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Pre production finalh


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Published in: Environment, Business, Technology
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Pre production finalh

  1. 1. Tasks Date to start Date to finish Any improvement Using inspiration to add my idea to a mind map Januray the 6th 11th January Then with the idea from the inspiration we had to give more information and we had to give 12th January 19th January Getting the play-doh and create a storyboard for the animation 20th January 27th January Creating the play-doh figures and making the background 28th January 29th January Getting the camera, tripod, sim card all ready for use 30th January 30th January Start creating the animation from the story board 1th February 21th February Getting the all the pictures from the camera and putting it onto the computer 22th February 29th February Adding the pictures to Adobe premiere pro and start putting them into order and adding effects to the short animation 30th February 15th march
  2. 2. ADDITIONAL IDEAS Legal and ethical-In this unit I will make sure that I have legal consent from “Play-Doh “ to make sure that I am allowed to use there product in my animation. Also in this animation I will make sure that I don’t use any other company logo/product because if I did it could be copyright. Also another I need permission is the music that I’m going to put other the video In my animation I will make sure that I send the right message to my audience because I do not want to influence my audience to do the wrong thing, The reason I need to send the right message is because Health and safety - When making this animation there isn't a lot of risk involved for example the main risks would be eating the play-doh which could lead to illness Budget-In this unit I will have a average size budget. The main resources I have chosen Is that: the play-doh I will spend about £10 on play-doh because they are the most important think in my animation. The limit I want to spend in this unit is £25 the reason why £25 is my limit us because the play-doh, memory card wont cost that much so I will be appeal to buy all the equipment that is required.
  3. 3. COPYRIGHT For this unit I have decided to do an animation. So to make sure that in my recreation copyright doesn’t occur I will make sure that I don’t make my figures look like company's figure such as “morph and chas” , “pingu”, “wallace and gromit “ I have to make sure my figure don’t resemble any other figures that have ready been created. Also we need to careful of copyrighted music because if I use copyrighted music in my animation I will have to get permission from the artist to make sure that copy right doesn't occur . In this animation I will be using different types of music which will make the animation has a different view to It other It will appeal to different audience and it will keep their attention because the music will give the animation a different feel and will make the video more interesting to watch.
  4. 4. FACILITIES NEEDED To create this animation I have to have the following : 1. Play-doh 2. Camera 3. A piece of A3 paper for the background 4. Adobe Premier Pro for editing the pictures I need all of these equipment to make this animation work. For example it is important to have Adobe Premier pro because without that I will not be able to combined all the pictures together also I will not be able add music or effects to the animation.
  5. 5. LOCATION To film my animation I will have it a home the reason why I have chosen these to film at home is that it will be easy to film and if I did it at school I couldn’t store it so it could get damaged also it could damage the figures and when storing at school the position of the figures could change position which would ruin the animation. The reason why I have decided to film at home was that I can store the animation at the home were it cant be damaged also I can keep it in one place.
  6. 6. STORYBOARD This is my storyboard for my stop motion animation that is made from Play-doh. For my storyboard i have decided to use ideas that would appeal to my target audience and also myself for example the shark eating the fish scene will appeal to my target audience because i used rocks and seaweed for my background which makes this particular scene have more detail and depth which leads to my audience being more appealed to watching the rest of the video. Also for this storyboard i think that the colours that i am going to use will be interesting and help to make the video more interactive and eye catching to watch such the opening title i have used a range of different colours which in my opinion i think that it will make the animation more suited to my target audience.