AIESEC India Global Internship Program Introduction


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AIESEC India Global Internship Program Introduction

  1. 1. Global Internship ProgramOutgoing ExchangeAIESEC India
  2. 2. Contents• About AIESEC• Internship Programs• Global Internship Program (Outgoing)• Internship Opportunities – Countries – Job Description – Requirements – Costs Incurred – Why Choose an AIESEC Internship? – Application Process• Registration• Contact
  3. 3. About AIESECAIESEC is the world’s largest student-run youth organization. Present in 110countries and territories with offices in 1,600 cities in the world, AIESEC is aunique and continuously growing global network of high potential graduates andstudents. Our values Our vision • Activating leadership • Demonstrating “Peace and Fulfillment of Humankinds Potential” integrity • Living diversity Our Global statistics for 2011 • Enjoying participation • 4 000 organizations partners • Striving for excellence • 1 700 universities partners • Acting sustainably • 470 leadership conferences • 63 years of experience Our nature • 10,000 talents sourced to organizations • 400 social projects worldwide • International • 60,000 members • Non-political • 800 000 Alumni • Independent • Non-discriminatory
  4. 4. Internship Programs A Global Entrepreneurs Program (GEP) experience is an opportunity for young people to develop entrepreneurial and responsible leadership by creating direct positive impact through an international volunteer experience. Background of Internship: Developmental, EducationalA Global Internship Program (GIP) experience is anopportunity for a young person to developentrepreneurial and responsible leadership by living across-cultural professional development experience.Background of Internship:Technical, Management, Educational, Professional etc.
  5. 5. Global Internship Program• How we run the program? – We provide an internship in a host organization, through which a young person contributes to the goals of the organization, completes a job description requiring special expertise or skills, and receives supervision and evaluation on his or her professional development.• Benefits? – A professional development experience – A cross-cultural living and working experience• Duration? – 2 to 18 months.• Who can Apply? – Students with a bachelor degree not more than a year since obtaining mark sheet. – Students currently studying a specialized course.
  6. 6. Internship OpportunitiesCountry Opportunities : Brazil Canada Greece Colombia Mexico Italy Japan Germany Poland Russia China Indonesia Turkey Ukraine
  7. 7. Internship Opportunities1/3
  8. 8. Internship Opportunities2/3
  9. 9. Internship Opportunities3/3
  10. 10. Internship Requirements• Requirements (Generic) – Information Technology – Fluency in minimum 4 Technical Languages (HTML5, SQL, Visual Basic, PHP, C/C++, Java, JavaScript, preferred) – Database Management and administration knowledge – Design: Adobe Creative Suite – Operating System: Mac, Windows, Linux – Language Requirements: Spanish, Portuguese, German, French, Japanese• Skills Required: – Good understanding of IT infrastructure and operations – Self motivated and delivery focused – Team player, good cultural awareness – Enjoys challenge, change and fast paced environments; adjusts quickly – Good personal characteristics - integrity, drive and independence – Presentation Skills. Team Management. Marketing and Selling Skills.
  11. 11. Costs Incurred• AIESEC Registration Fee – AIESEC administration fee as applicable according to the closest AIESEC Local Chapter.• Other Costs – VISA Costs – Return Airfare – Food and travel in the country where the internship is taking place (unless mentioned otherwise in TN form)
  12. 12. Why Choose AIESEC?
  13. 13. Application Process
  14. 14. Registration• Online: – Online Form: – Facebook: – Twitter:• Email: –• Office Address: – A-301 Kailash Industrial Complex, Hiranandani Link Road, Opposite Vikhroli Park Site, Powai, Mumbai – 400079, Maharastra, India.
  15. 15. Thank You!