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Unit 18 evaluation 2.4


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Published in: Business, Technology
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Unit 18 evaluation 2.4

  1. 1. Unit 18 evaluation In this unit we had to create a newadvertising company and a newproduct, we chose a new bottled water product. In our group we had William, Thomas, Nathan and Luke. The name we choose for our company was“Parm Incorporated”. I like this name because it was catchy and it sounded like a topical drink this, was a good idea because it would appeal to sport audiences which were our target audience. Also what I like about our company name is that it is different to any other water company that is out there. The name it relates to isa palm tree which suggests that the water is very nice because it in a natural spring which also appeals to our target audience. When creating our name for our water bottle we came up with two really good names such as Yester Lagoon and Lagoon. We had a group discussion about which one was the best one. After the discussion we all thought that Yester Lagoon was the best because it sounded like “yes to lagoon” we liked this because of the meaning of name and how it appealed to the audience. Also what we liked about the name was that it was catchy and simple. In our company we had two slogansone for the company which was “StresslessNhappy” and “ThinkDrink-Achieve”. When we choose StresslessNhappy for our company slogan because it suggest that when you drink our product when you’re stressed it calms you down and makes you relaxed. Also why I like this slogan is that nobody has used this type of slogan before because of the “N” in the middle of the two words. The slogan for are bottle is “DrinkThink-Achieve” I like this because Itsounds like when you drink our water you can achieve big things. Also what I like about this slogan is that it appeals to the audience. For the “Think-DrinkAchieve” slogan we decided that we would use the colour scheme of black and yellow I like this because it’s a bold colour and stands out,attracting our audience. Also what I like about the look of are slogan is that we used dots to split the word up and to make it interesting and unique. The font of are slogan is very appealing because of how it sharp it was. I like this because it appeals to are target audience because it slick and athletes want to be on top of their game. In our presentation we decided that we would involve big teams like Fulham and Southampton. We decided to do this because our target audience are athletes so if we did this children will want to be like their hero so they would drink our product. Also why we choose to do this is because it is good sponsorship for our product.
  2. 2. In our company we decided to have mascots. We decided that mascots would be good because whenpeople see them they will remember them so this appeals to the audience because to stick in people’s mind. We had 3 different mascots firstly we had the Cowboy who was smart and intelligent who always rides his horse Jeremy. Then we have the street smart gangster who always makes easy money for Yester Lagoon. And finally we have the mighty gladiators who are fearless. In our presentation we decided to analysis our bottle logo. In our analysis we told the audience the reason why we chose certain ideas. The first thing we told the audience that the reason we choose the colour was because it was bold and stood out, this appeals to our target audience because it looks slick and appeals to sport people want to drink our water. Then we told the audience about the “Y”and we told them that it was a “y” and an “L” was connected into one. We decide to do this because it’s interesting and different to any other logo. We decided to use this type of font because it sharp and different and it appeal to audiences. For are company logo we decided that we would relate it to the Caribbean background. So after a group discussion we decided that a Palm tree would relate to a Caribbean background the best because you naturally see palm tree next to springs of water so that’s is why we chose it. Also that I like about are company logo is the bright colours which appeals to people also straight away that it a water company. What I love about is that it sends a calm and relaxing message to the consumers when buying our product.
  3. 3. Adverts Here we have the magazine print advert. I like this because it is appealing and catches the audience attention. It does this by the bold and bright colour with makes it stands out. Also what I like about this is that it represents the Caribbean surroundings. This appeals to the consumer because people want to imagine that they are in the Caribbean as this gives them a feeling of being happy and relaxed in nice weather of the Caribbean. What I don’t like about this is that is the font should be bigger so it easier for the customer to see what on the front of the magazine. Also what I don’t like about this is that the boarder doesn’t go all the way round the magazine . This will be used in Train stations for example and could be used on a large billboard. What I like about this poster is that bright colours which appeals to people when looking at it. What I like about this is that i like how i have blended the logo and the sand together this is good because it makes much easier to look at.What i don’t like about this advert is that some of the images are not detail such as the birds also what i don’t like about this advert is that logo text is hard to see because it the same colour as the sand so isn’t easy to read. Also is that the logo looks like the sun rising which suggest that it a start of a good day when you drink our product. Also the bright colours will stand out in the dreary (in a train station) This will be used as a website banner. I like because the bottle stands out and shows our logo also what I like about it is that the recycle sign suggests that the
  4. 4. company is environmentally friendly. What I also like about this is the font appeals to the customer, as it is clear to read and gives clear information. What i don’t like about this that the recycle sign is too big as it takes over the whole website banner. What we should have done differently is that we should have cropped the background because it doesn’t look appealing. This will be used as a bus banner. What i like about this is that we advertise our bottle well because we get the name and the bottle in this poster; this is good because it makes people remember what our bottle looks like. This is important because it gains popularity in our product. Also whati like about this is the angle which the picture is taken of the bottle, this suggests that the sky is the limit for our company and if you drink our product you can achieve great things. What i don’t like about this poster is that some of the text has moved into the sky picture when it should be more central to get the attention of the customer. The slogan at the bottom right corner should be bigger because our slogan needed to more recognised. The tools that i have used in order to make my print advert are: Adobe PhotoShop Internet for research 1) Firstly to start making my print production I open Adobe Photoshop and I used a 4cm to 1cm size frame we knew what size It had to be from the website
  5. 5. 2) when creating our poster I decided to use the a yellow colour as the sand I made this by using the shape tool 3) Then I did the same for the sky and then I used the pencil tool to create the birds that made the poster more appealing
  6. 6. 4) Here I decided to draw cloud I decided to do this because It added detail to the poster I used the eclipse tool to create the clouds 5) when I added the company logo which Nathan made. Nathan made this on Photoshop and then he send to are group members. We added this to show the people are company logo so they can remember our company 6) Here I used the text tool and I placed in the sand, I regret placing it here because it’s hard to see
  7. 7. 7) here is the final picture of the train poster I like this because it appealing and i think that i used the right tool to make the poster look good Advert analysis In our advert we decided to have a bully in our trailer we decided to have this because we wanted people who drank our water to be confident.We thought that we would include this in our advert because this is engaging with the audience and is a potential market that no one has really explored. In this scene we have an angel coming down from heaven and giving Yester Lagoon water to the person. We did this because when you drink our water it gives you confidents we did this by having a angel which symbioses’ that you are the chosen one and this therefore gives you confidents. In this clip we decide to give some information about our water. We told them that our water had natural electrolytes. We decided to colour the word “electrolytes” in yellow because it matches the colour of company also it was bold and was appealing. The font that i used in this scene was appealing to look at because it larger than the other writing in this scene
  8. 8. and this is one of the first things you will look at when looking at this. Overall the advert we made for our company was interesting and enjoyable to watch. Also it advertised our water product well getting our message across we did this by writing text into the advert. The camera angles that we used in this advert was very good because they were different to any other camera angle that we had done before such as the beginning when the camera was focused on one person and then changed to focus to a different person. What i don’t like about our advert was that angel giving the water the victim because the angel didn’t look as realist as it could have been. Overall in a group we worked very well. Our strength was that we were good at discussing our ideas and how to develop them, when doing this unit we met most of the deadlines and completed the entire task at a high quality. Another strength that we had when being a group was that we were all organised and worked to the best of our ability. Our weakness as a group was that we didn’t create a schedule which would havemeant meeting all deadlines. Plus we could have kept a record of each group member was doing. Overall i thought that I contributed a lot to the group as i came up with the name “Parm” which is a play on the word palm. Also what i contributed to the group was that i help design the costumes for the pitch which went very well. My final strength when i was in my group was that i was able to listen to ideas that my other group members had. My weakness when in group was that i was very nervous when doing the pitch but i believe that i did well. When presenting our pitch to the class we were the only group to dress up and recreate the mascots we had chosen. This when well as it was funny but we got our point across and the class remember us as we were different. Our weakness when doing our pitch was that we didn’t give enough eye contact with the audience this was a problem because we didn’t have a proper script to read so we had to read of the board which meant that we were not engaging with the audience. To improve our grade we did the pitch again, we had wrote a script so we were able to give good eye contact. When we decided to dress up for our pitch we thought that we should be able to get the company brand across and i think we did that well because of the comment that we got. We found that they thought that the pitch was very good and they thought that we got our message across;they liked the logo which they believed was different and unique. Another reason why people liked the pitch was that they agreed with the target audience we identified - sport people – was correct. One of our weaknesses of this pitch was that we spoke too fast, this is a problem because it was hard for the audience to understand what we are saying but we corrected this in the
  9. 9. second pitch.Comments from teachers was that we didn’t have enough eye contact with the audience this was a problem because it is important to look at the people that we are talking to but again we corrected this in the second pitch. The teacher thought that the costumes were a great idea and helped make with the presentation memorable. Overall i think that the pitch went very well because we worked well in our group and we gave a good presentation that gave a good amount of information about our company and product. Overall i am pleased with the results of the print adverts as they show what are company is about. Also our brand and slogan are easily recognised when looking at all four adverts which is important when trying to sell a product. The colours that we have used in this are all appealing and interesting to look also they work well with each over. In conclusion i think that overall unit 18 went very well because we met the task and we presented well and worked well in a team, we created a good company that had a good ideas of how sale a new product to our target audience. We also had a different idea of how to present our ideas to the audience which was different to other group.