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Evaluation of the re createsion mag


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Published in: Technology, Art & Photos
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Evaluation of the re createsion mag

  1. 1. Evaluation of the re-creation of the magazines The magazine on the left was the magazine I was trying to create and think that I did an okay job of doing it. The program I used was the Adobe Indesign I thought that this was hard to use at first but when I got used to the program I found that I could try to recreate to magazine front cover to the best of my ability. The tools that I used were: Shape tool Gradient tool Rubber tool Magic wand tool Uses of a textbox Rotating the Textbox Eyedropper tool Gradient father tool Rectangle frame tool Hand tool Blur tool Text boxes  Have you learnt any new skills or used any tools you haven’t before? There were a lot of new skills I learnt when making this magazine front cover. The skills that I learnt were gradient feather tool which was much harder to use than Photoshop because it slightly different to Indesign which I haven’t used before. I used the gradient feather tool for the background of the magazine. The other skill I learnt was the Eyedropper tool which I used for changer the
  2. 2. colourof the text which also was different to Photoshop. The final skill I learnt was the Rectangle frame tool which I used for the textboxes and also the background shape that needed to be filled in with the gradient feather tool. Overall I learnt I a lot of new skill as I never re-created a magazine front cover before.  Include pictures (step by step) to get a higher grade Select Adobe Indesign to create the front cover To create the background you have to select on the rectangle frame tool. Then drag it over the page. Her I select the gradient feather tool and when select a colour Here I have gone on file and then place to select a photo
  3. 3. Here I have select my photo had I will use for my magazine front cover. Here I have written the FOUR FOUR TWO tittle when I highlighted it and coloured in a red Here I have used the ellipse and colored it yellow and then I added the text that was added Here I used a text box and coloured it to match the magazine. Here under the text playmaker there is a very faint text I don’t like this because you can’t not see it.
  4. 4. finally added some more text by selecting the text tool and then rotating it. Here is the overall front cover of my magazine. Strength of the front cover are: Matching the magazines front and text Taking the photo Organizing the magazines together Adding the text My weaknesses of the front cover are: I could have been more organized when creating the magazine I think that the background does not match the magazines front cover and it need to be lighter The picture of footballer could be bigger Overall I think that my magazine re-creation went very well because I thought that the font and colour of the text match the real magazine front cover. Also what I liked about this front cover was that the circle with the text in side looked really eye catching because the text matched the yellow background really well also it stood out and was one of the first things you see on the magazine. The negative points of my magazine were that the background did not match the original magazine background. Also what I did not like was that the picture of footballer on my re-creation was not
  5. 5. asbig as the original footballer so it did not match the magazine picture. And also some of the text was a different angle then the original front cover.  Does it look like the original cover? I think that the magazine I made was the same but it had a few problems such as the picture of the footballer being too small when it should be covering most of the front cover and also being one of the first things you see. Another point was that the background was a slightly different colour than original background and the angles of the text could have been better.  What would you change or do differently if you did this project again? One of the main things I would change if I was to do this project again is that I would like to make the footballer bigger and cover more of the front cover. Also what I else I would do differently is that the background could have been more shadow and that would of made the cover stand out more. Overall I think that the front cover was good but there could have been some improvement to it.