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Pot training 1


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Pot training 1

  1. 1. POT Training 1Organizational Vision and Focuses
  2. 2. Three Main Pillars• Aiesec Colombia (AC) Roadmap & National FocusAreas• LCD Model• National Strategy and Focuses
  3. 3. 1. Organizational Development.AIESEC in Colombia ROADMAP, National Strategy and WorkFocuses, AIESEC 2015 Vision, BSC implementation and review,GCM understanding and development, LCD Model Understandingand Implementation.LeadershipDevelopmentAdminist.Strenght.2. Local Development and Improvement.Processes Management, Market Understanding, MarketIntelligence, Performance Management, CommunicationsManagement, Functional Connections Management, LC SensingImplementation, Team Strategy Management, Team Management,LC Culture Development.LeadershipDevelopmentExternalConnectionStrategicMarketing3. General Management.Performance Management, External Connections Management,HHRR Management, LC Culture Management, Team ProfileManagement, Communication Logic, Task Management,Delegation Logic & Tools, Direction Logic & Tools. Administ.Strenght.
  4. 4. 4. Growth and Performance.Incomes diversification, Volume Management, RiskManagement, Decision Making, Administrative efficiency,Processes Optimization, Processes Review & Assesment,Structure Alignment, Structure Management.Administ.Strenght.5. Organizational Understanding (O).AIESEC IMPACT, AIESEC AS AN ORGANIZATION, AIESEC ROLE INSOCIETY, AIESEC PATH AND PROJECTIONS, THE ROLE OF VALUES,AIESEC GROWTH CASES, GCM UNDERSTANDING ANDIMPLEMENTATION, LCD MODEL UNDERSTANDING. LeadershipDevelopment6. Organizational Understanding (N).AIESEC WAY, AIESEC IMPACT, AIESEC VALUES, GCMUNDERSTANDING, AIESEC 2015 VISION, LCD MODELUNDERSTANDING INTRO.LeadershipDevelopment
  5. 5. 7. Operational ManagementControl systems, IT Tools, Innovation Logic & Path, TrackingSystems, Corporate Projects Development, Non-CorporateProjects Development, Services Orientation & Management,Quality Review and Management.Administ.Strenght.8. National Focus Program.Sales Empowerment, Sales Logic Understanding, Sales SkillsDevelopment, Negotiation Skills, Presentation Skills, Pre-Sale, Post-Sale, Communication Skills and Strategy, Sale Logic and Stages,Personal Branding, Organizational Branding, EnvironmentUnderstanding -Selling Arguments.NATIONAL FOCUSPROGRAM
  6. 6. So, Today´s topic….AIESEC in Colombia Road Map
  7. 7. AIESEC in Colombia Roadmap
  8. 8. 2013 FocusesLEADERSHIP DEVELOPMENT ADMINISTRATIVE STRENGHTENING1. Talent Development based on our AIESECway.2. Human resources management focused onoperations.3. Delivering experiences based on GCM’sdevelopment and decisions making.1. Identify risks and opportunities based onconsultancy, auditing and control systems.2. Optimize processes at local level through theimplementation of IT tools and thecapitalization of infrastructures.STRATEGIC MARKETING EXTERNAL CONNECTION1. LCD strategy focused on operations andmarket development2. Development of GIP projects to increaseimpact.3. Innovation in service drives us closer to ourcustomers so we develop new products focuson their needs1. Develop brand promoters as a result of ourexcellent delivery and the increment in thenumber of experiences2. Positioning through showcasing impact ondiverse major media channels3. Participation in different events andconferences as expositors and/or delegates