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The Purpose Group Credentials

  1. 1. The Purpose Group brings together five companies under one philosophy: Caring for people and obsessively adding values to people’s lives through the work we do with brands and companies. The integration of services equips us with better insights, better strategies, better ideas, and stronger executions, which allow us to build brands from consolidated perspectives, just within a single-stop agency. WE ARE
  2. 2. Giang Nguyen 
 Group Director, The Purpose Group Nguyen Dac Phong 
 Managing Director, Mind Caster Nguyen Tran Hoang Anh 
 Communication Director, The Purpose Group Remy Jauffret" Creative Director, The Purpose Group And 80 members in the groupHuiwoon Tan
 Managing Director, Mash agency Nguyen Khanh Minh Thuy - Managing Director, The Window Ha Thi Lan Huong - Managing Director, BMC
  3. 3. We think together
  4. 4. We plan together
  5. 5. We create together
  6. 6. We build together
  7. 7. GENERATion P THE PURPOSE GROUP – being inspired by the new generation of consumers who evolve to higher order of needs and lead life with clear purposes in mind, and by the sustainable success of purpose-driven brands (which we refer to as “Generation P”) commits to assisting brands in connecting with consumers and communities via meaningful and compelling brand stories.
  8. 8. R There is a rise in compassion, a belief in community values that is leading to community action.
  9. 9. GoodcauseTVshowSstill maintainhighratingS ! –VuotLenChinhMinh –LucLacVang ! Highestratingrealityshows promotefriendship, parenthoods,fairplay,
 –TheVoice –Soyouthinkyoucandance –Amazingrace R The brands committed to building their compelling and meaningful stories have won consumer's hearts and lead the market.
  10. 10. Brand Purpose is the fuel for a deeper connection with consumers Authenticity accountability 24/7 Engagetment Brand Purpose
  11. 11. We can flexibly tailor our services to answer your brief. 
 Our resourcefulness guarantees endless 
 possibility in partnership. The Window BMC Mind Caster Mash9am – Marketing Insight – Strategy
 – Creative ! – Integrated Communication ! – Public Relation – Marketing & PR – Creative! – Data! – Marketing ! – Technology – Experiential Events! – Channel Penetration! – Shopper & Rural Marketing
  12. 12. SET MENU ‣ Strategic planning 
 ‣ Integrated communication 
 project management
 ‣ Brand team chartering, 
 which provides you with an exclusive in-house marketing department A LA CARTE ‣ Services offered in our extensive menu
 ‣ A-Z branding in our 
 1-stop shop We have a broad range of expertise 
 and services to answer your needs
  13. 13. Why work with
  14. 14. 4 Proudly local Vietnam is changing fast, which presents a number of opportunities as well as challenges culturally and socially. International exposure allows us to envision, whereas local understanding allows us to deeply immerse in the changes and build the future culturally relevant, constructive, and sustainable. 2 Under no illusions We are straightforward about what we expect our work to deliver. We are rewarded when we get consumers to buy and love the brands we work for. We trust the results. 1 True integration Our business structure of integrating Insight - Planning - Going-to-market enables thousands of elements throughout the branding chain to bring IDEA to life without diluting the brand message. This makes us unique. 3 Flexible & 
 cost effective With a comprehensive menu of services, we are flexible to cater to your various needs while helping you exempt the complications of managing multiple-agency, as well as its consequential cost.
  15. 15. Established in 2009, the Window has consistently gained clients’ trust and recognition as the reliable partner and insight finder. Using both qualitative and quantitative approach, the Window specializes in discovering cultural changes, shopper & rural insight, and usage and behavior tracking. Nguyen Khanh Minh Thuy
 Managing Director
 18 years of experience in 
 the research industry Key clients
  16. 16. BMC is the latest merging between Brandmaker and Mindcaster to firm up the biggest agency in the Purpose Group. BMC is the Third-Wave communication agency model where strategy, creative, content, and project management converge. This model allows BMC to be flexible and responsible to market changes while effectively bringing the brand integrity through lines to be engage with consumers and customers.! BMC services specialize on strategic integrated planning and communication, creative, corporate communication, and PR. Key clients Ha Thi Lan Huong 
 Managing Director
 10 years of experience in marketing and communications
  17. 17. Mindcaster retains its equity in marketing and communication services from traditional PR to social communication. Mindcaster is flexible to charter the team and customize the services to needs requested by each client. Nguyen Dac Phong 
 Managing Director
 18 years of experience in 
 brand building, and 
 7 years of experience in PR Key clients
  18. 18. 9am/ 9am engages brands to the youth, housewives, shoppers, retailers, and rural consumers via edutainment and useful activities. Beside one-off events, 9am offers strategic planning and go to market solution with cost efficiency to set up new channels to connect brands with consumers. Nguyen Tuan Phuong
 Managing Director
 18 years of experience in trade marketing and brand activation Key clients
  19. 19. Mash differentiates themselves with other digital firms by their strong ROI-driven. By continuing to measure and evolve, they can improve ROI and show how digital drives business and brand over time. Mash provides digital and direct marketing services from strategic planning to creative and engagement plan in digital world. Hui Woon Tan
 Managing Director
 10 years of experience in brand building and digital marketing. Key clients
  20. 20. CASE
  21. 21. BRAND’S Birds Nest THE CHALLENGE" BRAND’S Birds Nest being almost 3 times more expensive than its competitors, it is critical for us to find a compelling angle to reset the positioning of BRAND’S Birds Nest in the market and continue its growth. The challenge for us was to tell the “superiority” story of BRAND’S Bird’s Nest clearly to consumers without reasoning bird’s nest myth. ! ! THE PURPOSE" To be the category educator who provides transparent knowledge of bird’s nest rather than mystifying consumers with myths. ! ! THE EXECUTION" We managed to redefine the Ready-To-Drink Birds Nest’s standards and built BRAND’S Birds Nest as the Gold Standard of Premium Quality. Over 3 years of progress, the Gold Standard of Brand’s Birds Nest has been redefined from 4S (Source, Standard, Savor, Skill) to benchmark with 4C of measuring Diamond Superiority, to 4 signs of superior birds nest to the Long Whole Strand as the single-minded outstanding signal of premium quality. These propositions have influenced and educated consumers to perceive Bird’s Nest the way BRAND’S defines.! ! The continuing brand communication has resulted in consumers’ strong loyalty and advocacy in BRAND’s Birds Nest over competitors. Consumers verbatim 
 “I appreciate it that BRAND’S “teaches”consumers the knowledge of selecting bird’s nest; it shows the high class and expertise of a brand.” Testimonialsubmissions
 1304Our 2013 testimonial Campaign has already generated more than 1000 testimonials as BRAND’S stakes its claim as the Premium Birds Nest. Service: Integrated communication planning and execution ! Agency-Client Relationship: Long-term partner since 2011! Agencies involved: The Window, Brandmaker, Mind Caster, Mash THE IMPACT
  22. 22. BRAND’S Birds Nest
  23. 23. Samsung Smart Libraries THE CHALLENGES" We were challenged to develop long-term CSR strategy and plan for Samsung in the education sector to answer the need of local community, reinforce (including those of policy makers’, Samsung employees’, local government’s, and particularly the local community’s). ! ! THE PURPOSE" We wish to utilize smart technology to change children’s lives in Vietnam. ! ! THE EXECUTION " We resolved this project by deeply researching the local needs, clearly mapping out the stakeholders’ needs and conceptually developing the “Samsung Smart Library” franchise with 4 key elements: reading materials, library space and entertainment equipment, training and operation system. This franchise has been implemented across 10 provinces in Vietnam over the last 3 years to bring Samsung closer to local consumers. ! ! To gain the social awareness, we have launched the social campaign “the book that changed my life” in both PR and digital platform in association with Tuoi Tre, Phuong Nam Books, and book lovers communities. This campaign attracted 22,000 interactions and more than 30,000 social fans to “The book that changed lives.” fanpage. ! ! THE IMPACT " The project was awarded “Best Practice” in Samsung Global CSR Summit 2013, 
 scoring high in sustainability, social effectiveness, and cost-efficiency. 2011 2012 2013 30k 56k 15k 23k 35k 100k Service: Integrated communication & project management! Agency-Client Relationship: Long-term partner since 2011! Agencies involved: Brandmaker, Mind Caster, Mash BOOKS PROVIDED BENEFICIARIES
  24. 24. THE CHALLENGE" Having been in market over 10 years, Fami reached #1 position in the Northern market thanks to its deep distribution network. The challenge facing the team was “how to continue to grow it”. It was then when we were offered to service as a full-time marketing team for Fami brand. ! ! THE PURPOSE" Recognizing soya milk as a healthy and affordable drink for consumers, we are passionate about building Fami beyond soy milk, but also bringing a little joy to consumers in every sip.! ! THE EXECUTION" We redefined the consumer segmentation, the brand’s story, marketing strategies, marketing plans, and developed white space expansion plan. Within 3 years, the brand has focused on bringing the healthy joy to every family in Vietnam. Service: Marketing & Brand Building! Agency-Client Relationship: Full-time marketeers since 2010! Agencies involved: Brandmaker, Mind Caster, Mash THE IMPACT No.1PositioninVietnam
 2009 Sales 2010 2011 2012 2013 Fami has achieved #1 position in all markets 
 and the total Vietnam. Fami Soya Milk
  25. 25. THE CHALLENGE" In a highly competitive market like that of tablet’s, where big players like Apple and Samsung had already set their big feet on, to launch a brand new local kid tablet seemed like an enormous challenge and a risky business. But MASH always sees opportunities in problems.! ! THE PURPOSE" We want and believe that Nahi could be beyond a tablet for kids: the very first and effective tool to help parents discover and unleash the potential in each kid. ! ! THE EXECUTION " We planned the first comprehensive 360 digital campaigns in which we provoked, engaged and reassured parents about the possibilities the device could enable for their children. From there, we built the brand as an edutainment solution under the concept of “Talent Academy Program”, which was in essence a preparation course for kids get ahead in school. Service: Digital communication for product launch! Agency-Client Relationship: Accompaniment since start-up (1 year)! Agencies involved: Mash THE IMPACT Webtraffic:+26,000 Socialfans:+4,000 Contestplayer:+2,000 NAHI, beyond a kids tablet Tabletssold
 storeopeningday50 1month
  26. 26. NAHI, beyond a kids tablet
  27. 27. MJN - Brain Expo THE BACKGROUND" Brain Expo is the biggest ever event in 2013 for moms & kids in Vietnam to discover about brain’s miracles and how to ignite baby’s brain power in their early years. The Brain Expo PR campaign is the best example for the integration of all PR tools & the leveraging of various stakeholders to create talk of the town to the event.! ! THE EXECUTION " Impressive success of the PR campaign could be seen in each single phase:!    (Pre –event) Create excitement of the coming mega event. The success of this phase was proved by thousands of registrations on traditional & social communication channels.!    (During event) 1. Invite key media representatives to join the event; 2. Conduct interviews with different key stakeholders in event 3. Invite authorities to deliver speech at the event!    (Post event) Generate a great deal of earned PR from different media partners in a time limitation which requires very fast responses.! ! THE IMPACT" Gain publicities in almost top tier media after event. Media highly appreciated the event as an educational & entertaining program for mom & kids. Service: PR Communications! Agency-Client Relationship: Commercial Communication Partner 2013! Agencies involved: MindCaster 120 MEDIAOUTPUTSWITHIN 2 WEEKS (ONEBILLION) VIEWS & CONVERSATIONS ON SOCIAL MEDIA AFTER THE EVENT
  28. 28. MJN - Brain Expo
  29. 29. We look forward to 
 working with you.