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Task 1,2,3n


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Task 1,2,3n

  1. 1. Task 1: First idea Research of the Play-Dohanimation From the research about photography I have decided that I will be doing the play- dohanimation . I like the idea because I think that it is different to any of other idea I had. The main ideas I had for this topic was: Photography (Famous pictures) Animation ( Play-doh) Music video All of the ideas listed I think are all different to each other such as the animation of the Play-doh idea was I need to be creative when making an story board because if not the whole clip will be ruined. There is no structure which means that the play-doh figure will be everywhere and people won’t be able to understand what the clip is about. But i think that the idea of the play-doh animation was a good because it was an unique idea that will need me to use thing that i haven’t used before such as stop motion .The other idea that I liked was the photography idea. In this I would be re-creating a famous picture such as the moon landing or an famous sporting moment such as Tom Daley diving. Also why I like the idea of re-creating an photo is that I can use different effect and angles also how it captures in time. Finally we have the music video, I like this idea because it different to the other ideas I have had because I can pick any song from any genre such as pop, rock, classic and this can lead to different trailer because I could have a happy and bright trailer or I could have song which needs the trailer to be dark and moody to make relate to the song.
  2. 2. Task 2: research 1) This will be research for the Play-Doh Also in this adverts the transitions of the different photos was smooth and the movement weren’t too big because if so the video won’t be very good because In this scene I like how they have moulded the play-doh into different shapes Here I don’t like how they have used a wooden table as the background because it makes the video feel old and like an amateur has made it. So when creating my video I want to make sure that’s I don’t make the same mistake and I use an appropriate background which will make the video seem more interesting to watch
  3. 3. 2) Also In this video I like how they have used the white background because it makes the play-doh stand out more and this makes the video more appealing to watch. So when creating my video I want to use an white background because it makes any colour of play-doh stand out Also in this scene the light brown balls move around the screen. This is good idea because they attract the attention of the audience. Also why I like the idea of the ball because it gives the clip more depth. In this scene they have used the Playdoh to create to create an Patten I like this because its different and unique to any other play-doh ideas I have thought of. Also in this scene they use more Play-doh in the centre of the screen to symbolise that is the strongest area and then It brakes of into different areas which have less play-doh used they might have done this because it might symbolise that the Patten gets weaker
  4. 4. 3) In this clip I like how they have used the play-doh to go back into the pot. I think this is effective because it attracts the audience to watch the video. And I want to incorporate this idea into my video In this video I like how they have changed the tops of the container to match the corresponding colours. I think this effect because it interests the audience with the different colours Here I don’t like how I don’t like they have used the lego as the floor because it makes the floor look uneven and this makes the video look amateur. In my video I will be making sure that im using an attractive and even floor.
  5. 5. All the different research I have done haves given me different ideas to help which the animation Play-doh idea. The some ideas I got from the researchwas: using a plain background because it makes the colours stand out more than if it was against a different colour. Another idea that I had from the research was using certain patternI like this idea because it an unique and different to any other idea I had because I like how the different patterns attract the audience with the colours and designs. The final idea I got from the research was that I need to uses an even floor for my video because it distract the main focus of the video. So in my video I want to make for that I don’t make the same mistakes and I want to make sure that the background is plain so it makes the colours stand out also I need to include different patterns to make the video unique. Likes about my idea Haven’t done anything like this before Dislike about my idea Makes sure that it flows Uses a different effects Creating different scenes and patterns Take a lot of time to create Using stop motion that i haven’t used before so i might be bad at it Using stop motion I can add music to make the video be more applying