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Annie leibovitz


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Annie leibovitz

  1. 1. BIRTHDAY OF ANNIE LEIBOVITZ Annie Leibovitz was born on the October 2 1949 in waterbury connecticut hospital in Romania
  2. 2. HISTORY OF ANNIE LEIBOVITZ Started as a writer of the rolling stone magazine This lead to her to being a photographer at the same magazine then she become a self employed photographer. She started to create her own type of photos, also she start to turn her ideas to her pictures
  3. 3. WOOPI GOLDBERG I like this picture because I think it saying “ I don’t care if I’m black” which I think is the main point of this picture and this is what I like about it.
  4. 4. ALICE IN THE WONDER LAND PHOTO I like this picture because it has created the scene of Alice in the wonder land film when Alice is a giant in a small house. Also I think that this picture is saying that this woman is getting to big for the house and should get a new one. One of my ideas what this picture look this is that it might be about women working at home.
  5. 5. “ I AM GETTING YOU MY PRETTY I like this picture because I think that it is interesting and unique because not a lot of artist would not use this idea because it is different to any other artist ideas.
  6. 6. PETER PAN This is the iconic scene from peter pan and Nederland when peter fly’s through the window and first meets Wendy. I have done some research these are the original actors from the movie in 1953. So this tells us that she as recreated this photo with thought and time. Also the message in peter pan is that you will never grow old, so what Annie has done is put them in same clothes that they wore when they were children in the original film [not the exact clothes just the same style]