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  • Intro: 5min. We need to speed the blue man up – he can no longer wait to walk, he needs to run. And that is how online systems will revolutionise AIESEC. They will make us run.
  • 5mins (10)
  • 5mins (15) Not gonna be a wow session, anyone can do that.No bells or whistlesGot the feedback. Got the message. Just the cold hard facts and visionary ideas we want to share with you We believe this evolution will bring the change AIESEC needs for the future So here it is, in black and white. (But we will use a nice font) :P
  • 5mins (20) Do you recognise these? Describe how they used to be used? Are they any different from what we do now? The reality is that we are doing things the same as back in the 80s. We still have pink and green forms. We still talk to each other, shuffle our forms, and try find two that match together. We do everything the same as we have always done, just we use emails and myaiesec.net to do it. We need to change. We need to do things differently. We need to get rid of the pink and green form mindset.
  • 10mins (30) We do everything the same, with no change, hence no revolutionary growth. We use outdated logic. We are too comfortable with the status quo. We invest the majority of our members in matching. We have to invest a huge amount in country partnerships to survive. We focus only on internal S&D rather than external trends and market needs. We need to focus on increasing member efficiency. We focus on talent capacity as a core way to increase results. We squeeze, we don’t enable. We don’t give our members the tools they need to grow our programmes in the way we want to.
  • End result: we are not achieving 2015, or 2020, or 2025 for that matter. We are not evolving in the way we need to. In the way 2015 needs us to. Conversion is not measured by 78 entities, only 19 can give some sort of rate and at least half of those are impossibly high. Marketing activities are confused as Communications and are not accountable to GIP or GCDP – Marketing is not driving GIP/GCDP. We only match 30% of our available EP forms, and even less of our TNs. We take 120 days to match. We realize only a fraction of what we attract. We a leaking potential – we have a massive hole in our bucket.
  • 5mins (35) The way we look at AIESEC in 2 years time, the AIESEC we dream of, the AIESEC we are responsible for creating doesn’t just do things faster, it totally revolutionises the way we do things. We don’t just raise faster, we totally skip that step.
  • 20mins (55) Draw on the white board all the parts. AIESEC.org and country websites. ORS to back that up which is fully automated (powerful inbound marketing tools, analytics previous LCPs only dreamt of, global data never accessed before, direct connection of marketing to raise match realisation) Student OP to speed up the convert and close process (english tests, competency tests, all the info you need to match an EP, live updates of matched EPs)Company OP to speed up the iGIP convert and close process (access to student tests, fast profiling, matchability tests, live updates of matched TNs, new pricing structure) Fully integrated market place connecting external with internal data (CY2CY partnership framework, live tracking, Ra projections, integrated NPS data, tier based partnership profiling) Powerful GIS connecting the APIs together to one integrated platform – one log in for members. (GIP and GCDP module, TMP/TLP module, integrated inner journey tools, education platform with competency model based assessment, NPS live feeds, hash-tagging, zendesk integration……)
  • Draw a dotted line around what we already have! Not super much. But what we want to build before the end of the term is massive. Show what we have improved since IC and how much AI has invested into this. 8000EUR for OP/ORS.
  • Explain the timeline for when we want different things built.
  • 1. How can we launch and implement new online platforms from the global to local level in less than one quarter?
  • How can we (AI and the network) work together to build new platforms rather than duplicating investment or running parallel development?
  • Suggested format of output.
  • OP/ORS steering team

    1. 1. OPANDORS Changing the Game
    2. 2. Not this time.
    3. 3. What has that meant for AIESEC?
    4. 4. We are being held back.
    5. 5. It’s not about sending emails faster. It’s about totally skipping that step.
    6. 6. What does “BIG AIESEC” look like online?
    7. 7. What have we built so far and improved since IC?
    8. 8. So when will the rest of it be ready?
    9. 9. The ORS has taken more than 2 quarters to implement. The OP, more than 1. Summer peak begins in less than 2 quarters.
    10. 10. Mid last term Germany signed a contract to spend over 17,000EUR a year on Salesforce to do the job of the ORS. Last term MoC hacked myaiesec.net and paid developers to build their own OP in Mandarin.
    11. 11. We need your help.
    12. 12. Using your knowledge as network specialists… Using your experience of the challenge to lead such massive change in 13|14…
    13. 13. How can we launch and implement new online platforms from the global to local level in less than one quarter? GN: … GLOBAL NATIONAL LOCAL DEVELOPMENT EDUCATION ONGOING ITERATIONS How can we (AI and the network) work together to build new platforms rather than duplicating investment or running parallel development?