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Evaluation of unit 21 animation (2)fsf


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Evaluation of unit 21 animation (2)fsf

  1. 1. Evaluation of unit 21 animation In unit 21 I decided to do a stop motion. The reason why I decided to do stop motion animation for unit 21 was because I haven’t done this before. I thought that it was a very unique idea because I’m using play-doh which I think is a different idea which will appeal to my target audience, which was for 6 year olds to 20 year old the reason I decided to this for my target is because I think that this target audience will enjoy this type of animation because I think that Play-doh is an object that appeals to people as they know what it is and have used and it can be easy moulded . Also the reason why I decided to have this age range for my target audience was because I wanted people to be inspiration to make their own animation with different ideas to mine. For this unit I had 4 different idea which where photography, film, magazine and stop motion animation. I had a lot of idea of for the stop motion animation idea such as recreation for a famous sports moment such as the 2012 Olympics games or I had a idea of recreation of a famous historic moment such when Neal Armstrong landed on the moon. Also for the stop motion idea I had was to create patterns and put them into a video. I really liked the idea of patterns and I decided to do more research on different types of patterns. I then changed the ideas from patterns to unique objects like this : The reason why I decided to unique object like the shark is because I thought that It would appeal to my target audience also what I liked about this is how I can have a creative mind and create anything I like. Another reason they I decide to do stop motion is because I wanted to use play-doh and uses their different colours and create different objects with them.
  2. 2. In this scene I create a rose the reason why I decided to do this is because I liked how the rose grew. The reason why I made the rose grow was because I thought if I didn’t do that I thought that the scene in the video would be boring and plain. Also why liked this rose idea is because it unique idea which appeals to my target audience. For my story board I decided to do random sketches of what I liked such as the rose represent the England national rugby team which I like watching. Another reason why I decided to do my stop motion animation to be about what I like and enjoy, this give the animation a more personal feeling because it has what I like and enjoy. Also what I liked about my storyboard was that I was able to choose colours that I thought would best fit the scene for example for the rose scene where I used the red play-doh. The reason why I decided to use the red play-doh was because if I had used a different colour like purple the audience might not be able to identify that I had created a rose and I think that it would not of worked for my target audience. The reason why I have decided to put remotes controls into this animation is because it looks like I’m changing channels which I think works with my target audience. For the opening and closing title have used songs from the show “Loony Tones “ which I think works with this animation because my target audience is for children and young adults and this is what this age group would like. The artist scene and the ending title link well I think that the artist is creating a piece of art which is the end title. Also why I like these two scenes is that when the artist uses red and yellow colour and I have used the same colours for the end title which is the artist creation. The one thing that I did not like about this storyboard the football scene because I think that I could of made the football net look better by making the adding more detail to the football such as black dots which is on a normal football. Also what I could have improved is the football goal which doesn’t look that realistic and I think that I could of made have a bit more depth and actuary look like a football goal.
  3. 3. Pre-production Ideas The ideas that I had for this animation was that I could create patterns, re-creation of a famous moment and creating different unique ideas which appeal to me and my target audience Research The research that I have done includes looking at successful animation companies like Morph which helped me to get an idea of quality I needed to aim for to make my animation work. Also I had to consider how this could relate back to my target audience by creating objects that will appeal to my target audience of children and young adults by creating like sharks, football and my opening title which will involve “Loony Tones” songs. Planning For the planning for my animation I have a storyboard which tells me how I am going to complete my animation and what scenes I have complete in a curtain order. Time When making the animation I did the filming in the half term when we had 1 week off, this gave me a lot of time to complete the filming and to edit the photos into Adobe premiere pro Location For my animation I filmed it at home where I could get all if my equipment with not having to move it every which I would of done if I had done it at school For this unit I think that I managed the timing well because I did all of my filming for my animation in the half term which meant I could of improved and added more detail to the different scenes and I made sure that I used the correct colour play-doh for the different scenes. The only criticism that I can say about how I used my time is that I think that for some scenes I used to much time creating which meant that I couldn’t spend a lot of time on the other scenes in my animation. The skills that I learnt in this unit are: Stop motion technique Downloading and applying music to premiere pro and add it to my work Making different play-doh figures Using a different camera technique Using Adobe Premier Pro All of these techniques that I have learnt in this unit helped me to get a much detail piece of work for example if I didn’t use the stop motion techniques like moving the figures a little by little it would of made the animation look silly if I used big steps instead of little steps. Also I needed to learn the techniques is because if I didn’t the length of the animation would be do short and the audience would not be able to see and to understand what the different scenes represented. How i made my stop motion animation from play-doh First i placed a dot of play-doh to start the scene off
  4. 4. Then i added the different colours of play-doh and made the the “Welcome “ scene I then when on Adobe Premiere pro to do the editing of my animation Then to import my photos that i have taken i went on “file” and clicked on import Then i did the same to all the other scenes, i used all the correct paint that was on the story board which i thought went well also i think that i made the different scenes interesting and appealing to my target audience.
  5. 5. Then i select the photos of the opening title which is going first in my animation Then i highlighted all of the photos and right clicked and went on speed and duration When i changed the speed of the photos to 00:00:01 When i rendered the photos by pressing the enter button I then got my music that i was going to use in the video by importing them the same way i imported the photos into Adobe Premiere pro
  6. 6. When i added the music to the correct areas in the video and then i added effects to make it sound more professional When i had done that i clicked file export I when changed the setting to HVD and YouTube 720 and i then clicked export When the video finished exporting it was complete Names Likes Dislikes/ improvements Thomas “ I quite liked the simplicity of the whole project so you didn’t over complicated it” “You could of done some more sketches and made it in to a proper story instead of random objects” Nathan “I like the imagination that has “ you could of taken a bit more
  7. 7. gone into creating this play-doh animation” care and time over it such as in the beginning where the page is slightly of camera” William “I like how you connected the music to the images on the screen” “try to not move the camera as much in-between shots Mr Drummond “great idea, good use of music and sound effects, great attempt at animation” More care when taking pictures, so the camera is in a fixed position” From the research that I have done I have found that the majority of the people that I have asked I have found that they would out that it was interesting and it appealed to them also they liked the music I added which made them enjoy the video more. What they didn’t like about my animation was that I moved the camera to much which made the video not as smooth as it could be. In my opinion i think that this unit 21 animation came out well because i think that i was able to create a piece of work that would appeal to my target audience by using different colours which made the video more eye catching, using unique ideas like the shark eating the fish i thought was good and interesting because it involved a lot of different colours which made the video more interesting to look at. My strength for this unit were Creating unique figures Using the stop motion technique which I haven’t used before Using different colours made the video more interesting to watch My strengths of this unit were: Being able to match the production schedule that I made which means that I was on time with the creation of my animation. Also I strength that I had was the colours that I used were attractive which i believe made the video more appealing because the colours suited my target audience. My final strength for this unit i believe was the music that i added to the different scenes because it made the video more interesting to watch also what the music did to my video was that it added more depth and humour to the animation like the “Looney Tunes” song makes the audience laugh because it is something that suits them because they are my target audience. My weakness for this unit was that for some of scenes like the Pac man scene the camera was out of focus which made the video less professional i could of stop this from happening by making sure that the camera is focused. Also a weakness for this unit is how long it took me to make the figures and to make record them. I could of prevented this by making sure that i made the figure in advanced because it would of made this task my easy to complete without wasting a lot of time. If I could do this unit again I would make sure that the camera that I used was in a fixed position the reason why I want to do this is because that it would of made the video better because in the video that I made had parts that had part of the wood which I used to put the play-doh on. Also what I
  8. 8. think I could of done better is that I could of made the storyline link better which figures that relate to the figures that I related.