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AIESEC IIT Kharagpur - Annual Report 2010


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AIESEC IIT Kharagpur's Annual Report for the year 2010. It has all the achievements and activities and a department wise details of all the happenings of AIESEC IIT Kharagpur Local Chapter in 2010.

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AIESEC IIT Kharagpur - Annual Report 2010

  1. 1. AIESEC - The World s Largest Youth Run Organization About AIESEC liT KharagpurAIESEC liT Kha ragpurwas founded in October 2008 as an Expansion of AIESEC Kolkata. Since its AIESEC in Numbers:inception we have been very active as a part of the AIESEC community. We showed exponentialgrowth in our development sector with 13 Incoming Exchange Participants and also in the Out GoingExchange sector, by sending 15 internship applicants to different countries: China, Cotede Ivore,Hungary,Singapore, Switzerland, Taiwan and Ukraine, outperforming our parent Local Chapter (LC),AIESEC Ko lkata and showing the best performance among extensions.We also had conducted Prelim inary Energy Audit in liT Kharagpur, Vision Green 2010 and Nationallyacclaimed project on HIV Awareness Genesis 2010.AIESEC validates its organizational structure not only among students but even eclipsing thedistinguished maestros of liT Kharagpur which include the support of distinguished professors, toenumerate a few, Dean of Students Affairs, Mr. Shouvik Bhattacharya, and Mr. S.K. Mahapatro andmany more of such governing assets providing regular endorsements and advice to AIESEC tonurture its position in lIT Kharagpur.Being a student organization in one of the most reputed institutes of India we aspire to not onlysustain our present growth, but outclass every other Local Chapter in India in the coming years.AIESEC deems to enhance its universal and multidimensional spirit structure and with the presentrate of growth, we expect to become the Most Progessive Local Chapter by the end of 20 11. ~ The United Nations has long recognized that the ima gination, ideals and energies of youn g men and women are vital for the continuing development of the societies in which they live. AIESEC has contributed to this development by serving as an agent of positive cha nge through ed ucation and cult ural e)(cha nge to develop a broader understanding of cultural, socio-economic and bus iness ma nagement issues ."
  2. 2. FROM THELOCAL COMMITTEE PRESIDENT 2010-11AIESEC lIT Kharagpur was established in August 2008, and since then it has quickly taken its placeamong the most competitive LCs in India. It is a one of a kind LC in terms of processes implemented.It is innovative to the core and with the quality of manpower, it is well poised to become one of the bestLocal Chapter in India.I started my term with ambitious goals set for the LC and now when I look back, I can say that the lastyear has been outstanding in terms of achievement. We have come a long way since we started, be it interms of exchange growth, visibility, recognition, membership or projects implemented.The year started with the launch of Go Green Campaign during a Youth Marathon and we initiated thefirst major project in the campaign - Energy Audit, focussed on not just learning but also implementa-tion. At the closure of the Audit, we were appreciated by the director of our institute, lIT Kharagpur,with all AIESECers being awarded the institute medal of honour, a moment that all of us will rememberfor long. As time progressed, there were many competitions started by AIESEC India, one such beingRock Your Campus. We won that competition and created our mark at the national leveL Therefrom, atJNC, we won the award for the Best Local Committee in Virtual Platform Utilization, despite being justan expansion. Because of our achievements thus, we were invited for two of the major events of IClO,India Night and Global Y2B. Our dream run did not end there. The next major project we took up wasInter lIT Energy Saving Championship and led lIT Kharagpur to the 3rd position. Vision Green was yetanother milestone, wherein we witnessed the entire LC coming together and delivering one of the mostprofessional event in the history of AIESEC lIT Kharagpur. Just when I started thinking that this is it,our term has witnessed all the grandeur and magnificence, there was Lcongll, which, by far, is themost endearing experience of my term. Towards the end of it, the members were all pumped up tomake lIT Kharagpur one of the best LC in India, and I was then rest assured that the future is in safehands.Now the stage is all set for my successor, Shubhanshu, to take over this legacy and lead AIESEC lITKharagpur to new heights. I wish him all my luck and expect him to deliver yet another landmark term.Sachin JaiswaIPresidentAIESEC lIT Kharagpur 2010-11
  3. 3. Energy Audit Ie 2010 Vision GreenENERGY ENERGY AUDIT!site/events/campus-energy-audit-iit-kh aragpur.htmlAUDIT 0,/ The first ever Energy Audit of the whole campus of Indian Institute ofTechnology,Kharagpur, was conducted by AIESEC liT Kharagpur in association with EcoZen Solutions andunder the supervision of two professors of the Electrical Engineering Department of liT Kharagpur,Prof. N.K. Kishore and Dr. Prabodh Bajpai, who mentored the team on the technical aspects of theaudit. An Energy Audit is a preliminary activity towards instituting energy effiCiency programs inan establishment. It consists of activities that seek to Identify conservation opportunitiespreliminary. 40 students, underg raduates and postgraduates, were selected after two rounds of interviewsand a round of personal interview with the technical board and a representative of EcozenSolutions, from our campus. The candidates were judged by their fundamenta l knowledge,analytical skills and dedication towards the project. Two interns, Felipe Andres Veliz Cornejo fromChile and Sandra Chavez from Mexico were recruited by AIESEC lIT Kharagpur for the same. TheAudit primarily served as a learning experience for the students involved. The fina l presentation ofthe Energy Audit was given on 17th April, 2010. The presentation wasattended by the students of lIT Kharagpur; AIESECers; various professors of the Department ofMechanical Engineering and the Department of Electrical Engineering from the institute; theDean, Students Affairs; the Dean, Alumni Affairs and International Relations; the Chair, IEEE andthe Director of liT Kharagpur. The final presentation was a grand fina le to the four month long,intensive project. During the presentation, the head of each team presented the synopsis of theparticular aspect of the audit. Then, the suggestions which we suggest to reduce the consumptionof energies in the institute were presented. Each of the suggestion was classified into twocategories - behavioural changes and infrastructural changes. The payback period for each of thesuggestion was calculated and displayed during the presentation. The Director then congratulated the team for putting In such a huge effort andperforming a non-credit Energy Audit process for the first time since the inception of the IndianInstitutes ofTechnology. He also promised to try ensuring that all the suggestions that have beenoffered during the due course of the audit will be implemented in the campus and turn liTKharagpur into an Idealistic inspiration for all. He then, presented the whole team with institutemementoes as a token of appreciation. Given the tedious nature of the project, the students from lIT Kharagpur were promisedcertain incentives as a token of appreciation for the dedication they have shown in the EnergyAudit. These incentives were the responsibility of AIESEC liT Kharagpur and we are proud to havefu lfilled them and delivered the best of opportunities to the students.They include:1. Certificates of appreciation endorsed by IEEE, ASHRAE and liT Kharagpur.2. Internship Opportunities at The Energy and Resources Institute (TERI).3. Internship Opportunities at SIEMENS Mumbai. AIESEC liT Kharagpur I I wwwJacebookcorn/ajesecjjtkgp I www.twjtte[,cornlajesecjjtkgp I
  4. 4. Learning Global Village Green Business Networks Summit GREEN BUSINESS SUMMIT GreenThe main event of Vision Green 2010 was Green Business Summit (G8S) which was aimed at bring-Ing together the three pillars of global Innovation the professors. the corporate and the students.the event was one of the biggest steps by AIESEC lIT Kharagpur to create a long lasHng impactthrough Its Go Green Campoign.The summft started with an Introductory tradt about Vision Green. AIESEC lIT Khoragpurs Initiativeaimed at creating awareness about the environment, conservation and sustainable development.This was followed by the Deputy Director of lIT Khoragpur, Dr. A. I(. Majumdar inauguroting theevent In a non-conventlonal manner - by watering a plant.First In the league of the four dynamic speakers was Dr. Dipayan Dey. Chairperson of SAFE. whospoke about the need of commonness and shoring in working plotform to include everyone rightfrom the gra" root level. His message "Green Sun to light the lives of the silent majority of India"was realty well taken and was followed by questions from the audlerKe. Mr. Surallt Bose. AssociateDirector at PriceWaterhouseCoopers spoke about Green Technology for S4.1stalnable Development.Mr. Nipun Kaushi~ Senior CoonUnator of Notu ... Foundation, Delhi highlighted upon the newtechnologies which alms at reducing carban footprints. Mr. Kiran Patil, MD of Ecalutians CarbanIndio Private ltd. Underlined obout the Renewable Energy Resources In India: The Opportunitiesand Challenges. The highlight of the summit was the panel discussion on the topic " How can the HumanResources, Intellectual Pool and the Enarmous Passion of Technical Institutes across the world, bechannelized to create an effecHve enviranmentallmpact?"Dr. V. R. Desai accentuated the need to preserve traditional practices. Impressed with the studentcommitment, Mr. PatlllOld, We need to streamline the passion of human resource". Mrs. Ekta Jajuspoke about the devetaplng consumer effect and channelizing youth[)s energy to this effect. Mr.Suralit 80se pointed out how Information and Communicatians Technology could be utilized toaddress environmental issues. The youngest speaker an the panel, Mr. Akhil Naru mentioned thesimple lifeslyle changes that could go a long way in contributing to the bigger picture. Mr. SulataSen, enquired Dr. Desai about the Initiatives undertaken by lIT KGP. reptylng to which, he shedlight on the octivities running under PK Sinha 810 Energy Centef". Mrs. Sen wos all praise oboutVision Green "Congratulations to AlESEC liT Kharagpur for conceptualizing Vision Green. I hope itbecomes a maiar cause for AIESEC In years to come". AIESEC liT Kharagpur I I I I
  5. 5. Uisi on LEARNING NETWORKS Green As an attempt to do our bit towards noture. AJESEC 1fT KHARAGPUR organized "learning Networks" as Q part of the launch of Its present venture "VISION GREEN 2010", The workshop based on the theme "Achieving Sustainable Development by adopting low carbon UfestyI." was conducted by Mrs. Reema Banerjee ond Mr. Praveen Bharadwai from Centre for Environment Educotion. 107 students selected on the basis of a preliminary test attended the workshop. Mrs. Banerjee In her presentation soid thot the definition of Environment needs to be changed. It should focus on the word "I, every individual", without which we connot achieve sustainability. Following the presentations. the participants were asked to come up with ideas to address the present scenario. The groups of students presented the solutions In their unique styles. " Educotlon Is the key; students must use this to unlock sultainabillty". This was the central idea of 0 group who ortisticalty depicted It In their paintings. The second group voiced their concems in poetry. Mrs Banerjee the program coordinator was very pleased with the particlpant[]s enthusiasm, and hoped that they corry It forward beyond their student life. GLOBAL VILLAGE Green Glabal Village, a perfect embodiment of AIE$ECs International culture saw the participation of 5 foreign Interns - Corina (RomoniaL Jacob (Germanyl Komll (Rolandl ferdl (Holland] & Justina (Uthuanla]. The Interns showcased their countrys culture emphasising on the unique initiatives in the field of green tech- nology found back home. The event drew a multitude of KGPians, who really en- loyed the Interaction wfth the foreign Interns. The Interaction was really fruitful in this sense that It gave then a global perspective about the happenings worldwide In terms of Environmental innOYatlon. AIESEC liT KharagpurI I I I
  6. 6. Inter-liT Energy GC INTER-liT ENERGY SAVING CHAMPIONSHIP An Initiative by Techfest, lIT Bombay. this event came os an opportunity to lIT Kharagpur. An Inter-1fT event was bound to instil fervour In the students of lIT and AIESEC In lIT Khorogpur took up this chance to spread the message that Techfest tried to tell. Save Energy. AlESEC 1fT Kharagpur is moderating energy saving in lIT Khoragpurs hostels by word- of-mouth publicity as well as novel Initiatives like Switch OFF while Instilling the habit of saving energy. For more Information.. check out hffp-.lMslongreen,oleseclitkgp.orglenergyGC!. According to the collected results, the standings in the month of September was: lit: lIT Kanpur, followed by 1fT Bombay and bagging 3rd wos lIT Kharagpur. The final resutts will be out soon In January before the SWITCH OFF AIESEC in liT Kharagpur organized Q campus-wide Switch OFF to create awareness about the need of the hour. AlESEC Iff I(horogpur conveyed the message successfully that power saving need to be done on a regular bosls and that our future lies in our hands. All the maior halls switched off lights completely and showed their unity. The only way to moke change happen is to make a stand. Make a stand for nature. 10:10:10 All around the wartct. people hove gothered together to stand up against a common goal, aiming to reduce carbon content by 10%. Thousands of events, from the large Iconic to small procHcal actions, across the globe have marked today as the largest day of positive action against climate change ever. We, a small bunch of students representing AIESEC lIT Kharagpur, along with I am Gurgaon, had organized an event of this Global Day of Action In our caphal city, New Deihl at the Aravalll Biodiversity Park. Eminent delegates from the administrative and social fronts had graced the occasion with their presence. Mr R. C. Mishra: IPS, IG police Haryana, Environmentol Scientist, Mr. Ralesh Khullar: lAS, Commissioner Munlcipol Corporation of Gurgaon, Mr. Gagan Sharma, Chairman Wlzcraft, Apra Group, Kingdom of Dreams, Mrs Neellma Sharma: Head of Saksham Group, an NGO for underprivileged children. and Dr. lokesh Abrol: Leading physician. Environmentalist, managing trustee of GuNgram Gaushala. Not only that, residents of DLF Foundation, representatives from Municipal Corporation of Gurgaon. Forest Deportment of the Government of Haryana and around SO·55 children, of the age 1-15, from Government school Nn by NOO: Saksham too attended the event. AIESEC liT KharagpurI www,ajesecjjtkgp,org I wwwJacebook,cornlajesecjjtkgp I www,twjtte[,corn/ajesecjjtkgp I
  7. 7. YOUTH MARATHON AIESEC lIT Kharagpur In association with Sprlngfest, the cultural fest of lIT Kharagpur, conducted Youth Marathon - Run for the Green in accord to its Go Green Campaign. For the first time the event got a participation of around 300 which includes some International participants as well. The event was an awareness drive so os to make people aware about the need to energy conservation In present times. INCEPTION-INFO TALK this years recruitment for AIE$EC lIT Kharagpur was a huge success. Our Information seminar, named as INCEPTION, was attended bV more thon 450 students from lIT Khoragpur. About 350 of them to applied for AIESEC! This Is a three-fold Increase from our previous best. We ore already aiming for new heights in future recruitments! Inception was followed by RECRUITMENT DRIVE. The recruitment process consisted of Group Discussions ond Personal Interview. Based on the merit, personal skills ond confidence In the GD and PI, only 40 students were recruited this time. LOCAL TRAINEES SEMINAR One of the most Important seminars In every AIESECers career Is the LTS or Locol froiness Seminar. It is here where he/she first leams, in detai~ what AlE SEC Is and what his rale Is In the organization. It Is here that an AJESECer dares to dream his future in AJESEC and learns to get to It. Successful AIESECers have only risen out of successful LTSs across the world. This year, after a successful Recruitment campaign, all the Organizing Committee was left with, was to make the LTS as memorable as possible! And we can proudly say that It was one of the best seminars, AIESEC lIT Kharagpur hod ever delivered. The new recruits were mesmerized by AIESEC cultures and traditions. They were also addressed by a member of our Locol Boord of Advisors and Dean of lIT Kharagpur, Prof. Souvik Bhattocharyya. Also, it was rewarding to show our newest members what we had achieved In our shart past and how we aim to achieve the title of "Best Locol Chapter In India"! AIESEC liT KharagpurI www,ajesecjjtkgp,org I wwwJacebook,cornlajesecjjtkgp I www,twjtte[,cornlajesecjjtkgp I
  8. 8. National RLDS & NTC June National Congress 2010 Conference NATIONAL CONGRESS National Congress Is the flrst conference happening fIWIfI year usually In the middle of January which actually moriks ttle end of an exuberant leadership body and a exuberant beginning of a new leadership body of AIESEC India and 20 other Local Chapters in India. National Congress 2010 was hosted by AIESEC In Chennal In Kodaikanal. Five Executive Body Members went as delegates at this conference. RlDS & NTC 2010 Regional leadership Development Seminar (RLDS) also called as RLDS Is the first conference of the newly inducted February recruited members. It was hosted by AIESEC In Jolpur In March 2010. A parollel conference for the Executive Body Mem- bers was National Trainees Conference (NTel. This conference was a great boost for the members attending it as it gave them on overview as how big AJE5EC Is notion· ally and about the different opporunffies in AIESEC. JUNE NATIONAL CONFERENCE AIESEC Indios annuol June National Conference UNCI 2010 was hosted by AIESEC Baroda, from 28th to 3rd July 2010, in Si!vo$SCI. The conference saw over 400 A1ESECers participate from 011 ocross A1ESEC Indio, as well as Intematianals from djfferent AIESEC partner countries. 7 d"egotes from AIESEC lIT Khoragpur attended this conference. AIESEC lIT Khoragpur received THE BEST LOCAL CHAPTER FOR UTIUZING VIRTUAL PlATFORM In INDIA at the National Plonery and were runnersup in BEST LOCAl CHAPTER In INNOVAnON. INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE The BIGGEST conference of AIESEC International - Intemotional Conference (lC). IC 2010 wos hosted by AIESEC In India and was organized In Hyderabad. About 800 Delegates from 110 countries came to this conference. It was huge confluence of cultural diversity. AIESEC lIT Kharagpur had a d"egatlon stength of 10 at IC 2010. They had attended the YOUTH TO BUSINESS organized at the INDIAN SCHOOL OF BUSINESS (lSB) and INDIA NITE organized by AIESEC In 8on9olore. It was a huge experience of the entire delegation a. they got the chance to interad and share ideos with AIESECers from 011 araund the worid. AIESEC liT KharagpurI www,ajesecjjtkgp,org I wwwJacebook,cornlajesecjjtkgp I www,twjtte[,cornlajesecjjtkgp I
  9. 9. FROM THELOCAL COMMITTEE PRESIDENT 2011-122010 has been an amazing year for everyone here at AI ESEC lIT Kharagpur as well as for the wholeAIESEC Network. We have impacted more lives and have given more than 13000 life changing experi~ences worldwide. AIESEC lIT Kharagpurs has also been very instrumental in the 2010 positiveIMPACT on Society. We have done some innovative projects like the Energy Audit and Vision Greenwhich have been done for the first time in the AIESEC Network.Also considering lIT Kharagpur, we have been able to impact the lives of more them 80 students bygiving them a great team experience. Some of the selected members also got a chance to experience theLeadership Roles in AIESEC. Our members also got a chance to go out in the world and show theirmettle by working on IMPACTful projects in China and Russia.This brings me to 2011. I am really happy to get an opportunity to lead such a fantastic membership ofthis potential local chapter of AIESEC called AIESEC lIT Kharagpur. I feel we have lots of underutilizedopportunities of creating an impact on the society both in and around the campus. Also I see AIESECgiving more leadership experiences to students from liT Kharagpur in 2011. We will aim at creatingmore global citizens and also IMPACTful IITians.2011 we plan to DREAM BIG and execute those Dreams.Shubhanshu MishraPresidentAIESEC lIT Kharagpur 2011-12
  10. 10. Executive Body AIESEC IIT Kharagpur 2010-11 Sachin Jaiswal Shubhanshu Mishra Local Committee President Vice President, Communications “AIESEC has taught me the power of leadership and the “Leadership Experiences, importance of a team.” Challenges and People have made my Journey memorable. I am still going STRONG.” Srinandan Kundula Nitin Babel Vice President, Vice President, External Relations Finance & Outgoing Exchange “AIESEC made me realize my “AIESEC has made me true potential and unlocked a responsible, confident, galore of opportunities on focused and has enhanced my the road to leadership.” managerial skills.” Ninad Sancheti Rahul Agrawal Vice President, Vice President, Incoming Exchange: Incoming Exchange: Non- Corporate Sector Corporate Sector “AIESEC is a life changing “Years in AIESEC- exploring and experience on the road to realizing journey for lifetime.” Global Leadership.” Shishir Modi Himen Doley Vice President, Vice President, International Relations & Talent Management Outgoing Exchange “AIESEC has given me the “AIESEC gave me a chance to confidence and skills to lead and become more focused venture out in the world.” towards my strengths and helped me work towards my weaknesses.” Awards in 2010Best Local Chapter(out of 19 in AIESEC India) in Virtual Platform Utilization 1st Prize in Rock Your Campus(AIESEC India, Promotional Campaign) Best Local Chapter(out of 19 in AIESEC India) in Twitter Usage
  11. 11. Executive Body AIESEC IIT Kharagpur 2011-12 Phone- Name Portfolio Email-Id NumberShubhanshu Local Committee +919734425811Mishra PresidentSubhadeep Vice President, +919474579822Mondal CommunicationsAnkit Jain Vice President, +919547891975 Development SectorAnil Pulakanti Vice President, +919002521866 External RelationsDinesh Vakamudi Vice President, +919775550061 FinanceNikhil Vice President, +919735493663Ambattuparambil OutgoingGopi ExchangeM.Karthik Reddy Vice President, +917602521656 Talent ManagementNinad Sancheti Director, Projects +919735509939
  12. 12. Mr. Bharat Tanna Mr. Arvind Krishnan Mr. Rahul Reddy Vice President Sr. Executive Director Mr. Ash Pachauri Mr. Saurav Garg Prof . Souvik BhaHacharyya Director & CEO Diredor Dean, Student Affairs, liT Kharagpur Mr. Raja Menon Mr. Nagendra Varada Mr . Sandipan Deb Director Director Chief Editor Exchange Partner Online Partner Vision Green Partner u Travel Partner Food Partner