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Speflie events

  1. 1. Why did you pick the pictureThe reason I pick this pictures is that it deliver a strong message saying that dog are man bestfriends also I pick this because I love how there is still a connection with girl and the dog eventhough there has been a radiation out brake • This picture makes me feel sad and isolated because I feel like I am the person behind the glass • What is it of This is a radiation out bust in Nihonmatsu on March 14 2011 were a girl is in an isolated area where she was not allowed to move out of this area. • Where is it?NihonmatsuWho took it?Yuriko Nakao / Reuters • Did it appear in a magazine, newspaper, website etc? it was in Yuriko Nakao article on Japanese website • Does it link to an historical event? Yes it does because it links to the Hiroshima bomb what happened in 1945 which lead to a radiation out brake when • Why do you like it? The reason why I like this is because whatever the circumstances there is always a bond for the dog and the girl which means they have a good bond together and they will nether be separated
  2. 2. Why did you pick the picture- I pick this picture because this was happening when wasyoung and I remember the news coverage on T.V• What does it mean to you, or make you feel? It makes me fell sick that someone can dothat because there was no need to do that• What is it of? It’s the terrorist attack in September/11/2000 by Osama bin laden• Where is it? Ney York• Who took it? Andy Worthington• Did it appear in a magazine, newspaper, website ectIt was covered over the world’s new such as ITV, BBC and much more channels also it was allover the newspaper, magazines and websires• Does it link to an historical event? Yes because this started the hunt for Osama binladen and the two wars in irak and Afghanistan• Why do you like it?I like this picture because it shows what has happened and what it has cause to the family andfriends to lose their loved ones.• Anything else you can find out.There is a rumour that it was a planned attack by the government to start a war with Iran.
  3. 3. Why did you pick the picture-I picked this picture because it has a lot of history behind it because of what Hitler did to theJewsWhat does it mean to you, or make you feel?-This make me feel sad and makes me wonder how someone can do that to so many people just totake over the worldWhat is it of? It’s a nazi death camp in the 1930’s to the 1940’s for all the JewsWhere is it? PolandWho took it? UnknownDid it appear in a magazine, newspaper, website etc?it has appeared in all of the new coverage, newspaper and magazines all over the worldDoes it link to an historical event? Yes World War 1 and 2Why do you like it? I like it because it has a lot of history behind it and the angle of how ittaken is like you’re on the train to the campAnything else you can find out? No