agent. Get a Mission. Get a highlight on your agent profile!  It is CRACK THE CASE mission! Paid Media Facebook Fan page Target audience Heineken.com - Share Media Local topspin Sign up agent profile to lucky draw Premium Gift Digital Experience “Be an agent” PREMIER NIGHT Finale Battle Offline Local topspin Case tour Synchronize player data with .com Earned Media
  27. 27. FB Community: .com On-ground activation •Increase 170% fan base. •Total Visits website: ~ 50,000 •Total participations: 1,454 (5min per •Time on site: ~ 3min participation) •Total page views: 111,968 •Total visitors: over 1mil. •Average number of Fans Increase  Before Topspin: ~500 fans/day  During and after Topspin: ~4500  New Visit : 79.28% fans/day  Returning visitor: Clip on Youtube (with age gate) 20.72% •Total view From Vietnam: ~150k  Maintaining phase: ~500 fans/day •Average respond rate 1.62% •Total People reach to the campaign posts: 1,578,532 •Total Users signed up: 11,468 Local Topspin on Facebook: •Total attendants: ~300
  28. 28. One Digital Launch Heineken.co m YouTube view boosting Community Facebook Seeding Media Buying Forum Seeding PPC Visibility Enhancement
  29. 29. COCA-COLA AMBASSADOR (APR - MAY 2013) Brand Target audience Type Objective Challenge : Coca-Cola : All 15-29 : Social Campaign : Social engagement on local contest : Recruiting contestants & creating Buzz online
  30. 30. Solutions • Building a FB app as the landing page for the contest. • Production of Behind-the-scene & calling for entry viral clips and viral in multi channels: Facebook, forums, YouTube. • Supported by KOLs, celebs, online PR • Offline shooting event for top 7. Outcomes (KPI): • Fan base: 268% actual vs. planned • Enhance awareness of 4,744,556 people through social.
  31. 31. COCA-COLA SOCIAL RETAINING (MAR 2013 - MAR 2014) Brand Target audience Type Objective Challenge : Coca-Cola : All 15-25 : Social Campaign : Social engagement on global fan page : Recruiting fans & creating Buzz online Tax evasion crisis
  32. 32. Solutions • Fan engagement and thematic content with a twist of engaging approach did attract fans’ interest and push them far away from tax issues. • Continue diversifying and improve quality of content. • Combine advertising targeting the right audience at the right time to maximize reach and engagement. Outcomes (KPI): • Fan base: 71% actual (within only 3 months) vs.1year planned • Reach 6,294,272 people through social now. • Total interaction: 51,094
  33. 33. SHELL SALE PROMO (APR - JULY 2013) Brand Target audience Type Objective Challenge : Shell Vietnam : Male 22++ : Social Media Campaign : Social engagement on promotion campaign : Awareness & Affinity
  34. 34. Solutions • Taking advantage of sponsored box & sticky topics on targeted forums to boost the social engagement • Tapping into most-liked Facebook fan pages to spread the highlights & calls-toaction of campaign Outcomes (KPIs): • Doubling the sale volume of 3 key products: Shell Advance AX5, AX7 & Ultra as that of last year • Increasing by 230% vs. KPIs of interactions
  35. 35. ERC RETAINING (Feb 2012 - Feb 2013) Brand Target audience Type Objective Challenge : ERC Vietnam : Vietnamese parents : PR retaining & Crisis management : Increase brand awareness & recruit students from Vietnam : License issue for foreign schools
  36. 36. Solutions • Media Relations • Localize and release news to local media outlets • PR event management • Government Relations • Crisis management Outcomes (KPI): ERC has officially received the approval to coordinate with Gia Dinh Uni. to continue operating in Vietnam in Jun 2013.
  37. 37. FV - ORM (Aug 2012 - Jan 2013) Brand Target audience Type Objective Challenge : FV hospital : Mass audiences : PR retaining & Crisis management : Neutralize the public conversation Announced the final accredit result of M.O.H Regain brand reputation : The booming of negative articles & its consequences
  38. 38. Solutions: • Manage the number of positive articles to be on aired to sink down the negative ones • Viral the positive testimonial clips • Public the final investigated results to explain the truth about the crisis Outcomes (KPI): • Number of negative links decrease rapidly • Publications stop posting article about the crisis
  39. 39. SHELL TET 2013 (Dec 2012 - Jan 2013) Brand Target audience Type Objective Challenge : Shell Advance : Male 20+ : PR & Social media campaign : Increase Brand awareness & Product usage education : Time shortage in preparation
  40. 40. Solutions: • Leveraging the Legendary Racer Ma Kim So to become brand endorser. • Create series of PR articles and utilizing the conversation in key social media channels targeting male. Outcomes (KPI): 35 articles on aired in 6 weeks
  41. 41. FANPAGE CO.OPMART (SINCE OCT 2012) Brand Target audience Type Objective Challenge : Co.opmart : Female 25++ : Insightful content & community management : Build up Fanpage positioning as inspiring modern women to discover, to share and enjoy their life. : The first time Co.opmart explored social media
  42. 42. Solutions • Build up Fanpage is a sincere and friendly woman like discovery, sharing with friends, like taking care of family. • Fanpage is considered as an "expert" giving advice about shopping and smart consumption. • Deploy contest and supportive applications to attract fans • Share information that women pay interest in. Outcomes (KPI): • 88.425 Fans (7 months) – talking about this 25% • Each post averagely receives 300 likes and 20 comments • Answer hundreds of fans'questions every week regarding information, service and promotions of Co.opmart
  43. 43. FANPAGE MS.UMAMI (OCT 2012 - MAR 2013) Brand Target audience Type Objective Challenge : Ajinomoto : Female 25++ : Non-brand community management : Educate bout nutritional information Advantages of Umami in food processing : Convey message and meaning of Umami in every building content
  44. 44. Solutions • Content around cooking with Umami and highlight nutritional information relevant to Umami. • Fanpage is considered as an "expert" about cuisine industry • Create small mini games and offer rewards for friends reference to multiply the number of fans and extent the community. Outcomes (KPI): • 252% actual vs. KPI • 21.251 Fans – talking about this 15%
  45. 45. NAN KID 4 - NEW LAUNCH (JUNE - JULY 2013) Brand Target audience Objective Challenge : Nestle : Female 25++ : New product launch & social engagement : NAN is perceived as not quality as other competitor due to insufficient nutrition.
  46. 46. NAN KID 4 - NEW LAUNCH Solutions: Activities: Outcomes: • •Sub – box on Webtretho •Quizz •Newsletter •PR Articles •Banner 2,000 participants + comments > 1,120,000 reaches via newsletter > 1,4 mil reaches/daily via 01 PR article • Product ambassador selection from Webtretho and train about NAN KID 4 Seeding content to educate & engage women with NAN KID 4 naturally.
  47. 47. LOW FAT FRESH MILK (NOV - DEC 2012) Brand Target audience Type Objective Challenge : Vinamilk : Female 25++ : Social Engagement Campaign : Launch new product - low fat fresh milk. : VN families are unfamiliar drinking milk every day. Women perception milk gains weight.
  48. 48. Solutions: •Seeding content to educate & engage women with Vinamilk Fresh Milk and Low Fat Milk naturally. •Women sharing the Microsite, TVC, call for interactions. Outcomes: •Social seeding: 315 % vs. KPIs: Achieving 610 comments, 3,172 likes of 12 posts within. •Forums seeding: 171% vs. KPIs: Achieving 453 comments, 27,473 views of 8 topics within 1 month. •Youtube: 207% vs. KPIs: Achieving 62,084 views of viral video clip within 2 months.
  49. 49. BMW FULL DIGITAL 2012 (APR 2012 - MAY 2013) Brand Target audience Type Objective Challenge : BMW : Male, Female 28+ : Digital integration : Build brand awareness & social engagement : Tap into car lover community and spread out brand premium & innovation
  50. 50. Solutions • Manage Fanpage “BMW-Nơi hội tụ phong cách”, FB apps and year-round activities in innovative & engaging tone & manner. • Sourcing the right KOLs/Influencers that can represent for BMW brand. • Website improvement more friendly with local taste. Outcomes (KPI): • Fan base: exceeded the expectation • Enhance awareness of > 4mil people through social.
  51. 51. HOLCIM CEMENT DIGITAL 2012 (AUG 2012 - JAN 2013) Brand Target audience Type Objective Challenge : Holcim : Male 25+ : Digital activities : Build up Holcim community for home owners and expert : New launched platform to promote Create engaging activities
  52. 52. Solutions • Diversified activities including contest, online consulting that useful for loyalty members visiting website vungxaycuocsong.com.vn • Encouraged the interactions between home owners and experts. • Consult website development. Outcomes (KPI): • Website performance: • Double traffics vs. planned • 150% members acquired vs planned. • 154 vs 100 experts
  53. 53. THANK YOU MOM (APR - MAY 2012) Brand Target audience Type Objective Challenge : P&G Vietnam : Female 25++ : PR Campaign : Social engagement on global campaign : Campaign integration online vs. offline
  54. 54. Solutions • Production of Hoang Quy Phuoc’s Thank you Mom viral clips and viral in multi channels: Facebook, forums, YouTube. • Supported by PR (Print & Online): All Editorials Outcomes (KPI): • 164% actual vs. planned • Enhance awareness of 6,208,413 people through media and digital.
  55. 55. GO FASTER (MAY 2012) Brand Target audience Type Objective Challenge : Acer Vietnam : Youngster, tech savvy : Digital campaign : Recruiting 200 flash-mobers & contestants for big event : Time shortage (4 days)
  56. 56. Solutions: •Developing the Facebook app of registration on Acer Vietnam Facebook fan page •Getting the page admins to blast many sponsored Facebook seeding posts on some targeted Facebook fan pages •Utilizing Facebook ads & sponsored stories to reach the right audience with precision Outcomes: •250% vs. KPIs: Recruiting 500 flash-mobers & contestants within 4 days. •200% vs. KPIs: Achieving 20,000 views of viral video clip within 7 days •5,000 clicks generated from Facebook ads •3,000 new likes after the campaign ends
  57. 57. LG L-STYLE SERIES LAUNCHING (AUG - OCT 2012) Brand Target audience Objective Challenge : LG : Teenagers, trend followers : Build awareness & social launching : Maximize media coverage both traditional & new channels
  58. 58. PR concept: L Series - Smart choice for your style! • • PR tactics: • Build L series as the luxury images thanked to “L” to named for many luxury brands such as: Lexus, Limousine, Louis Vuitton, Canon L lens • Approach on lifestyle and technology magazines • Amplify the success of previous products (launching L3 & L7) as the new trend of smartphones • Media seeding for products review on technology magazines Outcomes: • 40 articles & 10 news in 2 months • Emphasize and engage target audience to join the Battle Dance for L Series
  59. 59. HEINEKEN DIGITAL RETAINING (SINCE SEP 2012) Brand Target audience Objective Challenge : Heineken : Young occasional drinkers, male 25++, Core drinkers : Build brand adoration & recapture young drinkers : Innovation, Brand of the world, Engaging
  60. 60. HEINEKEN DIGITAL RETAINING • Scope of work: • Digital lead • Annual Digital Planning • 365 Community management • Campaign and platform innovation • Campaign execution at nationwide level. • Online Reputation Management • Outcomes: • Successfully launched Community management via Music platform. • Monthly total tracking of Online Brand Reputation. • Successfully running the reputation response campaign for the brand. • Innovation initiatives for big campaigns throughout the year.
  61. 61. HEINEKEN LIVE ACCESS (JUNE - AUG 2012) Brand Target audience Objective Challenge : Heineken : Young occasional drinkers, male 25++ : Build brand adoration & recapture young drinkers : 1st time nationwide digital campaign & time shortage
  62. 62. Digital concept ONE DIGITAL LAUNCH at NATIONAL-WIDE LEVEL Launch Date: 27 June 2012 Online PR & Visibility Enhancement Ad Network Targeted Community PPC Forum Seeding Facebook Seeding Community Management
  63. 63. COMMUNITY MANAGEMENT LAUNCH 1st time launch of Heineken Vietnam Community: • Live Access Tab is a cloned version of the experienced website, it linked to website for fans to register and win prizes. “Share your Music moment contest” give fans a chance to express themselves and win interesting prizes every week  make strong engagement to fans • Sensation: update about Sensation before and after event. Pre article for Sensation winner party before departure. Upload photos Content: • Post related to music only, teasing, live stream update and recap posts linked to 2 events Result: • Interaction rate = Total talking about this/ Total Vietnam Fan = 8.53% • Total People from Vietnam like page: 88,151 • Total Talking about this: 7,526 • Total Reach: 471,407 • Total Comment: 825 • Total Like: 3,785
  64. 64. HEINEKEN THE ENTRANCE (NOV 2011) Brand Target audience Objective Challenge : Heineken : Mass, male 21++ : Build “Man of the World” concept via TVC : Localize & customize global content to Vietnamese audiences
  65. 65. Heineken the entrance Objectives: • Viral the TV commercial • Refresh new brand message under new slogan “Open your World” • Educate new lifestyle among target groups Activities: Outcomes (KPI): • Social media in multi channels: • 125% actual vs planned Facebook, forums, youtube. • Cost effectiveness Highest search demand for keywords “ Heineken The Entrance” during the campaign (increased by 40% compared to pre-campaign) 100 71 www.digitalmarketing.vn
  66. 66. Heineken the entrance 118 likes. 15 comments. 18 shares Social Media Performances 56 likes. 31 comments. 20 shares www.digitalmarketing.vn 88,791 reached people
  67. 67. Heineken Youtube channel the entrance
  68. 68. CELADON CITY OPEN SALE (NOV 2011) Brand Target audience Objective Challenge : Gamuda land : Hi-income class : Enhance awareness - Increase web traffic and sale conversion : Increase sale conversion through digital engagement
  69. 69. GAMUDA LAND CELADON CITY Solutions: An integrated digital campaign • Re-design layout of Celadon’s website • Google Adwords • Email Marketing • Integrated Digital Campaign Rich Media Banners Outcomes: • 112% clicks • 600% impressions • Optimize CPC from $0.18  $0.17 www.Digitalmarketing.vn
  70. 70. “YÊU THẬT KHÁC” - ACER S3 NEW LAUNCH (FEB - MAR 2012) Brand Target audience Objective Challenge : Acer : Youngsters : New product launch & social engagement : Time shortage
  71. 71. ACER – YÊU THẬT KHÁC Solutions: • • Launch the new laptop – Acer S3 Built a platform to interact with customer by a contest Activities: •Design Acer’s microsite •Facebook fan page •Facebook ads •Facebook seeding Outcomes: •200% participants vs KPIs •5,000 users generated •70% participants from seeding
  72. 72. BONJOUR FRANCE (APR - JUN 2012) Brand Target audience Objective Challenge : Air France : Officers, male & female 25++ : Build brand engagement thru social media and generate database : Recruit right targets
  73. 73. Air France Solutions: • Emotional approach “Air France within your reach” • Explore to integrated digital campaign Activities: • • • • • • • Design website Facebook fan page Facebook ads Facebook seeding Forum seeding Booking banner PR Outcomes: • 120% KPIs vs planed
  74. 74. … AND MANY MORE PROJECTS www.digitalmarketing.vn • • • • • • • • • • • • • Holcim: “Vungxaycuocsong” digital campaign – Sep-Dec 2012 Ford Ranger: 2012 Global challenge – Apr-Oct 2012 Sony Cyber Shot: “Create every moment” Contest – Jun-Sep 2012 Heineken Countdown Party: Event social media campaign – Dec 2011 Kaspersky Annual Communication Partner 2009-2012 SamSung: Google Adwords 2011 and 2012 campaign Cannon IXUS: Social media campaign – Nov 2011 Gamuda /Celadon city: Integrated Digital campaign – Oct 20111 Kinder World: Online reputation management – Dec 2011 Index Living Mall Launching campaign: Ads network – Dec 2011 The FaceShop: Integrated Digital campaign Sep 2011 Toshiba Power TV: PPC campaign – 2011 Wel Nutrition SQ consumers education campaign: Social media - 2011
  75. 75. www.digitalmarketing.vn
  76. 76. Emerald Management team Denise Thi Nguyen Khoa Hong Thanh Lee Le Managing Director Operation Director Business Director M.A. in PR & Communications (UK) B.A. in International Economics Nguyen Nam Thanh Nguyen Phuc Chau Managing Director Touch Solutions Technical Director MA. International Relations & Law (UK) BSC. Computer Science (UK) M.A. in Marketing Sales & Services (CFVG HCM) B.A. in Journalism Nguyen Thu Trang Chief Rep Ha Noi office B.A. in Marketing
  77. 77. Emerald Key team members Jolie Vu The fast growing team of over Thach Thao Peter Phan Dao Huynh Huynh Pham Thanh Thuy Tana Dang Tuyet Linh Thu Pham Huy Vu 30+ experts, digital consultants who are delivering excellent campaigns since 2008 Numtie Lam Vo Liem Nguyen Minh Loc Thao Nguyen Vivienne Truong Linh Lika Huong Nguyen Phuong Thao Duy Do
  78. 78. We are looking forward to a … Of Emerald partnership with clients and the clients’ brands www.digitalmarketing.vn
  79. 79. Thank you! 25/7 Nguyen Binh Khiem str., Ben Nghe ward, Dist.1, HCMC, Vietnam Tel:84-8-62751580 Fax:84-8-39118615 www.digitalmarketing.vn