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Global Partnership MeetingAIESEC & Wal-Mart<br />
Whois AIESEC?<br /><ul><li>107 Countries & Territories.
1,700 Universities
50,000 Members
800,000 Alumni
4,000 Partners & Sponsors
470 Conferences annually
Global, not-for-profit, non-political, organisation founded in 1948.
Theworld’s largestyouth-led organisation.
Objective: Leadership Development for positive change in society.
Unique & continuously growing global network helping high potential youth to exploreand developtheirleadership potential.
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0910 Aiesec Presentation Wal Mart English


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0910 Aiesec Presentation Wal Mart English

  1. 1. Global Partnership MeetingAIESEC & Wal-Mart<br />
  2. 2. Whois AIESEC?<br /><ul><li>107 Countries & Territories.
  3. 3. 1,700 Universities
  4. 4. 50,000 Members
  5. 5. 800,000 Alumni
  6. 6. 4,000 Partners & Sponsors
  7. 7. 470 Conferences annually
  8. 8. Global, not-for-profit, non-political, organisation founded in 1948.
  9. 9. Theworld’s largestyouth-led organisation.
  10. 10. Objective: Leadership Development for positive change in society.
  11. 11. Unique & continuously growing global network helping high potential youth to exploreand developtheirleadership potential.
  12. 12. Unique platform for organisations to connectwith and sourcetruly global, diverse talent.</li></li></ul><li>Whois AIESEC?<br />AIESEC operates in 6 regions:<br />WENA = Western Europe/North America<br />MENA = Middle East/North Africa<br />IGN = Ibero-America<br />CEE = Central/Eastern Europe<br />AP = Asia Pacific<br />Africa = Africa (minus North Africa)<br />
  13. 13. Whois AIESEC? OurCompetencies<br />Leadership Roles challengethemembers’ competencydevelopment as theylead teamsand tracktheir performance towardsachievingstrategicgoals.<br />GoingonanExchangeis alifechangingexperiencewheretheyputtheirleadershipcompetenciestothe test whiledevelopingthemselvesfurtheras professionals.<br />
  14. 14. AIESEC forPartners<br />AIESECprovides:<br />Global Mindset<br />Diversity <br />Socially Responsible<br />Top Talent Pipeline<br />Experienced Leadership<br />Reception & Visa Logistics<br />Business Need Flexibility<br />Efficient Sourcing<br />Targeted Promotion<br />Creates a Global Brand<br />
  15. 15. AIESEC and Alcatel Lucent<br />Sources talent from emerging markets to work in their UK and France headquarters.<br />Average 50-60 applicantstoeachinternship position<br />Awarded 2009 Partner of theYear<br />“Most of theyoungtalentswe’ve in boarded in recentyearshavewitnessedveryprofoundchanges in thewaythecompanyoperates… Thesestudentshaveaddedtremendousvalue in helpingusmoveaheadbybringingtheirpassion, theirfreshness and eagernesstomakeanimpact. Indeed, that’swhat Alcatel-Lucentoffersto AIESEC trainees: Anopportunitytowritethebookinstead of readingit!”<br />LaurenceGramont, Head of Talent & OrganizationDevelopment<br />Alcatel-Lucent, Europe, Middle East & Africa<br />
  16. 16. AIESEC and Alcatel Lucent<br />GRAPH: Interns’ country of origin<br />Top locations of internships: <br />France, Brussels, London<br />Total 2009: 45 Internships<br />
  17. 17. AIESEC and Deutsche Post DHL<br />AIESEC represents main talent provider for offices globally<br />Average 50-60 applicants toeachinternship position<br />Awarded 2008 Partner of theYear<br />Partnershipincludes:<br />40 exchangesrealized per year<br />PartnershipLaunch in International Congress<br />Youthto Business Workshop<br />Regional Eventinvolvement in LatinAmerica and theMiddle East/North Africa<br />Global AIESEC Awardsco-sponsor<br />
  18. 18. CSR & Employer Branding Opportunities<br />At International Congress (August 2010, India) yourorganisationmaychoosethe ideal activitestoposition yoursociallyresponsiblebrand. <br />The Global Youthto Business Forumaimstocapture youthopinionaroundrelevantworldissuesincluding: Entrepreneurship & Global Leadership, ClimateChange & Green Technology, LabourMobility & Diversity, and Sustainability & Business Development. <br />Forum Statistics 2009:<br /><ul><li> 500 youth leaders present representing 107 countries & territories
  19. 19. 50 corporate leaders present representing 25 MNCs across 5 continents
  20. 20. +1,000 young people following live online via Twitter and Facebook
  21. 21. Published output currently in progress
  22. 22. National and International media coverage </li></ul>Multilevel sponsorship packages available.<br />Employer Branding Workshop<br /><ul><li>90 minute space to design and execute </li></ul>according to your company’s connection to one <br />Forum topic. <br /><ul><li>Attended by 40-50 delegates this provides </li></ul>personal interaction with youth leaders interested <br />in your company<br /><ul><li>Topics include:Entrepreneurship & Global </li></ul>Leadership, Climate Change & Green Technology, <br />Labour Mobility & Diversity, Sustainability & <br />Business Development.<br />
  23. 23. Talent Acquisition Opportunities<br />Our global network supports Global HR Strategies. <br />Access to a highly competitive, international talent from 107 countries &1,700 universities<br />Students, recent graduates & young professionals with relevant experience.<br />Team leadership and strategy execution experiences.<br />Advanced competency development: Self-awareness, Pro-activity and Innovation.<br />Competitive academic backgrounds: Project management, Marketing, Business Administration, Finance, IT.<br />Easyand Cost Effective.<br />AIESEC’sGlobal Internship Programme<br /><ul><li> Attract and recruit up and coming international talent.
  24. 24. Competitive academic backgrounds complemented by leadership experience.
  25. 25. 2-18 month positions; full time.
  26. 26. Typical backgrounds include: Project management, Business Administration, Marketing, Languages, Finance, IT.</li></ul>AIESEC promotes customized job description, screens applicants, presents pool to company for final hiring decision, executes reception & visa process, and continuous cultural integration and follow up.<br />AIESEC’s Graduate Recruitment Programme<br /><ul><li>Attract, recruit and permanentlyretain local and international talent.
  27. 27. Right mix of leadership skills and international </li></ul>working experience.<br /><ul><li>Candidates already have a competitive academic background, professional work experience and </li></ul>high level leadership experience.<br />AIESEC promotes customized job description, screens <br />applicants and presents pool to company for final hiring <br />process & decision.<br />
  28. 28. Thankyouverymuch. <br />Ruthie Garelik<br />Global ExternalRelations Manager<br />AIESEC International<br /><br /><br />