April 2005 Headlines Newsletter


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April 2005 Headlines Newsletter

  1. 1. AIIM Golden Gate Chapter Headlines standards project, a cooperative project with NPES, The Welcome Association for Suppliers of Printing, Publishing and Converting Technologies, is nearing completion. Welcome to the first issue of Headlines – a quarterly http://www.aiim.org/standards.asp?ID=25013. newsletter for AIIM Golden Gate Chapter members. ECM Toolkit: In response to the need identified by Headlines will bring you news and information about many AIIM Professional Members for impartial and our industry and help you to keep in touch with the practical information about key trends, best practices, Golden Gate Chapter. and methodologies for applying ECM technologies to Enjoy, and please don’t be shy about asking questions achieve business results, AIIM created a special ECM that we will try to answer. If you have suggestions for Toolkit as a benefit for members. It contains—in one additional content or for chapter activities, let us know. place—all the best material AIIM has produced. The ECM Toolkit contains nearly $500 in publications if Letter from John Mancini, AIIM purchased separately and contain the following International President elements: What a Year! The ECM Primer Industry Benchmarking Kit It’s been quite a year. Once again, the Association was Regulatory Roadmap profitable in 2004—no small accomplishment when Records Management for IT Professionals many associations are facing significant budget Taking the First Step shortfalls. More importantly, with support from all of you, we made major progress on one of our key This industry is clearly headed for the mainstream of the objectives for the year: Educating senior management IT world. There has never been a better time to be a within user organizations about the compliance risks professional in the ECM industry. related to improper handling of electronic documents AIIM is the only organization where the three worlds and records. critical to developing an effective document and content The track record of AIIM was particularly strong in this strategy meet—document and records professionals, IT area in 2004, and we’d like to share a few of the major executives and system architects, and line-of-business accomplishments with you. We’ve also provided a few and senior executives. We will be building on this links so that you can get more information on items of success and introducing a number of exciting new interest: initiatives in 2005. Information Nation: Seven Keys to Information AIIM will publish Information Warrior, a follow-up to Management Compliance—published by AIIM. Information Nation—the definitive book on the legal www.aiim.org/infonation. and business issues surrounding the deployment of Winning With Electronic Records Management— Table of Contents produced in cooperation with Cohasset Associates, this highly acclaimed wall poster was distributed to over Letter from John Mancini ..............................................1 30,000 executives. If you do not have a copy, send me Document Management Evolves into Content an email—johnmancini@aiim.org with your name and Management ..................................................................2 address. Chapter News .................................................................3 Did You Know?..............................................................3 The Emperor’s New Clothes: The Current State of Book Rack ......................................................................3 Information Management Compliance—results of a Questions ........................................................................4 survey of 400 end users conducted by AIIM and Kahn Calendar..........................................................................4 Consulting on current trends related to IMC http://www.aiim.org/documents/currentstateofimc.pdf. AIIM Standards Project to Create an Archive Capable Version of PDF (PDF/A)—this landmark April 2005 - 1
  2. 2. AIIM Golden Gate Chapter Headlines information management systems and the compliance computers. That thought was soon crushed under the issues that surround their use. weight of the responsibility that followed the trail of electronic records, digital data, and scanned images that We will expand our Fundamentals of ECM certificate now reside in networks and computer infrastructures program, adding a second level track specifically worldwide. focused on compliance. Never has the importance of records, whether they are We will conduct “version 2.0” of our landmark study of paper or electronic, been more in the spotlight than right e-mail management practices and policies. now. With this increased awareness of the penalties AIIM, Cohasset Associates, and ARMA will conduct a associated with poor record keeping, many companies follow-up survey to our highly successful 2003 survey are now rethinking their strategy of records management on electronic records. and talking about it in the same sentence as information technology and management systems. Today, it is vitally We will launch a series of vertical industry-specific important that the Records Manager determine what solution centers and products. must be kept and for how long, and the information Thank you to all of you who support AIIM with your systems professionals must determine in what format time and your resources. If there is any way we can be (paper, film, electronic) during each stage of the of assistance, just drop me an e-mail — document life cycle, from conception to destruction. It johnmancini@aiim.org. can not be done in a vacuum. John Mancini While many companies have started down the path that will bring them into compliance and realize the Featured Article operational efficiencies that change will bring, others struggle with a basic understanding of records Document Management Evolves into Content management, content management, document life cycles Management and the various technologies that can be applied to solve their business problems. Do you know where the documents that you are looking for should be located? Do you know what information is Service companies provide a unique perspective for contained in the documents you are looking for? Do you potential prospects that will need to understand just have any idea what information is being sent into or out where software, hardware and document conversion of your company via e-mail each day? services fit into their overall strategy for success. Technology will also be a factor in the final Are you still wondering what happened to the so-called configuration and acquisition of problem solving “paperless office”, and then try to reconcile this solutions to meet their needs. No single technology and misnomer with your corporate expenditures for more no single company will have all the answers. Solutions computers, more printers, and more paper? can range from simply putting records in an off-site If all of this rings true at your company, please don’t feel storage facility, capturing large volumes of information alone. There’s another evolution taking place and this on microfilm, or converting important legacy documents time we are going to call it content management. Over and data for use in an enterprise wide content the past decade we have gone from information management solution. management to document management and from Service companies are also well equipped to deal with document management to knowledge management. We the multitude of documents that are found in legacy have now evolved from knowledge management to the applications that were once totally paper-based before new mantra of content management. ever being microfilmed or digitally scanned. Today’s Over the last two decades many of these same scanning technology can accommodate everything from companies also downplayed the role of the Records a business card to a 3’ X 4’ engineering drawing, black Manager because they believed that all problems would & white or color, single-sided or dual-sided. There are be resolved once they got everything into their also upright book scanners that can capture information April 2005 - 2
  3. 3. AIIM Golden Gate Chapter Headlines Bob Zagami in bound volumes with black & white, grayscale or color imaging. Engineering aperture cards, normally Northeast Regional Sales Vice President associated with large manufacturing drawings or ImageMax, Inc. facilities management applications, can be scanned to Reprinted with permission from: industry standard file formats and easily incorporated Business Management Magazine into a content management system. ImageMax Editorial Content Another advantage of working with a service company Golden Gate Chapter News on the selection of various software and hardware components of a total system is the ability to see the This year is drawing to a close for the current AIIM actual working environment before purchasing anything. Chapter board members. Elections will be held in May Most of the service companies use the products they sell for new and returning board members. If you are in their production image capture operations and will considering running for a board position, contact Rakesh gladly provide samples of your documentation in several or Paul. For a list of the board positions, see the existing different formats and will be able to demonstrate the board at the end of this newsletter. capture and indexing process that would be utilized when working with your documents. The Chapter is always looking for help and ideas for Although outsourcing has become a tainted word in programs and educational events. If you have an idea, let many conversations, it is actually a logical choice for us know. One of the more popular meetings is a tour of many companies who want to focus on their core an established EDMS or RM implementation. We all competency and allow a professional service learn best by seeing what others have done well - and organization to do what they do well, and that is to show not so well. If you have a good document management companies how to capture, index, store, manage, retrieve or records management system and would like to share and distribute critical business information across the it, give us a call. enterprise. Did You Know? Companies must understand that their problems have been building for many years and will not be resolved 1 scanned page (8 1/2 by 11 inches, A4) = 50 Kilobytes overnight. There should be a strategic plan established (on average, black & white, CCITT G4 compressed) for a logical phased-in approach to reach the ultimate 1 box (in inches: 15 1/2 long x 12 wide x 10 deep) (400 objective established in advance of any purchases being x 300 x 250 mm) (2,500 pages) = 1 file drawer = 125 made. Megabytes Content is everything in your company that has 1 file cabinet (4 drawer) (10,000 pages on average) = importance associated with it. From the unsuspecting e- 500 Megabytes = 1 CD (Compact Disc) (ROM or mail that can put the CEO in jail, to the proof of delivery WORM) that your customer received what they purchased. From the video news clips to the instant messaging that makes Book Rack an illegal transaction. From the financials associated If you are interested in how paper functions within your with the general ledger to the contracts that dictate the office environment, get this book. It is dense and packed way you do business everyday. with case study information. How you manage content and records will be the most the myth of the paperless office important decision you will make this year. Investigate all your options and focus first on the business problems Abigail J. Sellen you want to solve. There are plenty of hardware, Richard H. R. Harper software and document conversion solutions to help you The MIT Press reach your objectives once you have determined the Paperback 2003, ISBN 0-262-19464-3 direction you will establish to move forward with the If you have a book recommendation, let us know. solution. April 2005 - 3
  4. 4. AIIM Golden Gate Chapter Headlines budpr@erms.com or call me at 415-381-6217 to The Question discuss your idea. Or, contact one of our Chapter “What is the difference between electronic document Officers: management and electronic content management?” President Asked Horace Hopewell (a fictional AIIM Chapter Rakesh Shah member at large.) Horace, excellent question as these 510-795-7222 terms are confused by many. rmshah@rscompass.com Document management refers to the complete document Vice President be it a document image or an electronic document (and it Paul Brighton can be one to many pages long.) Content management, 707-745-8658 on the other hand, refers to a “piece” of information that pbright654@earthlink.net could be a sentence, a paragraph, or a complete document. Treasurer Tom Hughes “So, how does this difference help me? Or, So What?” 925-376-7365 Well Horace, if you were simply managing complete TomEHughes@aol.com documents that are being created by your office workers, Secretary you may want to go with a document management Laurel McAdams system for both imaged and electronic documents. If you 510-477-3490 were interested in controlling the content of those lmcadams@imagemax.com documents, or pieces of content for a changing web page for example, you may be more interested in a content Membership Chair management system. Think of “documents” as complete Peter Goodrich items while “content” is a piece of an item. 925-673-1475 petergoodrich@sbcglobal.net Calendar Programs Chair May 17 – 19 Bud Porter-Roth AIIM Conference & Exposition 415-381-6217 Philadelphia, PA budpr@erms.com http://www.aiimexpo.com AIIM/ARMA CHAPTER LIASON May 22 – 25 Christopher Cowger Managing Electronic Records (MER) Conference. 650-380-6960 Chicago, IL chriscowger@earthlink.net http://www.merconference.com You may also navigate to our chapter web page: Note: This is an excellent conference centered on legal http://www.aiim.org/chapters/goldengate.asp?ID=2 issues with “records” not so much technology. It has a 6297 small vendor section with many providing individual demonstrations in their suites. The conference is well organized and the sessions are very much “experienced © 2005 AIIM Golden Gate Chapter based, “ not sales pitches. All rights reserved. No part of this publication may be ---------------------------------------------------------- reproduced or used in any form or by any means, graphic, If there is a topic you would like to see addressed in a electronic or mechanical, including photocopying, future newsletter, or you would like to provide a “user recording, taping, or information storage and retrieval experience” as part of a newsletter, or you have a systems without the written permission. question that can be answered in the newsletter, please contact me at: April 2005 - 4