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July 2005 Headlines Newsletter


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Published in: Technology, Business
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July 2005 Headlines Newsletter

  1. 1. AIIM Golden Gate Chapter Headlines technologies is essential when considering your first Welcome ECM system or upgrading an existing ECM system. Welcome to the second issue of Headlines – a quarterly Therefore, we would like to have vendors show how newsletter for AIIM Golden Gate Chapter members. their technologies fit into the ECM roadmap. This would include document imaging/capture, electronic Headlines will bring you news and information about document management, workflow, content our industry and help you to keep in touch with the management, and records management. Golden Gate Chapter. 3. User sponsored project planning seminars. These Enjoy, and please don’t be shy about asking questions seminars would revolve around topics such as that we will try to answer. If you have suggestions for Return on Investment (ROI) planning, Request for additional content or for chapter activities, let us know. Proposal (RFP) writing, ECM project planning & Letter from New Golden Gate Chapter implementation, and ECM lessons learned. We would like to see participation from the User President – Bud Porter-Roth community to support these seminars. Hello Golden Gate Chapter Members. I would like to 4. ECM installation tours. Seeing a live working site is update you with the latest news from our chapter. We invaluable. It shows people that the technology not have elected a new board of directors and I would like to only works but is beneficial. If you have a working introduce them to you: ECM site and could accommodate a tour, let us Bud Porter-Roth President know and we will work with you to plan and implement the tour. Chris Cowger Vice-president 5. Chapter meetings. We would like to start having Treasurer Tom Hughes more chapter meeting on a timelier basis. We Secretary Laurel McAdams understand that the GG Chapter is geographically challenged and would like to offer more meetings Programs Rakesh Shah that are geared toward your geographic area. Membership Paul Brighton Roughly speaking, there is the East Bay, the South Bay, and the San Francisco area. We may divide San We are looking forward to working with you to increase Jose and San Francisco at Highway 92. If we are your awareness of AIIM and the Golden Gate Chapter. I able to hold meetings that are more accessible for encourage each of you to participate in the chapter this you, would you attend more meetings? I would year. Specifically, we are interested in increasing the appreciate your thoughts on this matter. number of educational seminars for our chapter and helping you become a more knowledgeable user of the 6. Online Meetings. If we could hold GG Chapter various technologies that comprise the “Enterprise meetings/seminars on the web, would that be Content Management” label. something you would find helpful? I think we could easily have a Webinar, similar to the Webinar Some of the ideas we have for educational seminars and produced by the AIIM HQ organization. classes are: 1. Certified Document Image Architech (CDIA). This Table of Contents is a training class that will help you pass the CDIA Letter from New Golden Gate Chapter President, Bud exam, but more importantly, it is an excellent all Porter Roth ............................................................... 1 around class on document management The Case for Active Archiving .................................. 2 technologies. Even if you do not take the test you Chapter News............................................................ 3 will benefit from this training. Plus, it is given by a Did You Know? ........................................................ 3 Bay Area local company, @doc. Committees............................................................... 3 2. Vendor sponsored seminars. We feel that having a Questions .................................................................. 4 good working knowledge of the various Calendar ................................................................... 4 July 2005 - 1
  2. 2. AIIM Golden Gate Chapter Headlines Each Webinar would be based on some educationa l powerful storage management, and policy-based aspect and would be approximately 50 minutes long. Is lifecycle management. Scalable, simple and flexible, this something that would interest you? If so, please let active archiving solutions are easy to deploy and use and me know. offer a low total cost of ownership. 7. Joint ARMA and AIIM meetings. It seems that the The Old Way: Slow and Expensive two chapters are become ever closer from a Traditionally, e-mail archiving has been accomplished technology and a business operations point of view. by manually backing up files from a given point in time We would like to host a joint meeting and allow to tape. There are several major drawbacks to this both chapters (actually there are 3 ARMA chapters) approach. meet and trade war stories. Because e-mail users receive, read and delete multiple But, we would also like to have a fun non-business messages on any given day, a point-in-time archive is related meeting in which we can just meet our fellow unlikely to be comprehensive. members and share a laugh. Our last and largest meeting Furthermore, effectively searching backup tapes for was on the Bay and we would like to repeat that messages that meet specific criteria or contain key words experience. We will be planning this for later in the year when the weather turns nice and Bay it at its best. Stay requires restoring all archive tapes for the period in question, as well as filtering and deleting duplicate tuned. messages. This is a time-consuming and expensive Thanks for being a member of the Golden Gate Chapter. process that often cannot be accomplished within the If you have other ideas for educational programs and time period required for legal discovery. Some vendors chapter meetings, please let me know. offer document management solutions that attempt to Bud Porter-Roth address these issues by allowing users to tag e-mail messages with metadata before moving them to an Bud Porter-Roth archive. While this allows for more accurate indexing President, Golden Gate Chapter and easier retrieval, it remains a selective process that fails to capture all e-mail. These methods can lead to Featured Article higher administrative costs associated with managing storage and retrieval, and an increased risk of regulatory The Case for Active fines and legal fees related to non-compliance. Archiving The New Way: Active is Better With the typical employee sending and receiving nearly Active archiving offers archiving, indexing, hierarchical storage management (HSM), records retention 25,000 e-mail messages per year, e-mail has evolved management and enhanced compliance capabilities, into a primary “knowledge asset.” This has created the need for an infrastructure strategy that supports retention providing a comprehensive and cost-effective method policies and makes messages accessible across the for leveraging crucial business information contained in enterprise. When e-mail is under control, organizations e-mail, while also ensuring compliance with regulatory can better leverage critical business intelligence and and legal requirements. comply with regulations such as Sarbanes- Oxley, as Active archiving solutions automatically capture all well as other rules requiring all electronic inbound, outbound and external e-mails, and accurately correspondence to be stored and quickly retrievable in scan and categorize e-mail based on the content and the event of an audit or litigation. context of the message, header and attachment. By Increasingly, enterprises are turning to an active eliminating the need for employees to manually tag archiving solution as their preferred e-mail management messages with metadata, active archiving results in more strategy. Such a solution addresses every aspect of e- accurate indexing and reduced administration time. mail management, providing comprehensive capture and indexing, easy retrieval, effective sampling and review, July 2005 - 2
  3. 3. AIIM Golden Gate Chapter Headlines For improved risk mitigation, an effective active Golden Gate Chapter News archiving solution automatically routes messages violating corporate policies to a designated supervisor This is the beginning of an exciting new year for us on for review, allowing non-compliance issues to be the board and we urge you to get involved. We would quickly identified and resolved. Some active archiving like to start forming committees in the following two solutions today incorporate powerful categorization areas: technology with training-based analytics that enable categorization to be refined and improved over time. PROGRAMS - Work on the committee to organize and Retention rules can be customized for different plan upcoming Golden Gate AIIM Events. departments or employee groups, resulting in a flexible solution that can easily be deployed across the entire MEMBERSHIP – Work with our Registration Chair to enterprise. come up with new and innovative ideas to help boost Many active archiving solutions offer single instance membership in our Golden Gate AIIM Chapter. storage, which prevents duplicate messages and attachments from being archived, and maximizes storage The Chapter is always looking for help and ideas for space. Messages are migrated to storage media using an programs and educational events. If you have an idea, let HSM approach, with the local message deleted and us know. replaced by a link to the archive. This allows users to If you have a good document management or records access messages but maintains enterprise control over management case study and would like to share it, give retention. When users make changes to an archived e- us a call. mail, it is re-archived as a new record and the original is preserved. Did You Know? Active archiving offers enterprises a comprehensive e- The top 3 projects among users in 2004 were mail management solution with a lower total cost of ownership. 1. Document Control Easy deployment and seamless integration with e-mail 2. Records Management and Archiving clients such as Microsoft Outlook® results in faster 3. Information Capture employee adoption with lower implementation and training costs. With training-based analytics, searches Committees get more accurate over time, reducing the staff resources Want to set the direction on where the ECM and DM required to review non-compliant e-mail. Enterprises industry will go? Then join one of the many committees that have adopted e-mail active archiving solutions are that is hosted run by AIIM. better able to: For more information, go to: ? Comply with regulatory and corporate governance requirements; The Question ? Retain control of the e-mail management process; ? Reduce staff resources and administrative costs “Help! I’m drowning in email and would like to know associated with e-mail management; and which vendor is the best at managing my email content for me” ? Leverage and maximize electronic “knowledge assets.” - HELPME in emailtown, IA Susan Worthy, Vice -President, ClearStory Systems Well HELPME, there are a multitude of vendors from Active Archiving Solutions large to small that has the technology that you may be looking for. My advice to you would be to do the This article was reproduced from an following: archived issue of AIIM E-Doc magazine. July 2005 - 3
  4. 4. AIIM Golden Gate Chapter Headlines 1. Identify your issue If there is a topic you would like to see addressed in a future newsletter, please contact me at: 2. Determine what processes need to be improved or call me at 510-795-7222 3. Determine any types of retention procedures you to discuss your idea. Or, contact one of our Chapter need to follow for your emails Officers: 4. Finalize your requirements list based on your President company needs Bud Porter-Roth Based on the high level minimum steps listed above, 415-381-6217 create yourself a spreadsheet and interview the vendor to see if they can meet or exceed your expectations. This Vice President will prohibit the vendors from trying to offer you bells Chris Cowger and whistles of their products that will not solve your 510-494-7315 problem. Additionally, please read our featured article in this issue of “HEADLINES” for “the Case of Active Archiving” which specifically addresses the issues Treasurer Tom Hughes surrounding email management. 925-376-7365 I hope this answers your question. If you have a specific question that you would like to see posted in Secretary “HEADLINES”, then please email Laurel McAdams 510-477-3490 Calendar th August 10 , 2005 Membership Chair WEBINAR: Achieving Results through ROI Analysis Paul Brighton Register at: 707-745-8658 September 15th – October 25th , 2005 Programs Chair AIIM Content Management Solutions Seminar Rakesh Shah Register: 510-795-7222 September 16th – September 17th , 2005 AIIM/ARMA CHAPTER LIASON Electronic Records Management: Issues and Solutions Chris Cowger Register: 510-494-7315 September 28th, 2005 San Francisco Golden Gate Chapter Event You may also navigate to our chapter web page: Time: 11:30AM – 1:30PM Location: TBD 6297 Fees: $15 ( Members ) ; $20 ( Non-Members) SPECIAL: Paying Members may bring a guest for © 2005 AIIM Golden Gate Chapter FREE All rights reserved. No part of this publication may be reproduced or used in any form or by any means, graphic, Paid Non-Members may bring a second electronic or mechanical, including photocopying, guest for ONLY $5 recording, taping, or information storage and retrieval --------------------------------------------------------- systems without the written permission. July 2005 - 4