LC UUM Newsletter (October 2009)


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LC UUM Newsletter (October 2009)

  1. 1. October 2009 Issue 4 Exchange Hits! Month Realize Match Raise AIESEC in Universiti Utara Malaysia July’09 22 3 13 August’09 2 7 23 October 2009 Edition September ’09 5 7 0 Total 29 17 36 % Growth in Quarter 3 2,900 1,600 1,100 YE T ANO THER IMMENSE GROWTH! A IESEC in Universiti Utara Malaysia experienced 2900% AIESEC in Universiti Utara Malaysia is proud to announce it’s immense growth in the closure of Quarter 3 (July, August and growth in exchange. Achieving 2,900% September) compared to the Quarter 3 in the previous year. growth in the closure of Quarter 3 In the Quarter 3, AIESEC in Universiti Utara Malaysia (July, August, September) achieved its mission in driving more life-changing experience by realizing 29 exchanges with 28 interns from various countries being brought into LC UUM for HIV/AIDS Project, Cultural Understanding Through Exchange (CUTE) Project, SOLS 24/7 in Malaysia and Timor Laste, and 1 Exchange Go Exchange! See the World Participant being sent out to Poland for their life-changing experiences. Anytime, Anywhere! Visit and R AISE M Y TN 3.0 LE ADERSHIP OPP OR TUNITIES register for Go Exchange! Program TODAY! AIESEC in Universiti Utara Malaysia AIESEC in Universiti Utara Malaysia has successfully raised 2 TNs in the has successfully offered a number of Contact us: month of October 2009. They are leadership positions and 2 Executive Menara Alor Setar as Development Board members were being Internship TN and Teow Soon Huat promoted. Also, the Chief Delegate’s Holdings Sdn Bhd as Management Team was officially formed. The Inside this issue: Internship & Technical Internship response from members were over- TN. whelming. LEADERSHIP OPPORTUNITIES 2 > See also Page 2 > See also Page 2 REWARD & RECOGNITION 2 RAISE MY TN 3.0 2 HIGHLIGHTS OF THE M ONTH! A NIGHT IN ALOR STAR TOWER 3 MALAYSIA OUTSTANDING YOUTH CONFERENCE 3 MALAYSIA THE LEADER’S DAY 4 LEADERSHIP AIESEC GATHERING—CANDY NIGHT 4 DEVELOPMENT Campaign ‘We are AIESECers’ CAMPAIGN LAUNCHED 4 SEMINAR LAUNCHED! PENANG FRANCISING & LICENSING EXPO 2010 4 2009 MALAYSIA LEADERSHIP DEVELOPMENT SEMINAR 2009 5 PENANG CAREER & POSTGRADUATE EXPO 2009 5
  2. 2. Page 2 LE ADERSHIP OPP OR TUNITIES VISIT TODAY ‘AIESEC is a platform for young people to explore and develop their leadership potential.’ In October, AIESEC in Universiti Utara Malaysia offered new leadership positions to members, the positions include Junior Executives of Incoming Exchange (MT/TT), Junior Executives of Outgoing Exchange, Country Cultural Preparation Team, Penang Franchise and Licensing Expo Marketing Team, AIESEC Annual Dinner OC Team, and Non-Corporate Relations Director. This is the second Talent Allocation after the clo- sure of Quarter 3, 26 positions were filled out of 33 applicants. Congratulations for being selected into the team. Together, we drive growth! At the same time, the Chief Delegates Team 2009 was formed officially on 15 October 2009. Chief Delegates Team is a team leading delegations from AIESEC in Universiti Utara Malaysia to Malaysia Leadership Development Seminar 2009. 12 positions have been filled during Chief Delegates Team selection. Congratulations to Mr. Cheah Kam Wei. Mr.Cheah Kam Wei for being selected as Chief Delegate 2009. For more information Chief Delegate AIESEC in Universiti Utara Malaysia about UUM delegation to MyLDS’09, please do not hesitate to contact Kam Wei at Mobile: +60(016)928 4407 +60(16)928 4407 or Email: RE WARD & RECOGNITION AIESEC in Universiti Utara Malaysia would like to congratulate Ms. Sin Wan Mine and Ms. Cheah Ai Jia for being promoted as Director of Talent Management and Director of Outgoing Exchange respectively. Congratulations on this well-deserved recognition of your continuing excellent contributions and commitment to AIESEC in Universiti Utara Malaysia, and testament to the hard work and professionalism you have demonstrated in your latest roles. SIN WAN MINE CHEAH AI JIA Director of Director of Talent Management Outgoing Exchange R AISE M Y TN 3.0 AIESEC in Universiti Utara Malaysia has successfully raised 2 TNs in the month of October 2009. They are Menara Alor Setar as Development Internship TN and Teow Soon Huat Holdings Sdn Bhd as Management Internship & Technical Internship TN. Menara Alor Setar is located at the northern part of Malaysia – View of Alor Star Tower Kedah. Interns will be working under event, sales and promotion departments. Interns will be touring around Alor Setar, learning about the history, food, costume, culture and heritage of Kedah and Malaysia. Throughout this internship experience, interns will get to explore the beauty of Malaysia, Truly Asia in depth and understand about Malaysia. Interns will experience Cultural Understanding through Exchange! Teow Soon Huat Holdings Sdn Bhd offers 1 MT TN and 1 TT TN opportu- nities which is to be realized in January 2010 onwards. Interns will be experiencing their life-changing experience at Langkawi Island, explore the multiple attractions in this well-known legendary island.
  3. 3. Page 3 Issue 4 A NIGHT IN ALOR S TAR TO WER On 14 October 2009, the management of Alor Star Tower invited AIESEC members from Universiti Utara Malaysia for their launching of 'International Base Jump 2009' which was participated by more than 12 base jumpers, locally and internationally. Our members were given the opportunity to enjoy the night view of Alor Star from the deck of the tower- 88 feet from the ground. Other performances include the fire ball by the professional performers and the traditional dance by the primary students in Alor Star. 38 members from AIESEC in Universiti Utara Malaysia attended this event. On behalf of AIESEC in Universiti Utara Malaysia, we would like to express our appreciations to Alor Star Tower for the invitation. M ALAYSIA OUTS TANDING YOUTH CONFERENCE The Malaysian Outstanding Youth Conference (MOYC) was held on 9 October 2009 at Executive Development Centre, Universiti Utara Malaysia, organized by the Student Representative Council of University Utara Malaysia session 2008/2009 with AIESEC in Universiti Utara Malaysia as one of its event partners. AIEESEC in UUM is truly honored in being able to play a part in achieving the objectives of MOYC, which is to instill positive values among youths and shape their mindsets so that they are resilient and vigilant in making critical decisions in life. Many entrepreneurs and successful personnel in their respective field were there to share their experience and outlook under the theme “Outstanding Youth”. Youths From left (Sally from AIESEC in UUM, Janet Tan, Co- founder of, Dr.Khoo, CEO of attending the conference were encouraged to speak up, ask questions and extend Vanessa Diamond) their network among the distinguished guests present. The representatives from AIESEC in this event were Sally Lim Sow Lay and Teh Xiao En acting as moderators as well as Tang Jyy Wei, Ho Weng Yee, Sin Wan Mine, Boey Wong Poh Yee, Shinnie Chew Mee Mee who were there as participants. AIESEC in UUM would like to extend our thanks to the MOYC committee for being invited as the event partner. From left (Sally from AIESEC in UUM, Michael Tan, Co-founder of, Janet Tan, Co- founder of, Dr.Khoo, CEO of Vanessa Diamond,and Michael Teoh Co-Founder of Young Entrepreneur Malaysia) From left (Wan Mine, Weng Yee, Shinnie, Jyy From left (Wan Mine, Boey and Weng Yee Wei, Boey and Sally) and AIESEC Booth.)
  4. 4. Page 4 THE LE ADER ’S DAY The Leader's Day was held on the 29 September 2009 at Universiti Utara Malaysia. There were 49 participants shown up during the day. The Leader's Day was held specifically for AIESEC membership applicants to experience AIESEC before they are officially joined. It serves as a platform for AIESEC to know the applicants better. Many interactive activities happened throughout the day which including stations games, amazing story sharing by Aga, an AIESEC intern from Poland and some inte active AIESEC knowledge games. The Leader's Day was organized by our junior Executive Board members and it was a great success! AIESEC GATHERING—C ANDY NIGHT AIESEC in Universiti Utara Malaysia held its last AIESEC gathering for the year 2009 on 15 October 2009. The theme for the night was ‘Candy Night’ and members brought all kinds of candies to enjoy with one another throughout the gathering. As is the culture, the night started out with two square dances and proceeded with games, lots of it. After that, there was some sharing from exchange participants who are about to go for exchange. Finally, satisfying the anticipation of the members, the results for the Chief Delegates Team from AIESEC in UUM for MyLDS’09 (Malaysia Leadership Development Seminar 2009) was announced and Cheah Kam Wei was selected as the Chief Delegate along with a total of 11 team mem- bers who were chosen into the team. With that, the night ended for everyone with great memories. ‘We are AIESEC ers’ C ampaign Launched PENANG FR ANCHISING & LICENSING E XP O 2010 Penang Franchising and Li- On 16 October 2009, Communication Department of censing Expo 2010 which to be AIESEC in Universiti Utara Malaysia has launched its long held on 29 – 31 January 2010 at Penang International Sports awaited campaign namely, ‘We are AIESECers’ Campaign, Arena (PISA) is organized by an extension to the ‘I am an AIESECer’ Campaign. More PenExpo and jointly organized posters will be available at by AIESEC in Universiti Utara Malaysia. For more information, aiesecuum. please do not hesitate to contact Ms. Tan Hooi Ling, Marketing Director at +60(12)427 5913 or
  5. 5. Page 5 Issue 4 M ALAYSIA LE ADERSHIP DE VE LOPMENT SEM INAR 2 009 Malaysia Leadership Development Seminar (MyLDS) is a national conference held annually by AIESEC in Malaysia. This year, MyLDS’09 will be held in Universiti Utara Malaysia (UUM). Gathering 500 youths mainly from AIESEC local chapters in Malaysia, expansion LCs and AIESECers from all around the world will participate in MyLDS 2009. This most anticipated national conference – Malaysia Leadership Development Seminar 2009 will ex- pose youths to an intense learning experience, social networking, leadership skill enhancement and thus leading them to become potential leaders of tomorrow. Malaysia Leadership Development Seminar 2009 will be held on 6 - 11 December 2009. A not-to-be missed 6-days-5-nights event is awaiting young leaders to color the journey of self discovery and explore their hidden potentials! REGISTER ONLINE TODAY AT For more information, please visit: Website: Wiki: Or Contact: Ms.LAU WEI MUN Organizing Committee President +60(12)539 7739 Kindly RSVP Today at PENANG C AREER & P OS TGR ADUATE E XP O 2 009 The biggest Career Expo in Northern Region of Peninsular Malaysia is back and AIESEC in Universiti Utara Malaysia is once again collaborate with PenExpo joint organize this event. Penang Career & Postgraduate Expo 2009 will be held on 14 & 15 November 2009 at Penang International Sports Arena (PISA). A not to be missed opportunity for those seeking to begin their careers or furthering their studies. For more information, please do not hesitate to contact Ms. Fabian Koh, Marketing Director at +60(12)443 9619
  6. 6. Page 6 The Official Exchange Partner The Official Exchange Partner Menara Alor Setar Teow Soon Huat Holdings Sdn Bhd Visit: http:/ FIND US ON: SPECIAL GREETINGS Regards, Management Team 2009/2010 AIESEC in Universiti Utara Malaysia