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Alumni gip raising booklet


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Alumni gip raising booklet

  1. 1. Alumni GIP RaisingInformation bookletIn this short document you will find theinformation about the activities, which will be runglobally to support global initiative of Alumniraising and supporting Global Internshipprogramme.This initiative have been taken forward afterdiscussions with several entities including AIESECInternational, AIESEC Alumni International,Steering team and Supervisory group of AI. It hasbeen subjected to feedback to Alumni participatingin AIESEC Alumni International meeting in ICRussia 2012.Content1. Web page update2. Online RegistrationSystem (ORS)3. Campaign4. What should I donow?Dear Alumni responsible,
  2. 2. 2Lorem Ipsum Dolor Spring 2016Web page updateYou can see the snapshot of thewebpage, which appears when yougo to or youaccess and then chooseexperience AIESEC -> AlumniOn this page we are simplysummarizing the main points ofcooperation between AIESEC andAIESEC Alumni. There are twomain calls for action.Support GIPJoin official global communicationchannel – AIESEC Alumni GlobalLinkedIn group.Those two steps represent the mainactivities we are driving this year.Raising GIP through Alumni andReputation building throughAlumni.The development of the web page isthe first phase of developmentmainly focused on supporting theraising GIP initiative. We will beprogressing in the meantime withfurther development of the contentand the design.
  3. 3. 3Lorem Ipsum Dolor Spring 2016Web page update & Online Registration System(ORS)After clicking on more informationabout GIP Alumni can see the basicoverview about the GIP andbenefits of taking GIP to theircompany or for their employerThey can also see the current supplyof the students in our system. This isbased on Available Forms Trackerand will be updated every month.Later on we will be looking intohaving live supply on our web page.
  4. 4. 4Lorem Ipsum Dolor Spring 2016The main ORS system with 4 mainoptions for Alumni to choose.First option where Alumnus himself /herself isinterested in taking a TN based on the supplyhe/she have seen on our webpage.The easiest option for us as we can just easilyapproach the person and we know we should beable to fulfill the needs with our supply.The second option where Alumni himself/herselfis interested in taking a TN but he/she cannotsee the supply he/she is looking for.We have a space to specify the demand so whenwe are following up with the communication weare ready for the need of the Alumnus.Important to check our current supply and see ifthe supply is really not there as Alumnus can seeonly the background of the students and notalways this has to be clear.
  5. 5. 5Lorem Ipsum Dolor Spring 2016The option in which the Alumnus would like torecommend another company, another alumnusor another contact he/she has.Alumnus has to provide his/her personalinformation so we can be referring to him/herwhen approaching the referred person.The option, in which the Alumnus can express,why he/she is not interested in cooperation sowe can improve either our supply or our Alumnirelations.There is also an option to choose an entity,which Alumnus wishes to be contacted by tofollow up on his/her feedback.
  6. 6. 6Lorem Ipsum Dolor Spring 2016After submitting, the information will be collected in our internal system in whicheach MC can manage the contacts, which have identified in any of the options theirentity. You can access the information on where you can loginusing login information. You will be able to access it only if you arecorrectly registered as Member Committee EB of your entity in login, you will see 3 options: Dashboard, Student ORS, Alumni ORS.When you choose Alumni ORS you will see all the registrations, which are connectedto your entity.For each registration there is a button to ARCHIVE which you should use as soon asthe communication have been taken forward.AIESEC International will have the access to all the registration and we will betracking the follow-ups with you.
  7. 7. 7Lorem Ipsum Dolor Spring 2016CampaignCampaign will be happening mainly through social media and webpages. We will be usingthe Facebook and LinkedIn as a primary media. For the webpages globally, we will bemainly using and AIESEC Alumni International webpages.Above you can see the general campaign, which will be aligning the wholecommunication. As supporting materials we will be releasing a video in next two weeks.Following that we will be releasing promotion of the alumni who have taken GIP – everyweek new story. All these supporting materials will be visually aligned with the campaignabove and will be provided to you for the usage in your entity.You can download the materials in the full size here: promotional picture. To be shared with thetext: “Are you an AIESEC Alumnus? SupportAIESEC’s Internships and bring value yourcompany.”Facebook cover picture. To be shared with the text: “Are youan AIESEC Alumnus? Support AIESEC’s Internships andbring value to your company.”
  8. 8. What shouldI do now?There are a few simple steps how to support these activities in order tobring more GIP realizations to your entity.1. Update your web pages Alumni section. Make sure you communicate thestrategy for this year and direct the alumni towards the global page where they canfind the Current offer and ORS system.2. Use the promotional materials on your social media.• Your Facebook profile – cover picture, sharing the promotionalmaterial (you can easily just copy what I have posted on my Facebookprofile and in our LLC/Alumni group)• Facebook Alumni groups and pages– please share the promotion in allthe groups you have in your entity for Alumni• LinkedIn Alumni groups – please share the promotion in all the groupsyou have in your entity for Alumni• AIESEC INTERNATIONAL WILL TAKE CARE OF GLOBALONES!3. Inform your Alumni• Mailing lists• Newsletters• EventsMake sure the communication is clear, polite and not pushy. It supposed to be massive but notoverwhelming. I trust you own judgment. J
  9. 9. Thank you very muchfor the support!Now, let’s raise someTNs JMichaela SchedlingovaGlobal Vice President of Research & Innovation | AIESEC International | www.aiesec.org126 Teilingerstraat, 3032-AW Rotterdam, The Netherlandsemail: | phone: +31 10 443 4383 | fax: +31 10 265 1386 |